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Who's Who in the Blanco Cemetery
Part 36 in a series
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 • Posted July 5, 2012 3:10 PM

June 21st was the longest day of the year. Summer is in full swing almost before it officially starts. It has a flavor all its own.

We have lost a very special man. On June 25, Mr. TD Smylie left us after a courageous battle with pulmonary fibrosis. He was a great encourager and a very sharp, clear thinker. When you visited Mr. Smylie, you always left with a lighter step and a smile in your heart. Mr. Smylie was a contributer to life to the very end. He helped write the Cemetery's Constitution and ByLaws this last year along with Clara Gourley and Jon Warren. He was a warm, generous, and loving man who spoke sermons with his life. Many tears will be shed at his going and he will be missed immensely. However, he will always live in our hearts and his wisdom will help us make better decisions in life as we reflect on the lessons he has taught us with his own life. So, thank you, Mr. Smylie, for everything.

Section 9D: George Riba (Dec. 8, 1861-Apr. 25, 1936); Barbara Riba (Jan. 26, 1862-June 9, 1943); Albert Riba (May 18, 1891-May 10, 1973); unknown; Max Leisman (Aug. 9, 1862-Mar. 2, 1951); Cathrina Leisman (July 12, 1865-July 3, 1948); Donald Pease, baby (Nov.11, 1943); Douglas L. Pease (Dec. 19, 1954-Apr. 16, 1973); Lillian Lucille Pease (May 7, 1920-Feb. 7, 2009); Earl Pease (Jan. 18, 1917-1992). Hermann Knoll (Aug. 20, 1882-Oct. 6, 1943); Clara Knoll (May 14, 1889-Nov. 26, 1947); Nora Knoll Naples (July 9, 1921-Jan 11, 1978); Marvin "Dick" Knoll (Sept. 18, 1919-May 7, 2010). Edgar D. Kneupper (Mar. 23, 1888-Jan. 19, 1989); Rosa Kneupper (Nov. 10, 1887-July 14, 1988); Alice Annette "Net" Moore (Aug. 24, 1939-Feb. 10, 2010); Rose F. Moore (Dec. 11, 1920-Oct. 26, 1975); Raymond Ernest Moore, Veteran (July 20, 1914-Oct. 12, 1984); George B. Caldwell (Aug. 25, 1859-Oct. 5, 1933); Nell Nance (May 27, 1913-July 3, 1985); Robert Ernest, Jr. (Aug. 5, 1908-June 4, 1980). Clinton Howell (Sept. 1, 1910-Dec. 17, 1970). Henry Herman Triesch, baby (Feb. 3 to Feb. 6, 1934); Albert Triesch, baby (June 2 to July 28, 1933); Gustav Triesch (Jan. 19, 1894-Oct. 18, 1978); Rosie Triesch (May 30, 1904-Oct. 16, 1994); Bernhard Olfers (Apr. 17, 1871-Oct. 26, 1946); Emma M. Olfers(Dec. 17, 1876-Feb. 9, 1964); Leona Linda Olfers (Mar. 7, 1917-July 6, 1918); Henry F. Olfers (Mar. 8, 1869-May 28, 1915); Clara Olfers (Aug. 30, 1873-May 28, 1955); Max W. Koch ,Veteran (Feb. 14, 1896-Dec. 7, 1962); Nelda Koch (Jan. 2, 1897-Jan. 15, 1967). Katie Wuest (Sept. 4, 1863-May 31, 1937); Linda Wuest (Feb. 14, 1888-Feb. 26, 1978); August Wuest, Sr., Veteran (Nov. 16, 1869-May 23, 1956); Henry August Wuest, baby (Jan. 5 to Jan. 6, 1921); Leona Wuest, baby (June 29, 1919); Daton Wuest, baby (April 13, 1926); Frank Wuest (Dec. 12, 1887-Sept. 11, 1934); Rosa Pfannstill Wuest (Sept. 24, 1893-Apr. 14, 1947).

If you have stories or family connections that you would like to place in a public file, please send them to: Gail McClellan, President, Cemetery Association,

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