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“Letting Go…?”
Trinity Lutheran Church
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 • Posted May 12, 2011

Mark writes, Mark 16:1-8, about faithful women who went to finish the work of anointing Jesus body on Easter morning. They had expected Jesus to be dead and by now that “Rigor mortis” would have set in. “Rigor Mortis” is Latin for “stiffness in death.”

On that Sunday morning Jesus would have been crucified three days ago by Jewish counting of days. Sundown on Friday ends one day. Sundown on Saturday ends the second day and begins the third day. Only in Luke 23:33, the Latin name for “Calvary,” Calvaria, which was used as a translation of the Greek word Kranion, by which the Hebrew word Gulgoleth was interpreted, “the place of a skull. It probably took this name from its shape, being a hillock or low, rounded, bare elevation somewhat in the form of a human skull.

Why did all of this have to happen? Why must there even be a Holy Week; a crucifixion; or a resurrection? What is it all about? Well it is all about the future. Life is about “letting go.” That is to say, our first day in school is a letting go. Do you remember your first day in school? You were either elated or crying. We know what the mothers were doing, crying. From that day forth there is a letting go of the past for the future. 

Think about it. We go from grade school to middle school. We “let go” of the past 5 years of school for a new kind of classroom setting and way of doing school. Next we go from middle school to high school and as we let go of middle school high school is kind of scary. Then there are all of the in between “letting go’s” of life like; dating; breaking up; “letting go” of one sport to play another; “letting go” of a friend because they have decided to take a path in life you will not go.

Next there is the “letting go” of living at home. You may go off to college, military, or work. Dear Friends, life is about “letting go.”  Bible is full of “letting go’s.” Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul, Peter, John. Most often “letting go” is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually a difficult time in our lives. How many of us could not wait to get away from our hometown only to discover “Down the Road” that we wanted to get back to our hometown?

“Letting Go” is a necessary part of life. So, what does all this have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Well, when we let go of something it becomes the past and therefore we must move on to something else. We can never separate ourselves from having a future. Dr. Hal Warwick gives us a glimpse of not being able to separate ourselves from our future. It is like going to a hotel and asking the desk clerk if you are registered there. 

It would go like this, “Could you tell me if Bobby Leggett is registered here, please?” The clerk looks at the computer and says, “Why yes he is and he has been waiting for you. He wants us to bring you up to room 70.” You are shocked, but you have no choice but to follow the bellboy to room 70. When you get to the room there you are. You look remarkably like yourself only a little heavier and a little grayer and a little weaker and more wrinkles. 

You ask yourself, “Has it come to this?” Someone once said, “You may be on the right track, but if you just sit there the train will run over you.” There is a person waiting on you in your future and that person is you. Whether you like it or not disciples of Jesus are going to have to “let go” and move on, when they breathe their last on this planet. But it is only the beginning. That morning changed the lives of the women who went to the tomb. They “Let Go” of their past and had “New Life” in Christ.

 To be continued next week.

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