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How to Give a Room a Face Lift for Cheap
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 • Posted March 24, 2011 3:10 PM

So you get home from work, sit down in the living room, and stare at your blank white wall. Holy cow, you look really depressed. Bad day at work? Probably. What you need is an exciting room to sit in. But you are tired and don’t want to take the time to make it exciting. What if I were to tell you that you could make the room look spiffy in a jiffy and for cheap? I bet you would listen if that happened. Well heck, it’s just about to. Here’s how to give a room a face lift for cheap.

Color is the easiest and actually the best way to give a room a new feeling. Sometimes having a white wall just doesn’t hit the spot the way a nice burgundy, or maybe even a lime green wall would. Why does color make us feel different? For some reason, colors affect our senses in different ways. Just like music can arouse emotions and feelings, certain color pallets can make our senses produce feelings of comfort, excitement, or whatever feeling you are looking for. There are many ways to add color to a room. Firstly, adding some paint to a wall is one way to do it. Buying a can of paint is cheap and easy and putting it onto the wall is as simple as popping a pimple. After the paint is on the wall and you have your main color chosen, what do you do now?

Well if the room has a window, framing the window with curtains is a great way to add the pizzazz into the overall look of your room. Curtains can be fancy, or extremely simple. Whatever you choose, make sure that the color works well with what you already have going. You can’t go wrong with a nice curtain choice. It’ll make your window feel as good about itself as you did when you rode the mechanical bull for eight seconds last weekend at Chuck’s Bar and Grill. Maybe even better then that. Curtains are cheap and can even be handmade from existing materials. Taking a colorful sheet and carefully draping it over a rod is a very simple way to make inexpensive curtains.

Throw rugs and carpets are a cheap and easy way to splash some character onto the floor of a room. The great thing about roll out rugs and carpets is that they can be bought for very reasonable prices from stores like Wal-Mart and Costco, and they can go on just about anything. They look good on already carpeted floors and hard wood floors. Once you roll out that fancy new carpet, people will be amazed at your exquisite taste and flood you with compliments on your fabulous taste. How does that sound?

Light fixtures can be altered, changed, and dressed up. Changing a light fixture to add a different feeling to a room is a very cheap way to give the room a face lift with very little effort. Yes, I did just say little effort. I could sense your laziness shouting for joy.

Last, but certainly not least, altering the furniture is another way to give a room a pleasant change. Simply rearranging the furniture in a room is the easiest and quickest answer to a boring room. It is also one of the most effective ways to change the feeling in a room. If that doesn’t do it for you, go out and buy some sofa covers to change the actual look of a piece of furniture. After this is done, your old frumpy coach will work your floor with the energy of a new sexy sofa.

And what can you do with all those things you just replaced? Donate them to one of your local charities. That will make you feel good, too. Someone else can get them for a cheap price and the cycle continues.

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