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Can You Hear Me Now?
Blanco Church of Christ
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 • Posted April 13, 2011

Perhaps you have heard the old story of the Indian and the cricket. On a busy street corner in a major city a Indian said to others nearby, “Listen to that cricket”. They said, “How can you hear a cricket in a busy noisy place like this?” He walked down the block a ways and came back with the cricket. They said, “How did you manage to hear the cricket?” The Indian said, “It all depends on what your listening for.” Someone has asked, “How do you expect to keep your power to hear if you never listen?”

In Luke 8 Jesus told a parable that talks about the planting of the seed. The seed is identified as the “word of God” (8:11). In the story the seed falls on four different types of soil. There is the ‘wayside soil’, the ‘rocky soil’, and the ‘thorny soil’, and finally the ‘good soil’.

The first three soils are poor soils for germination and production of the seed. Each type of soil has a specific problem that has application in the spiritual realm. This should make us ask the question, “What kind of soil am I ?” Perhaps like the wayside soil the seed never really gets in the ground. We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to hear what God is saying. Perhaps like the rocky soil in the face of obstacles and problems of this life we lack persistence and fall back into the ways of the world. Or perhaps like the thorny soil, the cares and schedule of life fills the hours and days and God is cast to the side. Which soil best describes your life? Maybe it’s one of these soils or a combination of these different spiritual problems.

One of things that make the good soil - good soil, is simply the absence of the first three conditions. By hearing the word of God, by being consistent through problems and trusting the Lord as you overcome obstacles, and by clearing a life that is to cluttered, you can become good soil for the growth of spiritual things. Give the Lord a chance in your life and you will not be disappointed in what His seed can produce.

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