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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 • Posted July 11, 2014
I’m dedicating the next two articles to the beginner and to the beginners mind. In my experience as a yoga teacher and student I know it can be hard to come to class because you are not comfortable in your body or you think you have nothing else to learn.
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 • Posted June 12, 2014
Many people suffer from low back pain. One main culprit could be tight hamstrings. The tightness of your hamstrings causes your pelvis to be pulled down and away from the lumbar spine, which puts the lower back in a position of instability–the exact opposite of what it needs. Your back, especially your lumbar spine (lower back), is designed to be fairly stable.
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 • Posted May 19, 2014
Yoga has many health benefits from helping with stress reduction to weight loss. Today we will look at how yoga helps with prevention and even reversal of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by weak and thinning bones. According to a study done by Loren Fishman, MD and co-author of “Yoga and Osteoporosis”, both men and women are subject to osteoporosis.