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November, December 2012 Convictions from Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 • Posted February 7, 2013 5:25 PM

Cynthia Hatcher, Speeding • James Edens, Speeding • Esteban Torres, Speeding • Crystal Anderson, Possession of drug paraphernalia • Louis England, Speeding • George Lueckenhoff, Expired license plates/registration • Ron White, Improperly tagged deer • Kent Black, Improperly tagged deer • Karen Mann, Speeding • Laura Cleland, Speeding • Rober Doy, Speeding • Mark Synek, Operating motor vehicle without a license • John Barnett, Speeding • Nathan Silva, Speeding • Richard Gray, Speeding • John Bretz, Speeding • Brett Huser, Speeding • Shelley Rodriguez, Speeding • Michelle Elbers, Speeding • James Moore, Speeding • Austin Allen, Failure to maintain financial responsibility • Kelley Davis, All but parent/guardian permit-unlicensed • Gina Parga, Speeding • Kristopher Kimura, Speeding • Derrick Webb, Speeding • Mary Meaux, Speeding • Matthew Baca, Speeding • Meagan Brooks, Speeding • Christopher Johnson, Speeding • Stephen Forren, Speeding • Brea MacLaskey, Expired license plates, speeding • Milan Weeks, Violating DL restriction • Billy Parsons, Speeding • Chandler McCollough, Speeding • Bill Rhodes, Speeding • Corey May, Speeding • Brandy McKennis, Operating unregistered motor vehicle, driving while license suspended • Robyn Froboese, Speeding • Michael McKee, Speeding • Katherine Elkins, Speeding • Lindsey Humphrey, Speeding • Charlene Goeddertz, Speeding • Jessie Welch, Driving while license invalid • Jerod Breakiron, Operating motor vehicle without a license • Emily Booth, Speeding • Lori Combss, Speeding • Erica Taylor, Speeding • Julie Beggs, Disregarding flashing red stop signal • Courtney Crow, Speeding • Michael Campo, Towing unregistered trailer, improper driver’s license for vehicle • Mauro Escobedo, Speeding • Jesus Ruiz, Speeding • James Thetford, Speeding • Evette Rangel, Speeding • Mynor Castillo, Speeding • Dillon Deberry, Speeding • Randy Dejohn, Speeding • Rebecca Gerow, Speeding • Jeffrey Hilt, Speeding • Stacy Turner, Speeding • Kathy Yanes, Leaving refuse on Highway • Robert Barrett, Speeding • Hector Salas, Speeding • Crystal White, Speediing • Christopher Hudson, Speeding • Marisela Moore, Speeding • Lawrence Witt , Failure to yield at Intersection • Theresa Bauldree, Fire extinguisher violation • Warren Paynes, Speeding • Nathan Bradley, Speeding • Angelica Villalobos, Speeding • Theadore Murphy, Speeding • Stephen Goodwin, Speeding, Disregarding flashing red stop signal • Rosales Rivera, Speeding • Alejandro Vicencio, Speeding • William Secor, Speeding • Randy Hoppe, Speeding • Sara Crisp, Speeding • William Miranda, Speeding • Sharlene Johnson, Speeding • Kelcie Nesbitt, Speeding • Roger Jones, Speeding • Charles Johnston, Speeding • Nelson Arias, Wrong side of road-not passing • Erica Lopez, No/expired valid inspection certificate • Clifton Glass, Cut in after passing • Jon Stillman, Speeding • Evan Halikias, Speeding • Lozoya Dominguez, Speeding • Christian Grossklaus, Speeding • Jeremy Hinojosa, Speeding • Christopher Keith, Speeding • Joseph Elhajjmoussa, Speeding • Megan Szalwinski, Speeding • Jasmyne Brown, Speeding • Nicholas Collazo, Speeding • Kim Dunham, Speeding • Jeremias Guadarrama, Speeding • Christopher Rigsby, Speeding • Joshua Coucke, Speeding • Steven Graves, Speeding • Daniel Ayala, Speeding • Katharine Mercado, Speeding • Nina Cremin, Speeding • Christine Case, No/expired valid inspection certificate • Monica Smith, Speeding • Dana Weddle, Speeding • Walter Thompson, Speeding • Caitlin Beckmann, Speeding • Richard Allen, Expired DL, speeding • Benito Montiel, Speeding • Dawn Laurel-Jones, Speeding • Gregory Althoff, Speeding • Johnie Bonnet, Exhaust System not secure, windshield washing system • Arturo Salas, Speeding • Kristine Pagel, Speeding • Andrea King, Speeding • Krista Goewe, Speeding • Randall Bowman, Failure to maintain financial responsibility, speeding • Ronald Vandewater, Speeding • Felicia Leggett, Speeding • Abigail Bartlett, Speeding • Nurdin Julian-Venegas, Speeding • William Harned, Speeding • Jennifer Baxter, Speeding • Michael Malkowski, Expired/No motor vehicle registration • Kenra Buentello, Speeding • Joshua Litos, Public display of alcohol • Cesar Perez, Following too closely-commercial truck • Socorro Bustamante, No/expired Commercial motor vehicle license • Alfred Rivera, No/expired Commercial motor vehicle license, No record of duty status (log) • Joe Adams, Ride not secured by safety belt-Driver • Keith Fulgham, Expired/No valid inspection certificate • Haveen Cheacho, Speeding • Juan Montes, Speeding • Mark Griffin, Failure to display TXDOT cab card • Rickey Obrian , Air-brake compressor violation • Ramon Villarreal, Over 34,000lbs. Tandem axle • Jesse Goodwin, No/expired inspection certificate, Operating motor vehicle without a license • Marcus Kidd, Speeding • Michael Whalen, Failure to display TXDOT card • Martin Duran, Overwidth, Failure to maintain financial responsibility • Charles Haltom, No/expired Commercial motor vehicle license • Mallory Jenkins, All but parent/guardian permit-unlicensed • Roberta Givens, Driving while license invalid • Justice-Lee Siller, Speeding • Caleb Clawson, Possession of drug paraphernalia, Public display of alcohol • Richard Rodgers, Public display of alcohol • Ginger Sofia, Violating DL restriction • Frank Jordan, Speeding • Richard Eppright, Speeding • Tony Boehm, Speeding • Valerie Lester, Speeding • Adrian Arcieri, Speeding • Mailien Felty, Speeding • Edward Casillas, Speeding • Jenna Garcia, Speeding • Edwin Biglarian, Ride not secured by safety belt-Driver • Megan Brown, No valid motor vehicle inspection certificate • Justin Tabor, No/Defective Brakes on Vehicle • Salvador Crisanto, Drove on wrong side of road/bridge • Ronnie Hardman, Failure to maintain financial responsibility.

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