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Perfected Forever
Part 2
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 • Posted June 6, 2013

Hebrews 10:1-3 “For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect. For then would they not have ceased to be offered? Because that the worshippers once purged should have had no more conscience of sins. But in those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year.”

Hebrews 10 has several “Selah” moments in it, but verse 3 really made me pause and meditate, or consider, what was being said (that’s what selah means). Contrasting the old and new covenants, he points out that in the OT sacrifices, there was a constant remembrance of sin. A constant reminding of transgression and unrighteousness. Now, contrast that with the NT. Selah. With the sacrifice of Jesus, there is no more remembrance of sin; no reminding of transgression and unrighteousness! God has been merciful to our unrighteousness, and our sins and iniquities He REMEMBERS NO MORE! (Heb 8:12)

Now, if God remembers our sin no more, why do we always bring it up? We know God is not going to bring our past sins up to us. He has forgotten them. So, we can rest assured, that if our past sins keep coming up in our memory, it is not God. It is our own mind, or Satan, but it’s not God. Since we know it’s not God, we can cast down those thoughts. We don’t have to dwell in the past for a moment when we know the truth. The truth makes us free!

Since God does not remember our sins, we are not to remember our sins. That’s right - quit bring them up. Have you confessed it and turned (repented) from it? Good. Forget about it. Paul said to forget the past. Quit living there! Enough with the regrets! OK, so you blew it - move on, man. You will ruin your future by living in the past. Get God conscience! Get righteousness conscience!

I’m not against confessing known sin to God. I’m not against repentance. I’m not teaching lawlessness - God forbid. But I am saying a sin conscience will kill you. It will totally defeat you. You will never get the victory by focusing on not sinning. You must have a righteousness conscience. Be alive to righteousness. Be aware of righteousness. Be awake to righteousness. Know God’s righteousness is your righteousness. He gave it to you as a gift (Rom 5:17), so you would reign in life!

We become living epistles, effective witnesses of Christ, when we start acknowledging every good thing that is in us in Christ Jesus (Philm 6). Your life will follow your meditation. If you are self focused, self centered, sin conscience - you’ll always be whipped. However, if you get God focused, Christ centered, and righteousness conscience - nothing can stop you! That’s 90% of the victory right there!

Some may criticize me, but I would simply ask, “How’s your self centered, sin conscience working out for you? You liking the fruit? Are you blessed? Are others around you blessed?” Think about that. Do you want to really honor Jesus? Do you want to honor His sacrifice? Then start living in the fullness of it. Accept the benefits of it. That honors Jesus.

Here is a practical example of what I’m saying. For part of my wife’s 40th bitthday present, I sat down to write 40 things I like about her, and 40 good memories I have of her. By the time I was through, I was head over heels in love with her again! Why? Because of my meditation. It changes your outlook. It changes how you feel. If I sat down and wrote 40 things I hate about her and 40 bad memories, I’d probably want a divorce by the time I was done! By the way, that is my marriage counseling from now on. “Go home and write 50 things you like about your spouse, and 50 good memories of them - then come talk to me.” I won’t have much business.

Here’s my point: If you will focus on your righteousness in Christ, it will cause you to love Him and want to serve Him with all your heart. It will also give you the confidence to walk your Christian walk. On the contrary, if you focus on how much of a sinner you are, and basically exalt self (by wanting to tear yourself down), you will reap the fruit of shame, guilt, fear, condemnation, ineffectiveness, self pity, depression, hopelessness, etc., etc.

It’s true that without Christ you are a lost, helpless, hopeless, Hell-bound sinner. No doubt about it. But if you have Christ Jesus, you are a saved, sanctified, justified, righteous, beloved, abundantly blessed, child of the Most High God! It’s time you got some perspective! Life’s not fair - God’s kids have favor! Until next time, rejoice in The Lord!

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