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Stewards of God
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 • Posted January 17, 2013

Luke 16:1-2, 10-12 “And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own?” We are stewards of God. He is our Master, and He has entrusted what is His into our care. The question is, are we an unjust steward, like the one in this story; or, are we a just and wise steward of the things of God? Let’s get into God’s Word.

It is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful (1Cor 4:2). Stewardship and faithfulness go hand and hand. If you are not a faithful steward of little, you will not be a faithful steward of much. What exactly is a steward? Thayer’s Gk. Lexicon says this: the manager of household or of household affairs, especially a steward, manager, superintendent (whether free-born as was usually the case, a freed-man or a slave) to whom the head of the house or proprietor has entrusted the management of his affairs, the care of receipts and expenditures, and the duty of dealing out the proper portion to every servant and even to the children not yet of age; the manager of a farm or landed estate, an overseer; the superintendent of the city’s finances, the treasurer of a city (or of treasurers or quaestors of kings); metaphorically the apostles and other Christian teachers and bishops and overseers.

Stewards “run the business”, but none of it is theirs. They manage the boss’s stuff. That’s what the Christian does. All we have is God’s. We are simply put in trust with it. The heavens, the earth, and everything contained therein are God’s (Ps 89:11-12, 50:10, 12; 1Cor 10:26). Your house? God’s. Your car? God’s. Your children? Your spouse? Your clothes? Your gifts and talents? Your own body? All God’s. We are just stewards over what is God’s.

Who is a wise and faithful steward? The one found doing (being a wise and faithful steward) when Jesus returns. Do you live your life, knowing Jesus could come back at any moment? Is that real to you? It ought to be, if you call yourself a Christian. Advice for life: Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to be doing the moment Jesus returns. That’s pretty simple, but it’s true. Are you looking up? Are you looking for His appearing? Are you listening for the mighty shout? Like John, can you say with all confidence, “Come Lord, quickly!”. Those that have that hope, purify themselves, even as He is pure.

Christian, don’t settle for the mediocre goal of just making heaven by the hair of your chinny chin chin. You will stand before The Lord Jesus Christ at His Judgment Seat. Your works will be tried by fire. Your wise and faithful stewardship will be purified as fine gold. Your bad stewardship will be consumed like wood, hay, and stubble. This is reality! This event will happen! Do you take that seriously? You best start, if you haven’t. The crown you’ll receive will be with you forever. Do want a tin ring to lay at the feet of Jesus your Lord forever? Or do you want a glorious crown to lay down before Him? Do you want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful (steward!)”? I do! I don’t understand a Christian who wouldn’t!

We must understand that The Lord’s return is imminent. That should change how we live. That should change our ideas about stewardship. Nothing is ours. It’s all His. So? Be faithful over little. Take care of what little you have. Be appreciative for what you have right now. Be faithful with little, and you will be entrusted with much. A faithful man will abound with blessing (Prv 28:20). The Lord will enable you to be a good steward (1Tim 1:12), if you are found faithful. It’s God’s ability, available to the faithful. Be faithful! Be a good steward! When we appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ, He will be judging us on our stewardship! Live like you believe that! Better get ready, Jesus is coming! Until next time, rejoice in The Lord!

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