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Foundations Are The Key
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012 • Posted October 19, 2012 3:00 PM

Foundations are the key to everything in a way. When I started to think about the most important thing in building a home, the foundation rose to the top. Why? Because without a proper/strong foundation your home can crumble.

Funny thing, a foundation can be applied to many aspects in life. You have a foundation in a relationship, construction, business, and so on. Foundation seems to be the key in many things. Foundations need to be planned and laid properly. Foundations need to be strong and engineered. Foundations need to be able to withstand a lot, such as weight, weather, wear and tear, and more. Now can you see how this can be applied to not only construction but other things?

Foundations are not always built strong in a home. Look at a slab that is not poured evenly, cracked, not engineered, or warranted. Look at a pier and beam that is not structured properly or maintained - your home might shift. Foundations can usually be repaired but can cost you dearly. Do it right the first time.

Are you following this logic in not only the home construction, but in your relationship or business? Isn’t it funny how they do parallel? Keep following the logic.

So you think you are ready to pour a foundation? First off, you need to establish that perfect location for your home or building. If the area is flat, it will save you money on concrete; if not, you need to plan on additional expenses. Let’s say the area is flat. You might have some preparations to do, such as cutting down a few trees to groom the area. Or you might need to remove some of those rocks. But all the preparations will be worth it, because you will gain the best view from this spot. Turn applying these preparations to your relationship or business? See what I mean?

Once the area has been cleared, we now are ready to lay the form work and start the build-up prior to the concrete. This process usually entails building the wooden forms that will layout the footprint of your home or building. Sand bags and rebar are used inside for the strength. Next come some of the plumbing work and some electrical. Don’t forget these things need to go in so you have connections throughout your structure. Planning makes all the difference in the world. Everything is laid and ready to go. Call out the engineer to give it a blessing (since you want an engineered foundation).

The next step will be to pour concrete, the solid / sturdy substance for your home or building. During the pouring of concrete, you want to make sure the weather cooperates and you have no heavy rains. You want to make sure nothing runs through your wet foundation and leaves prints. You want to make sure the pour is level, smooth and not rough and rocky.

Once the foundation is poured you will have an inspection. The inspector will check to make sure plumbing and other things are done to standards. It passed – you have it all right and ready to continue. So now you have a strong engineered foundation that passed inspections. What’s next?

After the foundation is done, you are ready to build upon the solid structure. Upon completion of your final structure, you should get a warranty for the foundation and structure.

If you happen to have any problems, you should call the builder and get repairs performed. But, if done right, the chances of calling the builder are slim to none.

So, in conclusion, you see how important a foundation is in construction. Try applying this logic to a relationship or business. Funny how one word and concept can be applied to various things that are very different but yet the same.

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