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County Commissioners Set Date for Annual Clean-up Event
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 • Posted February 15, 2013

On February 12, 2013 Blanco County Commissioners conducted a Regular Meeting. All four commissioners were present, and the minutes of the January 22, 2013 Special Meeting were read and approved by the Court.

The agenda for the Regular Meeting contained a number of items, and the first was consideration to accept the annual racial profiling report for 2012 for the Blanco County Sheriff Department in accordance with the Texas Racial Profiling Law (S.B. 1074). County Judge Bill Guthrie noted, “The Sheriff has submitted this report and is asking for approval.” Commissioner Paul Granberg presented a motion to approve the report, and Commissioner James Sultemeier seconded and the motion passed.

The Court was asked to consider declaring the old annex building located at 200 N. Avenue G and the vacant lot located behind the old jail at 105 N. Avenue G as surplus property. Commissioner Sultemeier made a motion for approval, Commissioner John Wood seconded, and the action was approved.

The Commissioners Court was asked to consider authorization for Judge Guthrie to sign an interlocal agreement with Lampasas County for County Jail Functions. According to Judge Guthrie, “Lampasas County has already agreed to this and done their part…this is a standard contract with a rate of $40 per day.” The Judge asked Sheriff Morgan if there were any objections, and Sheriff Morgan responded, “Absolutely not.” Commissioner Chris Liesmann presented a motion for the Judge to sign the agreement, Commissioner Granberg seconded; the motion carried.

There was also a request for the Court to consider authorization for the County Judge to sign a revised interlocal agreement with Gillespie County for County Jail Functions. Judge Guthrie informed the Court, “We have had a contract with Gillespie County for a little over a year and we have agreed to lower the rate from $45 to $40 on jail functions…Gillespie County is appreciative.” Judge Guthrie asked if there were any questions or objections from the Sheriff. There were none, and Commissioner Granberg offered a motion to sign the revised agreement. Commissioner Sultemeier seconded this motion and the action was approved by the Court.

Other items included consideration of acknowledgement of completion of the required 20 hours of continuing education for the County Clerk and District Clerk for 2012 as prescribed in Section 51.605 of the Texas Government Code. Judge Guthrie informed the Court both Clerks had completed the required training and provided documentation of same. Commissioner Liesmann presented a motion to approve the completion of continuing education hours for the County Clerk and Commissioner Sultemeier seconded. Commissioner Sultemeier made a motion to approve the completion of continuing education hours for the District Clerk. This motion was seconded by Commissioner Liesmann, and both motions were approved by the Court.

The next item of business was consideration of needed replacement parts for the glass pulverizer. Commissioner Granberg told the Court, “When we approved the County Budget I had hoped to get another year from this machine…these parts are worn out and need replacing. Replacement parts will be approximately $3,700. These parts are not budgeted and we need them to get the machine up and running. I still have some money in line items, but it is not enough to cover the total replacement costs. Glass is very abrasive and it is hard on the parts. This machine does a good job for us.”

Judge Guthrie asked Commissioner Granberg, “How much money is there?” Commissioner Granberg answered, “Approximately two thousand.” Judge Guthrie asked Commissioner Granberg for a proposal, suggesting taking the $2,000 in line items and applying this to cover the replacement costs. Commissioner Granberg replied, “The equipment is getting old, and in the past we could get grant money but that money is not available now.” Judge Guthrie asked if the machine was operable now and Commissioner Granberg answered that it was not.

Judge Guthrie suggested a proposal to pay the balance from the maintenance budget for all facilities. Commissioner Granberg agreed the available funds of up to $2,000 could be moved from maintenance line items for the electrical panel to go toward covering the costs of the replacement parts. The motion to cover the costs of the needed replacement parts for the glass pulverizer was presented to the Court by Commissioner Granberg. Commissioner Wood provided a second, and the Court approved the motion.

Commissioner Granberg spoke to the Court regarding the annual county-wide clean-up event. According to Commissioner Granberg, “Every year in April we hold a clean-up event. There is a budget issue for $5,000. Last year we spent $8,445 on the clean-up event but made up for the additional costs with scrap metal and lead and acid batteries. My question to the Court is do we want to do tire disposal?” Judge Guthrie remarked, “Hazardous wastes are very expensive; we have no desire to handle those.”

Commissioner Granberg noted, “We have no grant money now, but we could do ‘fluffy stuff,’ like mattresses, furniture, scrap lumber, etc.” Commissioner Granberg said, “There was an environmental and fuel surcharge of $1,300 last year, but that fee has been waived now.” Other expenses included costs of advertising and overhead for the event. Commissioner Granberg said the cost of tire disposal was covered because of the money collected for this, and this program worked well as a “pay as you go.”

Commissioner Granberg proposed that the clean-up event for 2013 be handled the same as last year. He mentioned, “There is no cost for electronics and scrap metal actually generates money.” Judge Guthrie commented he “Did not see any other way the program could happen other than a pay as you go, because expenses are covered.”

The Judge asked Commissioner Granberg if he had a date in mind, and Commissioner Granberg answered, “The last Saturday in April…a county-wide event. We can use the transfer station, and collect the same items as last year.” At the close of the discussion Commissioner Granberg presented a motion to approve April 27th as the date for a county-wide clean-up event. Commissioner Wood provided a second motion, and the action carried.

County resident Ann Hall presented information to the Court regarding requirements for Emergency Service District (ESD) board members. According to Mrs. Hall, “Our board members do volunteer work, and they are at risk.” Ann Hall said that proper training for ESD members would, “Enable them to work more efficiently, and help them stay out of trouble.”

Ann Hall also reported to the Court with information on private donations for the purchase of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) for the courthouse annex building. Ann Hall and Elaine Cross had informed the Court at the January 22, 2013 Special Meeting that they would work to gather donations from county residents to cover the cost of the new unit.

Cost of the new unit would run $1,700, and Mrs. Hall presented checks to the Court in the amount of $1,600. Those who contributed to cover the cost of the new unit include: Cilla & Chuck Goeken, Gary & Denise Luker, David & Ann Hall, Charles & Elaine Cross, Dean Myane, Connie Granberg & Henry Knox, Jan Gennusa, Peggy & Dick Welch, Tim & Patty Elliott, Dan Mills, Paul Granberg, Armando Pena, Doug & Sonja Becker, Doug Dowlearn, Jamie & Cindy Collins, Bob & Millie Jones, James Sultemeier, John & Bonnie Wood, and Sherry & Paul Jenkins. Mrs. Hall told the Court, “I think we will get the $,1700 needed…there are more donations expected.” Judge Guthrie thanked her for the donations of behalf of Blanco County.

The Commissioners Court considered appointment of three individuals to the South Blanco County Emergency Services District board. These individuals were: Mary Ann Millard, Ann Hall, and Mark Tidwell. Commissioner Granberg commented, “These three people are willing to serve on the board, and this job takes a lot of time and we’re glad they are willing to do it.”

Commissioner Wood expressed his thanks to board member Jack Allen for his years of dedicated service. Commissioner Wood asked, “Is it 20 years, Jack?” Jack Allen answered, “Yes it is.” Judge Guthrie also thanked Jack Allen for his service to the board. Commissioner Granberg offered a motion to approve the appointment of the three individuals to the South Blanco County Emergency Services District Board, and this motion was seconded by Commissioner Wood. The action was approved by the Court.

County Commissioners went on to approve the February 2013 payroll in the amount of $254,888.54. Commissioner Sultemeier gave a motion to approve the payroll and Commissioner Granberg provided a second and the motion carried.

Official reports were also approved by the Court. Commissioner Liesmann presented a motion to accept, Commissioner Sultemeier seconded, and this action passed.

The last item of business was approval of outstanding bills in the amount of $81,096.84. Commissioner Granberg made a motion for approval and Commissioner Wood seconded the motion. The motion was approved by the Court, and the Regular Meeting was adjourned.

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