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Dear Santa...
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 • Posted December 22, 2011 • Updated December 22, 2011 10:33 AM

How are you doing? How old are you? What is your faviret kind of cookie? What’s your faviret color? How many elfs do you have? For Christmas I would like a DSi extra large, stick candy cane, and Amirican girl doll and smelly hilighters.

Merry Christmas,

Lauren A.

For Christmas 3DS cars two the move. Pokemon. Rumble Blast. Bay Blades. Pokemon toys. angry birds. I have been good.

Your friend, Caleb C.

Hi thank you for all the toys last yire. For Christmas I wate a Fijit Friend and a nintendo DS and a xixi and some DS gamses and a snowglobe and some lepster games and some ornaments. Tell the ranedere hi and elvs hi wr funy.

Love, Chloe

I want a DSi for Christmas. and a Koo Koo bird and some orbeez and some of bizu.

Your friend, Angela

All I want for Christmas is a bat man toy and a iPode thu and a 3DDS.

Your friend, Isaac

Hi. I want a arplane. I want a Sonic Generation. I want a Cars2. I want a Rel Stel move. I have been good.

Your friend, Ty

For Christmas I want a camrura that is real. I want the smurf mavi with clumesy. I want a big suft owl. I want a showman lugij and a short fake I want little Chismas tree for my dogs. I want roodoffs girlfriend.

Your friend, Peyton

For Christmas I want a Wach and I want five dolrs. I want a fae cap gun. I want to get the carstwo a nerfgun. I want a Star Wars Legos.

Your friend, Connor

All I want for Christmas is a Ipod and a mp3. I also want a laptop and a ril camera. And rodofs girl friend. I also want dance a by baby. And sum muncke pjoma with pink sliprs. And one pink rope. Also a dsixl.

Your friend, Emily.

I love you.

This Christmas i want a lap top and a i pod tuch. Also I want a 3DDS and a orbeez mood lamp. And a i phone and Doctor Dreadful Zombie lab and a pogo sick.

Your friend, Destiny

This Christmas I want a sonic toy it will be fun and I want a new per of shos that will be shiney and I want a PS-3 it will de osum.

You friend, Jacob

All I want for Christmas is a LaLaLooesy doll play set and a camra. I wanta bunk bed a skotr and a Bible. Also Just Dance 3 Happy Feet tow to.

Your friend, Kinley

For Christmas I want barbies and a boduty shop. I want Bizus doggie doo a pink inkoo. I wanta wappy dog. And a petz fantasy a crayon maker and a singing tori doll. Thank you Santa.

Your friend,

Riley Jo E.



All I want for Christmas is a Ipadtuch and a camera. I also want a pogo stic and a laptop. I also want a Mindflex Duel game and Bop it. I also want a jungel speed.

Love, Rylee

I want a Nintend DS for Christmas. I want cemof log stuf cop stuf. I want SoprHeros. I want a Shark teeth Star waurs light saber mowve and thor movve CAPTAIN and AMERICIA. I want a Starwarft clechin.

Your friend, Wyatt

I went a Pod and lalalop is and a Hairclip Password dournal and Baby Born Dance and Little Mommy Hide Peek Doll and circo make me Better Baby Doll Gift Set.

Your friend is Natalie

I want a sommbleB. I want a Spi Helukoptr. I want a Spicare. I wunt a new ribsbot. I wanta laptop. I want my famaly. I want urauBoy Sot. I want a clekoldum. I want pjomus. I want gluvs that has bo. I want Speerrspsten.

Yor frend, Jorny

All I want for Christmas is a psp and a ds. I want a I pod and a crputr. I want a toy dog and a toy robot. I want a ds game Mareo cart and with my psp.

Love Nathan

For Christmas. I wunt a bike. for Christmas. and a shadow toy. and a sonic the game. and batman the book. an also the bat man the move. an ice scats also I wunt the pop the pig.


I want the Angre brds I want a Spidr man black sut with the move. I want the Dp Lisrd toy. I have ben good. I want a spiderman sog. I want a Pet gol fish I want a bel a gold bel I want a good coin. I want a spidr man Book.

Love, Armaan

I have been a good grby can I plese have a smurf in 3D and a wodlr dodrool and a santa oasr smurf et and a Dasin banser.

Love Cierra

I have ben a good grl all munth and i wunt a barby hws and a live acsessory. and aome justen beever stuf for my room. and a princess ckasull. a justen beever song. and a smurfs.

Love Lexi

I wont a Smurfs I like it thank yu for my tows.

Love Luvsa

I want a power Wheels, The Murfs Super Mario Galaxy Cars 2 Action Agent Hotwheels, cars 2 The Game Spider-Man the Game Bat man power Raingers

Love Sawyer

I bin a good boy I want for Christmas is a x Box 360 is a will, is a Dog, is a T.V. is a car. is a gtar. is a 3DS. is a cat. is a two Dog.


I bin a gud Girl Santa, dus mis Santa mack you cuces for you XBox 360 favat aminr Boxr

I want alot of toys and a lot of toys for my bruthr. They are Heros Achin Figrs, Batman, Powrrachr, XBox 360, Lego cars 2, Lego Cidy, Bat Mobey, and Spitr-Man calr book.

Love. Jesus

Have ben a good girl I want a car. I want a Justen Bever. I want a happy Naper. I want a Fijit Frend. I want a Micker phon.

Love Cadence.

Are you real? if you are I wunt OU Hoodie, I wunt Texas Hoodie, I wunt NCAA Football, I wunt Big Fat lier, I wunt wii A Tiv, noo Boots, I wunt Call of DutyMN 3, Kids under Ermour Hoodie, Air voutron

Love Arius

Have mine presis. are you rel? If u Yourer i wat a shrek and fish. i lick you dus Mrs. Sata mack kuckes? I wut a Just set. a doll. a Boded. anit faurismis.

I Love the presents that you drop off it is a big chang to life. I want a small lego set. I want a wii remote. I want a boldog webkin. I want wii party I want Mario galaxy.

Love Aviv

How is Mrs clas dowing ok or bad? Does Mrs Clas bake coces for you? Santa with milk to.

Love Cassidy S.

You are so nice that wen you drop off my presents I will be so happy and I will miss you wen christmas is over.

Love Devin!

How are the Reindeers? Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? Santa I hope you are doing well. I would like a Hotwheels scooter.

love Kolten H.

I wunt a Babe Kiten. I want a XBox three si I wunt Malup


You goin chmne you giv me Presis i lik vum.

Luv Adrian

You are a good pr. I me a good girl. I want a vctorioys I love Saucus. I want a Bre. I want a Dog. I want a Dol .I want a Cat. I want a cran. I want sir.


You are a good man I’m gong to git a xbox 360 cnet live and a Ds and a truck.

Love Joe

For Christmas I want All Dead Tired and Gloom Beach dolls. and Barbie car. Disney Princess Bath. Uno. Disney Princess toy. Moxie Girlz. Pillow Pets. Please give me a Giant Plush. Barbie with horse.

Love Kayla

I want a wii and Cristmas clothes and a wuggle pet and a zoo zoo baby and an ipad and an ipod toch and a phane Barbie princess charm seedl mone and another wii.

from Dianka

I want a dsi. I want a spy watch. I want a air hoc. I like christmas. I want a true heroe set. I want a starburns. I want a sharkship. maree christmas! nerf.

Love McCall

For Chrismis I want a X box 360 knect and a camra and a razor ripster and a rc razor a seauence and a dog tv rocker spy Glasses. i pod drulset. i paid.

Love Kolton

Please give me a candy land and Pac-man party 3D Rio Little people MONOPOLY gift card The smurf’s movie bop it car Toy phone mega block’s and Zooble’s

Love, Natalie

For Christmas I want is BARBIES. BARBIE dolls. BARBIE Rook start. BARBIE House. BARBIE Car. Colck Roadio. BARBIE Glamour set. Saede Boots. BARBIE I can Be playsets.

Love Cristina

I want a Halo toy and a Halo game to callduty Modern MWor call duty Modern 2. air Hogs. Gears wair3. By animoro aw et. Mirp taunrus. Worip at war a army guy game yot.

Love Tristan

I want a star wars leapster explorer game. Halo mega bloks. Clone trooper electronic helmet. Air hogs hyperactives radio-control vehicle. Spy net video watch with night vision. Air hogs twin vortex. Hot wheels radio-control.

Love Cole

Stamp-A-story. Kids Mosaic Stone Kit. Arts and Crafts s Case. Dance-with-MeDoll. Kitty-Cat park. Peek-A-Boo Christmas Tree. Basket of Babies XiaXia Crab Play Sets.

Love Cielo

I want a ghoon. A i pood. To new bacbacs. I waunt big bco. I waunt jriy. A wooch. Roob ens. I waunt a beed. I waunt a big flat tv. I waunt a macups.

Love Emily

I want Little miss muffin that is purpae. and a moshi monster watch. and a tent tunnel and toddler seating.

Love Mackenzie



Evaded game. sapr-man gam. Batman gam. sadeng game Xbox. somec sopheow Towey. Sophrow gam. I YRMAN. gasridrgam. latr green. vudixicsgam.


For christmas I want a nodre sikle please. Rio and a PSP 3000 ipottotch and a. Bockit gun spy woch and a pogo stick.

Love Preston G.

For Christmas I want Lamp. and happy Feet. LegoQest. rex. Star wars. air hogs. Cars 2. trae heros. Play set. Rio Bey Blade. Lego. harry Pottr. gift card. I pod. Backyard safar. toy story 3. Big Buck Hanter. foos ball table. batman. wii. water Bottle.

For Christmas I want a crayon maker, Barbie dream town house, easy bake ultimate oven, cotton candy maker, dippen dots maker, blizzard maker, password journal, barbie pop-up camper, M&M glitter lamp singing toridol, turqoise 3DS, ipod touch, LagoonaBlue hydration staion and doll.

Love Calea

Kids and baller in a jewelry boxes orig and Entire stock stocking stuffers Reg and Baby Alive Changing Time and Entire stock Disney pnincess, Disney Fairiess polly pocket toy and Barbie doll Barbie gift sets.

Love Adeline

For Christmas I want Scooby Doo toys. I want a rainbow for Christmas. Please Give Me a cats.

Love, Kasy J.

Haow are you? I cat wat to see you. I bin a good gril. I want a just like home kitchen, Barbie Glamour Jet and Swimmers Xtreme. I am going to lev you sum cooces and sum hot Chocolat.

Love, Marissa

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