Nearly 50 citizens and onlookers witnessed "The Changing of the Guard" ceremony at the Llano City Council Monday night. The ceremony brought on board the "new" mayor Mike Reagor, and new Aldermen Paul Hull and Glenn Conner.
Outgoing Mayor Mike Virdell and Aldermen Bryan Miiller and Todd Keller were recognized for "outstanding service and commitment while serving the citizens of Llano.
Oaths of office were administered, and John Ferguson appointed Mayor Pro-Tem.
One consent item was approval of "A Resolution Recognizing the City of Llano as the Official Home of the World Rock Stacking Championship Competition, as part of the Llano Earth Art Fest." The 3-day event drew 5,000 spectators and a host of participants. Local hotels report reservations already in place for next year's event.
Proposed amendments to "City Council Policies and Procedures" elicited extensive discussion from members. The issues seemed to be the need to streamline the flow of business while providing more transparency to the public and opportunity for involvement of the citizenry, and staying in compliance with the public meetings act.
Discussion of the Drought Contingency Plan resulted in a consensus to rescind Stage 3 and go to voluntary conservation of water. Residents can be more relaxed about water usage and not feel as guilty about washing cars or watering lawns, but should continue to be conscious of ways to save water.
Mayor Reagor appointed Aldermen Paul Hull and Glenn Conner to be official representatives to Llano Economic Development Corporation regarding the J.L. Kuykendall Arena and Event Center. They will meet to clarify some issues about ownership and usage. Who owns the center? The corporation, which in turn is owned by the city, and the finances seem muddled. The meeting will be open to all council members as well as the two designees.
City Manager Brenton Lewis expressed concern over the Llano Citizens' Academy. The program is designed to show citizens certain workings of the city in sessions of 2 hours per month for 6 months, with some possibly longer "field trips." Lewis says the program needs 10 to 12 participants to be viable, yet there are only 5 signed up for a May 26 start. The program is postponed to September, pending more public interest.
The meeting adjourned after a protracted discussion of schedule conflicts for an all day budget planning meeting. Tentative date: July 7, 9 a.m. until finished.

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