Blue Ridge Ranch (BRR), located south of Llano, held a Longhorn Auction on Friday and Saturday, complete with a chuck wagon dinner that brought smiles to everyone that attended. John Marshall, owner of the ranch said "everyone was in love with the homemade biscuits that were cooked on the ground in a dutch oven." However, that was not the reason for the event, the sale, which was done live, in person and via the internet, was in part intended to raise funds for local non-profits.
The auction brought a check of $875.00 to the Llano Volunteer Fire Department from BRR Tari's Blackjack, a year old bull. Another year-old bull named Special Envoy garnered $600 for Llano Crawfish Open that will be held this weekend. The Llano Community Center received a check for $1,000 in the sale of BRR Temptation, a 10-month-old bull with a strong pedigree.
Marshall pointed out a particular donation that went to the East Bethel Cowboys, a youth football league in Houston. "A great program for underprivileged group of kiddos from Houston's inner city neighborhood, $2,000 that will get them all new uniforms and equipment in order to compete in the Fun Football League." The item up for bids was a Bow Fishing trip for 2 donated by "Take 'Em Out Bowfishing" at Lake Whitney. Blue Ridge Ranch is located in Llano County near Riley Mountain and is managed by Bubba Bollier, this was the second annual consignment sale held by the ranch. Marshall said he hopes to increase it to a twice yearly event.

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