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Comfort and Canyon Lake Track Results
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 • Posted April 4, 2014

Comfort Relays High School Results 3/6/14

Varsity Girls - 2nd Place Team

2nd Jenkins - 4x100 relay




1st Meaghen Seales - 800m run

2nd Brett Nance - 800m run

4th Kaleigh Griffin - 100m hurdles

4th Kaleigh Griffin - 300m hurdles

3rd Charlsey Smith - 200m dash

1st Meaghen Seales - 1600m run

2nd Bret Nance - 1600m run

4th Breanna Collins - 1600m run

2nd Jenkins - 4x200




2nd Edmondson - 4x400




5th Meaghen Seales - high jump

3rd Jamie McClinton - shot put

6th Charlsey Smith - long jump

Varsity Boys - 3rd Place Team

2nd Dominguez - 4x100 relay




1st Rance Dollahite - 800m run

5th Joaquin Olmedo - 800m run

1st Alex Palos - 100m dash

3rd Adrian Dominguez - 100m dash

3rd Dylan Bates - 400m dash

6th James Rodriguez - 300m hurdles

2nd Alex Palos - 200m dash

5th Adrien Dominguez - 200m dash

1st Rance Dollahite - 1600m run

4th Joaquin Olmedo - 1600m run

4th Bates - 4x400 relay




6th Ross Edwards - high jump

6th James Rodriguez - high jump

5th Bankston - discus

2nd Trent Dechert - pole vault

3rd Elrod - shot put

JV Girls - 1st Place Team

2nd 4x100 relay

2nd Corine Johnston - 800m run

4th Charity Windham - 100m hurdles

5th Savannah Kershaw - 100m hurdles

6th Denise Edwards - 400m dash

1st Savannah Kershaw - 300m hurdles

3rd Charity Windham - 300m hurdles

2nd 4x200 relay

2nd 4x400 relay

2nd Helen Kassberg - high jump

1st Brenna Wallace - triple jump

6th Denise Edwards - triple jump

3rd Montana Wiseman - discus

6th Charity Windham - discus

3rd Brenna Wallace - long jump

5th Denise Edwards - long jump

3rd Savannah Kershaw - shot put

4th Charity Windham - shot put

JV Boys - 3rd Place Team

2nd Jeremy Kindla - 3200m run

2nd 4x100 relay

4th Logging - 100m hurdles

1st Dawson Albin - 400m dash

2nd Josh Katzer - 400m dash

3rd Hugo Huesca - 400m dash

6th Jeremy Kindla - 1600m run

2nd 4x200 relay

2nd 4x400 relay

3rd Kailen Webster - triple jump

5th Kailen Webster - long jump

1st Aaron Uballe - pole vault

3rd Jared Mayfield - pole vault

6th Delatorre - shot put

Canyon Lake Hawk Relays High School Results 3/27/14

Varsity Girls - 6th Place Team

5th Shayna Srackangast - 100m dash

6th Charlsey Smith - 100m dash

6th Sianna Gholson - 400m dash

1st Bret Nance - 800m run

1st Bret Nance - 1600m run

5th Lexee Jenkins - 4x100 relay

Gracie Edmonson

Charlsey Smith

Shayna Srackangast

4th Lexee Jenkins - 4x200 relay

Gracie Edmondson

Charlsey Smith

Shayna Srackangast

4th Gracie Edmondson - 4x400 relay

Bret Nance

Kaleigh Griffin

Meaghen Seales

5th Charsley Smith - long jump

6th Lexee Jenkins - triple jump

Varsity Boys - 6th Place Team

4th Colton Elrod - 100m dash

6th Dylan Bates - 400m dash

6th Rance Dollahite - 800m run

2nd Adrien Dominguez - 4x100 relay

Cove Chick

John Hodge

Alex Palos

5th Dylan Bates - 4x400 relay

Hugo Huesca

Sebastian Thomas

Rance Dollahite

5th Trent Dechert - pole vault

JV Girls - 10th Place Team

6th Hannah Hulbert - 300m hurdles

2nd Charity Windham - shot put

6th Savannah Kershaw - shot put

3rd Hannah Hulbert - triple jump

JV Boys - 8th Place Team

3rd Josh Katzer - 400m dash

2nd Aaron Uballe - pole vault

Comfort Middle School Relays Results 3/7/14

8th Grade Girls - 4th Place Team

1st Chloe Flores - 800m run

4th Madison Kneese - 800m run

1st Chloe Flores - 1600m run

5th Madison Kneese - 1600m run

5th 4x200 relay

3rd 4x400 relay

3rd Skylar Wiseman - discus

4th Alexis Bates - discus

6th Ciera Keogh - discus

2nd Cheyenne Dechert - pole vault

1st Skylar Wiseman - shot put

2nd Alexis Bates - shot put

4th Chace Klein - shot put

8th Grade Boys - 6th Place Team

3rd 4x100 relay

1st Will Granberg - 200m dash

4th 4x200 relay

5th Ty Priess - triple jump

1st Griffin Wearden - pole vault

4th Will Granberg - shot put

7th Grade Girls - 1st Place Team

1st 4x100 relay

1st Johanna Villarreal - 800m run

2nd Asher Haack - 800m run

4th Hanna Garrett - 800m run

1st Kenzie Warner - 100m hurdles

3rd Carley Haack - 100m hurdles

1st Johanna Villarreal - 400m dash

2nd Kenzie Warner - 300m Hurdles

1st Asher Haack - 1600m run

3rd Hanna Garrett - 1600m run

1st 4x200 relay

1st 4x200 relay

1st Hanna Srackangast - high jump

3rd Kenzie Warner - triple jump

5th Taylor Kotfas - triple jump

1st Kenzie Warner - pole vault

7th Grade Boys - 4th Place Team

2nd 4x100 relay

1st Justin Wardlow - 400m dash

5th Tyler La Rue - 400m dash

6th Tristan Fortner - 200m dash

2nd 4x400 relay

3rd Jesus Arteaga - high jump

6th Tristan Fortner - triple jump

3rd Tyler La Rue - long jump

3rd Tyler La Rue - shot put

Canyon Lake Middle School Relays Results 3/28/14

8th Grade Girls

2nd Chloe Flores - 800m run

1st Chloe Flores - 1600m run

6th Megan Windham - 4x100 relay

Cheyenne Dechert

Saralee Godinez

Maggie Edwards

4th Maggie Edwards - 200m dash

6th Windham - 4x400 relay




6th Megan Windham - high jump

3rd Skylar Wiseman - shot put

3rd Skylar Wiseman - discus

6th Ciara Keogh - discus

4th Cheyenne Dechert - pole vault

7th Grade Girls

3rd Carly Haack - 200m dash

6th Brynn Kirkland - 400m dash

1st Johanna Villarreal - 800m run (improved school record 2:29.15)

2nd Asher Haack - 800m run

1st Johanna Villarreal - 1600m run (improved school record 5:26)

2nd Kenzie Warner - 100m hurdles

1st Kenzie Warner - 300m hurdles (improved school record 54.21)

3rd Carly Haack - 4x100 relay

Hanna Srackangast

Taylor Kotfas

Liliy Avila

3rd C Haack - 4x200 relay




1st Srackangast - 4x400 relay (improved school record by 9 seconds to 4:26.20)




5th Cami Manriguez - shot put

5th Kenzie Warner - triple jump

3rd Hanna Srackangast - high jump

3rd Kenzie Warner - pole vault

6th Carly Haack - pole vault

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