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Basic Contractor Tools for Around the House
Paragon C&D Builders / Vallone Real Estate
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 • Posted September 1, 2011 12:52 PM

What is a basic set of tools for the novice/new homeowner? The answers you may get vary widely depending on who you talk. Have the right tool for the job and your headaches will be few. There is nothing like trying to make the wrong tool work for a specific job. Have a complete tool set when you start your job if you plan to do the work yourself. Of course, you can’t have everything (unless you have a great big budget to work with). Start with this basic set of tools and move up from here as the job requires. Just note: cheap tools are a bad buy and can damage your work. So let’s make a basic list.

Screwdrivers: Almost everyone agrees a first purchase would be screwdrivers. A minimum of three sizes of flat blade screwdrivers and two Phillips drivers. Buy good screwdrivers! Cheap screwdrivers and wrenches may be the worst cheap tools there are. Try to resist using your good screwdrivers as pry-bars or chisels.

Hammer: An ordinary claw hammer. The claw part allows you to pull out those nails you might bend (I use mine quite a bit, whereas my husband does not).

Tape measure: Make sure you get one that is long enough, but those that are too long can cause you problems. Get the hand held ones for your job. They make all kinds now from reels to walking tape devices. You just need the plain and simple one.

Utility or Box Knife: Get the retractable blade; much safer. These come in handy for opening boxes and so many other things.

Razor blade holder/scraper: Use these for scraping/cleaning all kinds of things, such as windshield stickers, paint on windows, caulk on tubs/tile, and on-and-on.

Pliers: I suggest you get a couple different sizes. Small, medium, and large might be the route to go.

Flashlight: A basic flashlight always comes in handy for some jobs. Don’t forget to get those batteries.

Wrench: An adjustable crescent-type wrench might be necessary on some projects. Good for a bit more advanced jobs and fits those items your pliers might not.

Saws: A basic hand saw might be necessary to have. These always come in handy for even those tree limbs you need to cut, too.

Power tools: There are so many to cover here. You can get power screwdrivers, sanders, saws, drills, and more. You also start getting into more cost. Power screwdrivers are awesome for those who don’t have the strengthen in their hands to put something together (like that book shelf).

Basic set of nails and screws: This depends on whether you have a project or whether you want variety. If you have a project, best to buy them in bulk. If you just want to keep some on hand for anything, buy a variety.

Wire cutter: A basic pair of wire cutters is always good to have around. These can be used even in those simple picture hanging situations.

Stud finder: You might want to have this handy little device around if you can not find the studs by knocking on the wall with your hand.

Duct tape: This is one thing no tool bag should be without. Duct tape can be used for so many things. Is it a permanent fix? No, but sure can help at times.

This is only a simple list of tools that come in handy around the house. Depending on your projects, you might need many more. Don’t forget to get that tool box, so you can store them all in one place. And don’t mess with electrical or plumbing unless you really know what you are doing. As always, if you don’t think you can do a project, call in that contractor/handy man.

For all your real estate and building needs or questions, call Debbie at 830-833-4249 or 713-818-6658, or send an email to debbie@vallone

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