Two hillbillies, Rufus and Clarence had been enemies for years. All that separated them was a wide river. For years each man would go down to the bank and yell at each other promising that if they could swim they would swim the river and give the other beating. One year the Army Corps of Engineers built a bridge over the river. Rufus' wife said, "Enough is enough, I have listened to these threats for years. With the bridge there is no excuse!" Rufus reluctantly headed out, but in a few minutes he was back at home hiding under the bed. His wife demanded an explanation. Rufus said, "There was a sign on the bridge that stated, 'Clearance - 13 feet & 6 inches'. He sure never looked that big from the other side of the river!"

Tears flow for many reasons. Sadness being perhaps the primary cause, but also pain, and even tears of joy. In Numbers 14:1 we read, "Then all the congregation lifted up their voices and cried, and the people wept that night." What a bitter sound this must have been throughout the camp of Israel. The tears did not have to flow this night, in fact the opposite of it should have occurred. The tears on this occasion were tears of fear and doubt. The children of Israel were on the verge of taking possession of the promised land that so long ago had been promised to them by God. If they had only believed that by God's power it would be theirs just as He said. Instead when they were told by ten of the twelve spies, who had investigated the land that in it dwelt giants, they wept the night away.

The people of Israel no longer saw themselves as God saw them, but as the giants saw them, grasshoppers soon to be crushed under their feet. Through Christ, we today are seen as conquerors, yet like Israel of old, so often all we see are the giants. Our giant past, giant family problems, giant weaknesses, giant goals, giant ignorance, giant sins, and before you know it we are nothing but grasshoppers, instead of the conquerors we were meant to be. Christ is bigger than all our giants. You are invited to come worship with us and learn about the giant killer.

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