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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 • Posted December 30, 2008 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Nov 27

• Traffic Accident. 11:25 AM. A blue form was issued for an accident at Blanco General.

• Noise Complaint. 1:15 PM. Kids on 4-wheelers were riding up and down Mesquite St. despite being told to go off-road and slow down.

• Reckless Driver. 11:31 PM. A pickup was seen swerving all over the road and into oncoming traffic on US 281 into Blanco. The caller requested an officer to check on the driver’s welfare (with Texas DPS).

Nov 28

• Hit and Run Traffic Accident. 2:54 PM. A caller stated that someone hit her car in the Super S parking lot and left.

• Suspicious Person. 2:57 PM. An officer was requested to check on the welfare of a subject who was walking down the side of Main St.

• Reckless Driver. 8:07 PM. A car on US 281, heading north past RR 32, was reportedly swerving on the road.

Nov 29

• Alarm. 4:25 AM. CarQuest Automotive. The building was secure, the officer reported.

Nov 30

• Disturbance / Noise Complaint. 2:08 AM. An officer responded to a call regarding a lot of shouting, possibly a party, at Blanco State Park. Seven citations were issued for alcohol and the party-goers were told to leave the park.

• Disturbance / Assault on a Peace Officer. 3:57 AM. An officer responded to a disturbance call off Loop 163 about a verbal conflict. The officer was assaulted by a subject on the scene and had to defend himself. EMS was requested, as well as other offices. Blanco County deputies and a DPS officer assisted with the call. One subject was arrested.

• Disorderly Conduct. 8:20 AM. A park ranger at Blanco State Park requested an officer assist in escorting campers out of the park.

• Reckless Driver. 7:59 PM. A pickup on US 281, heading into Blanco, was driving at a high rate of speed without tail lights.

Dec 2

• Harassment. 7:39 AM. A subject reportedly continually harasses the complainant whenever they meet in public.

• Reckless Driver. 8:08 AM. A dump truck reportedly ran the caller off the road on Main St., past the Shell station.

• Reckless Driver. 4:01 PM. US 281, into Blanco.

• Reckless Driver. 7:43 PM. An 18-wheeler was reportedly driving recklessly on US 281. An officer reported that the driver was tired and was having a rest at the truck stop.

Dec 3

• Structure Fire. 12:28 AM. A caller reported a possible fire. Officers assisted with a fire in a car port at The Settlement on RR 165. The fire was contained and put out (with Blanco Co. SO).

Dec 4

• Verbal Disturbance. 6:47 PM. Officers responded to a call about a subject who would not leave the complainant’s house. Officers reported that the subject was going to stay with a friend (with Blanco Co. SO).

Dec 5

• Information. 10:02 AM. A caller stated that her son was shot by a BB gun after school the previous day. The BB left a bruise.

• Road Rage. 1:35 PM. A caller reported a vehicle driving up to his truck on US 281, into Blanco, and flashing its lights.

• Information. 8:29 PM. A caller stated that someone slashed her tires.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 10:07 PM. A complainant on Oakridge reported prowlers ringing the doorbell and leaving the scene.

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Nov 27

• Smoke Investigation. 11:50 PM. An officer checked the US 281/US 290 area and found no signs of smoke.

Nov 28

• Identity Theft. 1:14 PM. A caller reported fraud and was advised to contact the Houston Police Department regarding it.

• Disturbance (Juvenile). 5:45 PM. A caller reported a juvenile who was causing a disturbance. Officers arrived and transferred the juvenile to the San Marcos probation office.

• Animal Complaint. 7:18 PM. A black dog was running into traffic on Ave. E at Lady Bird Lane.

Nov 29

• Alarm. 8:29 AM. False alarm at Johnson City Bank Drive-Thru (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Suspicious Circumstances. 6:44 PM. A caller stated that she heard loud music from a nearby house or vehicle, and possibly two gun shots.

• Lost Property. 8:34 PM. A caller had lost a coin purse on Main St.

• Medical Emergency. 9:00 PM. An officer assisted with a medical call for a subject who was not feeling well.

Nov 30

• Escort. 12:42 PM. A truck carrying a windmill base on US 290 requested an escort through the lights in town.

• Welfare Concern. 1:00 PM. A caller requested an officer to check the Exxon as no one there was answering the telephone. An officer reported that everything was OK.

• Lost Property. 5:00 PM. A wallet was reported lost at the food stand.

Dec 1

• Disturbance (Verbal). 2:33 AM. Officers responded to a verbal disturbance at the Crider Motel. The parties were separated for the night. The situation was a civil matter (with Blanco Co. SO).

Dec 3

• Harassment. 9:51 AM. A caller stated that a subject would not leave him alone. An officer advised the caller to contact an attorney as the matter was civil.

Dec 4

• Deadly Conduct. 3:03 PM. Officers issued a criminal trespass warning to a subject at the request of the complainant.

• Juvenile Complaint. 5:33 PM. An officer took information about a student harassing the complainant (with Blanco Co. SO).

Dec 5

• Escort. 8:45 AM. A truck carrying a wide load requested an escort through town on its way up US 281 to Burnet County.

• Fire Alarm. 9:52 AM. False fire alarm in the cateferia on Ave. E.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Nov 27

• Reckless Driver. 11:51 AM. US 281, north from Johnson City. Burnet County was notified of the call (with Johnson City PD).

• Noise Disturbance. 7:34 PM. Party-goers wouldn’t turn down the music after neighbors asked. Officers responded to the situation.

Nov 28

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:12 AM. A caller in Lake of the Hills heard a noise and then a male scream or yell, but was not able to make out the words. Officers checked the area but were not able to find anything.

• 911 Call. 6:21 AM. 911 received a call from a residence that has phone problems when it rains.

• 911 Call. 7:12 AM. 911 received a staticky phone call from a vacant residence.

• Game Complaint. 10:32 AM. A deer was caught in a fence on Forestview. An officer and the Game Warden took care of the deer.

• Game Complaint. 10:53 AM. A large buck was hit by a car and was laying in the caller’s driveway off RR 1323.

• Shots Fired. 3:22 PM. A complainant reported shots being fired in the area near his subdivision. Another caller reported the same shots.

• Alarm. 7:40 PM. Officers responded to an alarm call for a complainant who said there was a subject in his house whom he didn’t want there. Officers reported that the situation was a civil matter.

Nov 29

• Theft Report. 9:06 AM. A report was taken about cash boxes that were missing from a business.

• Loose Livestock. 10:51 PM. A black cow was loose on 962 W.

Nov 30

• Shots Fired. 2:19 PM. A complainant reported gun shots nearby. Ten minutes later, the shooting stopped.

• Alarm. 2:42 PM. Residential.

• Livestock Check. 3:28 PM. A caller reported llamas who were without food or water and requested an officer to check on them. The officer reported that the animals were OK for now.

• Threats. 8:58 PM. A caller reported threats being made.

Dec 1

• Livestock Complaint. 8:48 AM. A caller reported mules or donkeys out on the shoulder of US 290 East at CR 410. The donkeys were not located.

• Loose Livestock. 12:55 PM. Donkeys were reported out on US 290 East, near Yeager Creek Rd.

• Loose Livestock. 2:57 PM. DPS reported that donkeys were out on US 290 East between Yeager Creek and CR 202. The donkeys were not located.

• Loose Livestock. 3:51 PM. Nine donkeys were loose on US 290 East near Yeager Creek. Five donkeys were taken by a contract cowboy. Two donkeys were put back into the fence, which needed to be repaired. Officers were unable to locate the two remaining donkeys.

• Reckless Driver. 8:31 PM. A pickup was reportedly driving slowly, in and out of lanes, on US 281. Burnet County was notified of the call.

Dec 2

• Civil / Information. 7:48 AM. A caller had information on a custody dispute.

• Theft. 12:01 PM. A rifle was reported stolen from the complainant’s home.

• Smoke Investigation. 2:18 PM. Smoke was seen west of Sandy Rd.

• Hit and Run. 2:36 PM. Gillespie County notified Blanco County about a hit and run that occurred. A car tapped a trailer that was in the oncoming lane, causing damage to the driver side. Officers located the car and arrested one subject (with Texas DPS).

• Information. 4:17 PM. A caller requested to speak with an officer about a dispute with a neighbor.

Dec 3

• False Alarm. 7:50 AM. Blanco State Park.

• Found Property. 8:00 AM. An individual came to the county jail with a wallet he found.

• 911 Hangup. 8:44 PM. A child accidentally called 911. An officer checked at the residence.

Dec 4

• Information/Harassment. 3:05 AM. A caller reported harassing messages left on his answering machine. The subject who left the messages was slandering him, the caller alleged. The caller stated that the Johnson City PD was not helping him in this situation and he needed the number for the Texas Rangers. The dispatcher told the caller how to get the Rangers’ number. 15 minutes later, the caller arrived at the county jail and wanted to press charges against the subject harassing him. The information was passed to an officer.

• Animal Complaint. 8:55 AM. Two German shepherds were on the caller’s property off Yeager Creek Rd., possibly threatening young calves and other livestock.

• Motorist Assist. 6:54 PM. A car stalled in the turn lane on US 281 at US 290 East. A wrecker was requested.

Dec 5

• Suspicious Circumstances. 9:20 AM. A complainant reported two bullet holes in his mailbox that were not there yesterday.

• Traffic Hazard. 9:30 PM. A dead deer was reported in the middle of US 290 East. An officer removed the deer from the road.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Nov 27

• Reckless Driver. 6:31 PM. A caller stated that a reckless driver almost hit a guardrail on US 290 West and went into a ditch. Blanco County deputies and Johnson City PD officers assisted in searching for the vehicle but were unable to locate it.

Nov 28

• Arrest. 8:57 PM.

Nov 29

• Arrest on View. 2:41 AM. US 281.

• Arrest. 4:37 PM. US 290.

• Traffic Accident. 4:53 PM. Officers responded to a traffic accident on US 281 at Mountain Top (with Blanco Co. SO).

Nov 30

• Reckless Driver. 6:43 PM. Two vehicles were reportedly racing on US 281 near Johnson City. Johnson City PD and Blanco County deputies assisted in locating the vehicles.

Dec 1

• Traffic Accident. 1:42 PM. An accident occurred at the Y with one vehicle cutting across to the southbound lanes, blocking the road. No injuries were reported and a wrecker was requested (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Traffic Accident. 2:36 PM. US 290, just past Flat Creek Rd (with Blanco Co. SO).

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Constable, Precinct 1, Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Constable, Precinct 4, Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

Game Warden

These reports were filed between Nov 27 and Dec 5.

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