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Certificates of Appropriateness
Wednesday, October 10, 2007 • Posted October 9, 2007 10:00 PM

Section 8 of the Blanco Historic Preservation Ordinance states:

A Certificate of Appropriateness For Alteration or New Construction Affecting Landmarks or Historic Districts

1. An approved Certificate of Appropriateness is required before beginning any work, other than ordinary maintenance, or historical landmarks or property in a historical district. No person shall carry out any new construction, reconstruction, alteration, restoration, rehabilitation, or relocation of any historic landmark or any property within a historic district, nor shall any person make any material change in the light fixtures, signs, sidewalks, fences, steps, paving, or other exterior elements visible from a public right-of-way which affect the appearance and cohesiveness of any historic landmark or any property within a historic district or other historical landmarks specified in the Ordinance without an approved Certificate of Appropriateness.

2. Nothing in this ordinance prevents the maintenance, repair, alteration or modification of the interior of any landmark or property in the historic district.

If you own property in the Blanco Historic District and have not received a copy of the ordinance the Blanco Historic Commission will mail a copy of the ordinance to you. If you are purchasing property in the Blanco Historic District you can obtain a copy at City Hall or from The Blanco Historic Preservation Commission.

How does your garden grow?

Things to do in October:

1. Continue to feed flowering plants with high nitrogen, like you would your lawn.

2. Don’t do heavy pruning until winter. Prune only to shape and remove dead wood.

3. Choose and plant new roses. Try Knockout roses. They come in red and pink.

4. Cold crops and leafy vegetables should go in the garden this month. Add root crops; carrots, turnips, and radishes. Don’t forget garlic, onions and shallots.

5. Plant perennial herbs; oregano, thyme, rosemary, pineapple sage, mint, chives and Mint marigold.

6. Add most fall flowers except pansies, johnny jump-ups and cyclamen. We need cooler weather before planting them.

7. Keep weeds down in the flower beds and garden. Use the hoe and mulch.

Look at the surrounding landscape and check out the colors that you would like in your landscape. This is the best time to choose the trees and shrubs for your choice of color.

As the leaves fall, save them for mulch. Run the mower over them once or twice, place them in your compost pile and place them in a black plastic bag; place the bag in the sun, before long you will have a black mulch for your garden.

Add new fruit and nut trees to your landscape this year. If you don’t have a persimmon tree, consider adding one. They don’t need to be sprayed like other fruit and they make an interesting ornamental. Don’t eat them before the first frost or freeze. They must be very ripe. Use them in breads and jams. They make delicious desserts.

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