May 06 2016
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The 5th Annual Mason County Youth Rally was a roaring success this past February. If you weren’t there, you missed the big event that included over 150 of our youth and it seemed, about that many adults. The rally was kicked off by a sandwich meal provided by the Lutheran and Methodist Men.

The youth were divided up into teams and then they made flags and slogans for their teams. Each team had a leader that guided their team through games and devotional time. The team leaders were: Samantha Jordan, Kendall Newman, Sharon Swafford, Holly Davis, Reese Kerr, Logan Hodges, Coby Velez, David Hill, Wade Powell and J.W. Harle. The leaders were organized by JW Harle of Young Life.
The youth then spent the rest of the night competing against each other in fun and crazy games made even better by Morgan and Thain Martin. Music was provided by a praise band from Howard Payne University sourced by Justin McFarland. Probably the most important thing to the kids would be the food. Delicious and plentiful snacks throughout the night were provided by the First Baptist Church headed up by the talented Anna Gillespie. The night was rounded out by a quiet time around fire pits that were provided by Serena and Reese Kerr; this was a favorite time for our high schoolers as they finished a night of snacking with s’mores.
None of this would have been possible without those that get the facility ready for the rally and that would have been Beatrice Ramon and her team from the Catholic Church and registration by Kim Hengst and Ann Mahken from the Lutheran Church with assistance from Deandra Palacio, Angie Dudney and Sharon Swafford. Ann Scarth rounded up the whole event by taking care of clean up with other friends from the Methodist Church.
Promotion was very well done by Christina Peaden and door prizes were handled by Andrea Wilson. The rally was captained by Dave Benefield, pastor of the River of Life Church, who also provided the inspiring and convincing speaker. Supervision was provided by many and their time was very much appreciated: Abraham and Amanda Lemmons, Deandra and John Palacio, Angie Dudney, Diane and James Esquell, Jeff and Trish Rochat, Rob Hofmann, and Cindy Kothmann. Many of these caring adults also offered rides home to our youth.
A prayer/counseling area was available and these experienced and loving individuals were there for our youth: Gladys Kerderka, Linda Graham, Sue Pledger, Treg Hudson, Clay McCray, and Dana Atchison.
A special thanks goes out to the City of Mason, which was helpful at every turn. In this effort to thank the army that it took to make this rally happen, there are probably some names that were missed, but to all, THANK YOU, you are appreciated. We praise God for the opportunity we had to minister to the youth of Mason County and look forward to continued opportunity as we plan for the 6th annual Mason County Youth Rally to be held in early 2017.

Caption for picture:
Mason youth enjoying the 5th Annual Mason County Youth Rally. Planning for the 6th annual rally is in the works and a meeting will be on Thursday, May 5, 12:00 pm at Nacho’s in the back room. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend the meeting. Your input is valued both in idea and volunteerism. Please call or email if you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like to participate in making this incredible annual event even better. Mona Lois Schmidt 972-921-8249, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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