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Early Voting Continues
Election Day Set for May 29
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 • Posted May 24, 2012

The political parties run the primary elections, with the county in charge of early voting. Early voting in person, which continues to May 25, is only available at the County Clerk’s conference room in the Courthouse Annex in Johnson City from 8am to 4:30pm.

On Tuesday, May 29, voters can go to the local polls to vote. Your voting precinct is shown in the “Prec. No.” box on your voter registration card. Note that precincts have been redistricted.

Precinct 201 - Pedernales Electric Coop, 201 S. Avenue F, Johnson City, TX 78636

Precinct 102 - Blanco Masonic Hall, 501 Eleventh Street, Blanco, TX 78606

Precinct 302, 303, 304 - Blanco County Courthouse, Annex Hoppe Room, 101 East Cypress Street, Johnson City, TX 78636

Precinct 401 - Old Blanco County Courthouse, 301 Main Street, Blanco, TX 78606

Texas’ semi-open primary allows voters to vote in one party’s primary, but not both.

We asked candidates for their top three goals. Below are their responses.

Blanco County Sheriff

Robert “Bob” Morgan (incumbent)

Hello, I am Robert “Bob” Morgan and I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Blanco County.

As Sheriff my top priorities are many. All aspects of criminal and civil law enforcement are at the top of my list for none can be ignored. Having to choose only three is difficult as all facets of law enforcement are important. Since I am required to pick three for this publication my three choices are, but not limited to:

1. Continue to provide quality law enforcement by utilizing the resources I have available to me which are well trained professional personnel, state of the art equipment, working closely with county commissioners, keeping in tune with changing times and growth while at all times keeping the budgeted expenses in check.

2. Bring criminals to justice, keeping our schools safe, protecting our children, our elderly as well as all other citizens and maintaining the serenity of the hill country.

3. Remain tough on DWI/Drug offenses.

Ronnie Steubing

Proactive Patrol Service - Patrol is a style of law enforcement, working with the community geared toward the interception of prevention of crime before it occurs. It has been proven time and again a firm stance against crime with lead to enhanced safety for our community. As your Sheriff I will see that our Deputies are on patrol 24 hours a day, taking calls from our citizens no matter the time of night.

Drug/Alcohol Education and Enforcement - I will vigorously pursue all avenues available to increase enforcement of drug and alcohol related crimes, education programs for children and adults to decrease demand and availability of narcotics, and curb the abuse of alcohol and the occurrence of related alcohol offenses.

Upgrade Technology and Coordination - I will work to improve our information management systems to further improve our response to crime and our citizens. Additionally, I will work to restore and improve our relationships with other agencies that work alongside us or can assist us in the protection and service of our community.

Blanco County Attorney

Chelita Riley

1. Expedite the criminal docket with appropriate punishment. —Promptly review charges lodged by law enforcement (police, sheriff, DPS) and citizen complaints. —Promptly advise law enforcement of any issues that should be addressed before prosecuting. —Promptly prosecute cases. —Promote punishment that deters future criminal behavior.

2. Provide prompt, sound legal advice to county officials.

3. Engage the community. - Promote programs that to reduce criminal behavior, such as programs that discourage underage drinking, drug involvement and family violence. - Counsel with citizens, community leaders, educational leaders, and government leaders to develop unified, legal approaches to problems that will make Blanco County a better place for our citizens.

4. Maintain an open door policy to promote knowledge of the laws of Texas, with offices in both Blanco and Johnson City.

David Hall

A tractor can’t pull its load unless all systems work smoothly in proper sequence. A well-intentioned county attorney cannot perform his duties and realize any of his goals unless his office, the sheriff’s office, both police departments, the judges, the clerks, probation officers, grand jurors, and petit jurors all perform their separate duties in a well-coordinated, efficient manner. Therefore, my number one goal is efficient adult prosecution and juvenile adjudication (they differ) processes and child protection processes in which all parties respect and facilitate each other’s role so that everyone’s primary objective of fair and timely justice is realized.

More specifically, I want to do what I can to ensure that as Blanco County grows it does not earn a reputation as being easy on DWI, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Also, I want to always be accessible and able to give accurate legal advice to our county court and JPs when it is needed.

District Attorney

Wily “Sonny” McAfee

Top three goals:

1.  Using a team effort, I will work cooperatively with law enforcement to make this one of the safest communities in which to live, work and visit. As a former police lieutenant in homicide and narcotics and lead felony prosecutor in a district court I have arrested and tried many defendants and have the proven ability to put child molesters, drug dealers, and other violent criminals behind bars where they belong.  My team approach and experience is why Blanco County Sheriff Bob Morgan and the late Sheriff Bill Elsbury endorsed me to be District Attorney.   The other three sheriffs of this district have endorsed me as well as seven retired Texas Rangers.  Randy Holland of Johnson City has also endorsed me.

2. I will move cases to trial more quickly by preparing cases for trial before grand jury.  Victims need to get trials behind them to move forward with life, and taxpayers should not be responsible for keeping defendants in jail at $35-40 a day waiting to be tried. 

3. I will provide in-house training on essential skills for officers and prosecutors at NO charge to taxpayers to ensure we have the best case possible for trial. 

Steven Todd

Three of my goals for the D.A.’s office are efficient management, professional excellence and practical leadership. Having worked full time in this D.A. office for over 7 years, I appreciate the challenge of managing the limited resources allocated to the DA in these 4 Counties to provide quality and responsive public service to the taxpayers, victims, witnesses and law enforcement. As public servants, we should be committed to serve the people impacted by crime in our communities and do so with excellence, which I have demonstrated by my proven record as a full-time prosecutor for 15 years. I want to ensure that both the staff and resources of the Office of the District Attorney are used wisely and strategically to pursue justice with excellence in prosecuting criminal cases. This must be done with integrity and passion, but also measured with practical judgment and wisdom to foster confidence in our local criminal justice system. During my legal career, which has been %100 dedicated to serving the public as a prosecutor, I have managed and directed the work of all the staff in prosecuting offices (attorneys, investigators and support staff) both in the local D.A.’s office and at the Attorney General’s Criminal Prosecution Division. I will lead as the next District Attorney in the sensitive and challenging work of fighting for victims and seeking accountability for criminals in our communities with old-fashioned hard work, my open style of communication, and integrity. As I have 3 times the experience as a criminal prosecutor of my 2 opponents, including an extensive unmatched record of success in local 4-county District Court criminal trials, I am the best choice to provide this kind of crucial leadership as the next District Attorney.

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