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Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Convictions for February 2013
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 • Posted March 28, 2013 4:32 PM

Frank Kincaid, Jr., Public Intoxication

Felipe Corona, Speeding

Christy McSpadden, Speeding

Megan Kelly, Speeding

Kevin Collins, Public display of alcohol

Emily Monroe, Public display of alcohol

Luiggi Petreucic, Speeding

Benjamin Quinonez, Failure to maintain financial responsibility

Christopher Gonzalez, Failure to report change of address

Linda Dechert, Speeding

Casey Behr, Possession of illegally taken deer, Possession of drug paraphernalia

Lyndon Phillips, Possession of illegally taken deer, Possession of drug paraphernalia

Debbie Flores, Unauthorized sunscreening device, Speeding

Mark Williams, Speeding

Linda Escobar, Speeding

Jennifer Smith, Speeding

Dee Bostic, Speeding

Tamara Fabre, Speeding

Michael Marquez, Speeding

Monique Ortiz, Speeding

Brittany Gonzales, Speeding

Caroline Rodriguez, Speeding

Harold Chapman III, Speeding

Floyd Reed, Speeding

Robert Miller, Speeding

Timothy Hawthorne, Speeding

Dorothy Hess, Speeding

Liuneta Ioane, Speeding

Garrett Bennink, Speeding

Alejandro Cornell, Speeding

Randi Davis, Speeding

Kaggan Parker, Speeding

Sherry Vargas, Speeding

Amanda Levrets, Open container in motor vehicle

Andy Alaniz, Driving while license suspended

Jimmie Varnon, Jr., Expired driver license

Jimmie Varnon, Jr., Speeding

Stephen Douglas, Speeding

William Swafford, Speeding

Jeremy Sanchez, Speeding

Katherine Leach, Speeding

Cody Bailey, Speeding

Christopher Garcia, Speeding

Valleen Seibel, Speeding

Michael Kittner, Speeding

Brenda Rutledge, Speeding

Caleb Montano, Speeding

Sarah Florez, Speeding

Luis Montenegro, Speeding

Baeli Jones-Briscoe, No Valid Inspection Certificate

Ian Moran, Speeding

Jacinto Parra, Speeding

Robert Guynn, Speeding

Amy Reasons, Speeding

Paul Alcorta, Display expired license plates/registration

Barbara Rowan, Failure to drive in single lane

Crystal White, Speeding

Oralia Cadena, Speeding

Melissa Bragg, Speeding

Jordan Brito, Improperly placed or obstructed license

Numo Povoa, Speeding

Charles Cunningham, Speeding

Sharlene Johnson, Speeding

Butch Lovett, Possession or Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia, Speeding

Richard Aquino, Speeding

Joshua Sabogal, Speeding

Jerry Eller, Speeding

Mark Brandner, Speeding

Kyle Elliott, Speeding

Vincent Juarez, Speeding

George Mercado, Speeding

Victor Longoria, Speeding

Adam Barbe, Speeding

Joe Contreras, Speeding

Ernesto Lopez, Speeding

George Mansingh, Speeding

Carlos Martinez, Operating unregistered motor vehicle, speeding

Jack Scott, Speeding

Valerie Bustamante, Speeding

Toby Gilder, No valid inspection certificate

James Whitcomb, Speeding

Justin Westerman, Speeding

Matthew Anderson, Speeding

Jason Rogers, Speeding

Padyn Giebler, No valid inspection certificate

Ruben Moreno, Back so as to interfere or without safety

Lee Miller, Passed stationary emergency vehicle

Shelby Dye, Speeding

Nicole Junk, Speeding

Charbel Chahine, Speeding

Jacob TeverbaughSpeeding Saeed Alfalasi, Speeding

Mark Silberman, Speeding

Ryan Cofrancesco, Speeding

Jonathan Small, Speeding

Amber Deberry, Speeding

Esmeralda Ramirez, Speeding

Logan Lepper, Speeding

Stephen Pearson, Speeding

Fahad Alharbi, Speeding

Turki Alharbi, Speeding

Angelita Valadez, Speeding

Thefi Clayton, Driving while license invalid, Speeding

Hardeep Somal, Speeding

Crescencio Villason, No Retroflect sht/reflex

Cruz DeJesus, Failure to maintain financial responsibility, No DL

Rhea Vandelist, Speeding

Jeremiah Wiley, Speeding

Ramsey Devilbiss, Speeding

Mark Smith, Speeding

James Richardson, Speeding

Billy Perez, Speeding

Scott Scroggs, No valid inspection certificate, Speeding

Calvin Edwards, Speeding

Court Smith, Speeding

Kim Clenny, Speeding

Wyatt Zoeller, Speeding

Eleuterio Martinez, Speeding

David Sutton, Speeding

Michael AnastasioSpeeding Alan Maxwell, Speeding

Alajandra Ortiz, Speeding

James Kellison, Speeding

Ronald Artzberger, Speeding

Taylor Atkins, Speeding

Jessica Morgan, Speeding

William Duffy, No valid inspection certificate, speeding

Zachary Murry, Speeding

Jonathan Chang, Speeding

Joshua Cantrell, Speeding

Bryan Pariseau, Speeding

Celeste Nunez, Speeding

Pedroza Gonzalez, Speeding

Tiffany Attaway, Speeding

Kevin Tune, Speeding

Michael Rodgers, Speeding

Nathan Morris, Speeding

Casey Burch, Speeding

Matthew Okin, Failure to maintain financial responsibility

Heather Horner, Speeding

Lauro Guajardo, Speeding

Jason Gay-Shuen Ho, Speeding

Jesus Perez, Speeding

Erin Peterson, Speeding

Robert Kutschman, Speeding

Richard Carr, Speeding

Angela Luck, Speeding

Hunter Winfrey, Speeding

Le Ann Billings, Speeding

Eric Clark, Speeding

Kirk Hyden, Speeding

Bobbie Jo Foley, Speeding

Joshua Baxter, Ride not secured by safety belt, Speeding

Reagan Arnold, Speeding

Juan Aleman, Speeding

Chelsea Meador, Speeding

Kali Kersey, Speeding

Amanda Odonnel, Speeding

Manuel Sandoval, Speeding

Oscar Sanchez, Speeding

Kathleen Berry, Speeding

Austin Brown, Speeding

Jorge Hernandez, Speeding

Jonnie Appleton, Speeding

Jillian Mack, Speeding

Vaundrae Ross, Speeding

Angela Crawford, Speeding

James Aldige, Speeding

Robert Lohmeyer, Speeding

Raylon Turner, Defective/Missing lug nuts, Speeding

Ian Begg, Speeding

Daniel Liu, Speeding

Joseph Nunes, Speeding

Gilbert Gomez, Speeding

Jenna Stringer, Speeding

William Novak, Speeding

Michael Munson, Speeding

Rodolfo Bonilla, Speeding

Victor Evoli-Aguado, Speeding

Ashly Stephenson, Speeding

James Porter, Speeding

Payton Tatsch, Speeding

Jorge Tijerina, Speeding

Theodore Marley, Speeding

Ada Osborn, Speeding

Selene Serrano, No DL when unlicensed

Rocky Phillips, Speeding

Jennifer Ryan, Speeding

David Hill, Speeding

William Clark, Speeding

Corey Gilbert, Speeding

Natalie Marshall, Speeding

Jacob Cantwell, Operating unregistered motor vehicle

Melissa Blackburn, Speeding

Barbara Hudson, Speeding

Frank Almeraz, Speeding

Dwight Allmon, Speeding

James Bousquet, Speeding

Mauro Pena, Displaying wrong license plate

Billy Karger, Speeding

Shaun Budnik, Speeding

Ryan Clark, Speeding

Jennifer Way, Speeding

Danny Figueroa, Speeding

Bobby Esquivel, Speeding

Chelsea Logoteta, Speeding

Marc Nelson, Speeding

Brian Martinez, Driving while license invalid

Kimberly Harmel, Violating DL restriction

Jose Dominguez, No KL when unlicensed

Juan Palacios, Speeding

Christopher Johnson, Speeding

Jonathan Seale, Motor vehicle in unauthorized area

Katharyn Roussett, Public consumption of alcohol

Sergio Aguilar, No record of duty status/no log

Bailey Moore, Oil and/or grease leak

Johnie Bonnet, No record of duty status/no log

Donald Broadstone, Duty status not current, no/expired commercial motor vehicle license

Rosie Navarro, Speeding

Javier Solis, Loose material not removed from non-load

Happy Cantu, Driving while license invalid

Jason Ricketson, Driving while license invalid

Heather Fields, Failure to maintain financial responsibility

Marshall Rowe, Possession or delivery of drug paraphernalia

Michael Dowd, Possession or delivery of drug paraphernalia

David Williams, Failure to appear

Clarence Edmonds, Speeding

Jennifer Adams, Speeding

Ponciano Arreola, No valid inspection certificate

Anthony Norris, Speeding

Kelvin Ischy, Speeding

Michael Montegut, Speeding

Robert Nowlin, Speeding

Bricia Gomez, Speeding

Catherine Morrison, Speeding

Valentin Almendarez, No valid inspection certificate

Boyd Nelson, Driving while license invalid

Darren Cooper, Speeding

Amber Bentura, Speeding

Jarrod Cantrell, Expired/No MV registration

Aaron Fick, No valid MV certificate

Claudia Calzoncit, Failure to maintain financial responsibility

Bryan Mauldin, Public intoxication

Juan Garcia Castillo, No Driver’s License

Sandra Jaeger, Expired DL

Manuel Morales, Expired Driver’s License

David Williams, Speeding

Monique Ragsdale, No Driver’s License

Jereme Barnes, Expired/No MV registration.

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