Dear Editor,

The summer of 2011 was a special time in Johnson City. That June our high school baseball team won the state championship in Class 1A! It was a time of celebration.

The championship tee shirt stated "Small Town, Big Pride." Big pride indeed! It was fun to be proud of this accomplishment and to be from Johnson City.

Unfortunately, there are other things in town we cannot be proud of with the exception of a modern high school gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, and the recent improvements to our softball field, the remainder of our athletic facilities are, to put it bluntly - pitiful!

Negative comments about a new football stadium and associated track and field facilities in letters to the editor show a lack of knowledge about the poor or non-existent condition the facilities are in, and what the school board is trying to do.

Look around Central Texas. Every team we play has a modern, safe place to play all sports. My 5 grandchildren all have or do participate in athletics. I've seen the problems first hand.

This past football season, my wife heard one woman from the opposing team say she would rather leave and go to Stripes than use the ladies restroom at our stadium!

The opposing team has to change into their uniforms on the bus. We don't have the required facilities to host a track or cross-country meet. Our students practicing track have to use the public library's restrooms. There are only two city (not school) tennis courts for our high school and middle school tennis teams. The list goes on and on.

The school website goes into detail as to the problems/ potential uses for new facilities. Come on folks - support this effort by our school board. Let's get sport facilities that will not only be modern, but safer for our students, facilities we can point to with pride.

If you want a vote, how about letting the student athletes vote!

-Thank You,
Roger Estes, Johnson City

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