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Commissioner to Apply for CAPCOG Grant to Fund Hazardous Waste Event
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 • Posted February 14, 2014

All four Blanco County Commissioners and Blanco County Judge Bill Guthrie met for a Regular meeting on February 11, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. The Commissioners met in the Commissioners Courtroom of the Blanco County Courthouse in Johnson City, Texas.

Judge Guthrie called the meeting to order, and Commissioner John Wood led the Court in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Blanco County Clerk Karen Newman presented the minutes from the two previous meetings. No discussion followed, and Commissioner James Sultemeier gave a motion to accept the minutes of the January 14th Regular meeting and Commissioner Paul Granberg seconded the motion. Commissioner Wood made a motion to accept the minutes from the January 28th Special meeting and Commissioner Chris Liesmann seconded.

Commissioner Liesmann asked the Court to consider replat of Lot 9, Fall Creek Estates Subdivision to Lot 9A-R, 2 acres and Lot 9B-R, 3.40 acres. According to Commissioner Liesmann, “this was recorded in the original plat as two tracts. This was done prior to the septic regulations of ’95.” Commissioner Sultemeier seconded the motion for acceptance of the replat made by Commissioner Liesmann. No discussion followed, and this motion carried.

Commissioner Liesmann also gave a motion for the Court to give authority for the County Judge to sign Cooperative Agreements with the following entities for a unified radio system: City of Blanco, City of Johnson City, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), Blanco Volunteer Ambulance Corp., Johnson City VFD, North Blanco County Emergency Management Service (EMS,) and Round Mountain VFD. Commissioner Liesmann said, “this agreement is with all entities regarding the new radio system and is a 10 million dollar project with these entities to offset the cost of upkeep. There will be a $16 subscriber fee charged.” Commissioner Granberg seconded the motion made by Commissioner Liesmann. No discussion followed and the Court approved the authorization.

Commissioner Granberg told the Court, “in the past the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has helped with the [household hazardous] events. We had looked at the feasibility of a permanent collection site. This was not done and LCRA is out [of these events]. Funds were left for an educational component, and this amount is approximately $8600. The money has been in the account since 2011 and can be used for future events. There has been no household Hazardous waste (HHW) event here since 2011. I make a motion to close out this account and move the money to the general fund to be used for future clean-up events.” Commissioner Granberg’s motion was seconded by Commissioner Wood. The motion carried.

Judge Guthrie made reference to a packet the Commissioners had received regarding consideration of the purchase of a State owned right-of-way situated on the northeast corner of US Highway 281 and Rolling Hills Road in Blanco County. County Commissioner Granberg told the Court, “in 1931 Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) bought a strip through this tract. It was the old highway 281. The acreage is now out of the survey and had been sold several times. The owners have a buyer for the property and TXDOT is offering it to us [the County] first. I see no need for us to buy it; we have no use for it. It is a State owned right-of-way situated here. We are declining the offer to buy.”

Commissioner Sultemeier seconded the motion to decline made by Commissioner Granberg. Judge Guthrie commented, “this is standard practice, and an offer is made to the County first.” Commissioner Granberg added, “TXDOT will want a copy of the minutes from this meeting to start the procedure and move things along.” No further discussion followed, and the Court approved Commissioner Granberg’s motion.

Judge Guthrie asked the Court to consider authorization for the County Judge to sign a services agreement with County Information Resources Agency (CIRA) for a standard website package. According to Judge Guthrie, “this has been a budget item for a couple of years. The Agency does need the authorization to continue the agreement.” Commissioner Liesmann made a motion to approve the authorization and Commissioner Granberg seconded this motion. No discussion followed and the motion was approved by the Court.

Commissioner Sultemeier addressed the Court regarding a correction plat of Lot 1, Live oak Canyon subdivision due to scrivener’s error. Commissioner Sultemeier said, "the easement did not go through Lot 1. The meets and bounds are correct but not the plat." Dale Sultemeier added that the correct description was recorded with easement out but is incorrect on the plat that was filed by the developer some 22 years ago. Judge Guthrie asked if this action was just for correction and to clear up and Surveyor Dale Sultemeier answered, “yes it is.” There was no further discussion and Commissioner Liesmann seconded the motion made by Commissioner Sultemeier for the Commissioners Court to accept the corrected plat.

The Court was asked to consider a resolution authorizing Commissioner Paul Granberg to apply for a solid waste grant through Capital Area Council of Government (CAPCOG). Judge Guthrie said, “Paul is our solid waste rep.” Commissioner Granberg told the Court, “we have not had a household hazardous waste event (HHW) since 2011. This event cost us about $17,000. $70,000 is available for the region but it will be hard to get a large amount…I recommend asking for $10,000 and making this a regional event. The water district, City of Blanco and City of Johnson City are pledging $2,000 each. We have $8,600 from the other fund. I recommend waiting to hold the event after we receive the funding. The cities need to budget for their contributions but we can apply for the grant now.” Commissioner Granberg continued, “We can apply for our $10,000 contribution and we will receive more points on our application for making this a regional event. Round Mountain may support us too.”

“We do not know what the cost of these events will be until they are over, although we get the costs as close as we can. I think this funding will be good, and we will have a good event.” Commissioner Sultemeier asked if the County-wide clean-up event would still be held in April. Commissioner Granberg answered, “yes, clean-up in April, but no chemicals at this time. We will get the funding for the HHW in October.” Commissioner Wood seconded the motion provided by Commissioner Granberg to authorize Commissioner Paul Granberg to apply for a solid waste grant through CAPCOG. There was no further discussion and this motion carried.

The Commissioners Court approved the estimated February 2014 payroll in the amount of $255,256.16. Commissioner Sultemeier gave the motion for approval and Commissioner Liesmann seconded the motion. Judge Guthrie asked if all official reports were in and he was told they were. The County Commissioners approved the official reports. Commissioner Wood made a motion for approval of the reports and Commissioner Sultemeier seconded.

The last order of business was approval of the outstanding bills for $49,280.52. A motion to approve these bills was given by Commissioner Liesmann and seconded by Commissioner Sultemeier. At this time the business of the Regular meeting was concluded and the meeting adjourned.

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