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Closet Planning For Your New Home
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014 • Posted June 6, 2014 3:40 PM

Planning the closet in your new home can be simple or it can be pretty involved. Closets are a big thing to me. I am one of those females that loves her big closet. Having a closet with plenty of room to hang my clothes (and lots of them), purses, built in cabinets, shoe bins, mirror, bench, and plenty of lighting makes me smile. Whereas my husband can go with just a simple hang the clothes up, small shelf, and room for his shoes. So do you think this is one closet or two? It can be one or two closets. The next thing, is the closet in the bedroom, before the bathroom, or on the other side of the bathroom? Size and Location can depend on the amount of room you will have to put in your closet. Let’s talk about a couple of these things for your planning.

What amazed me, in the big home shows we use to participate in, are the lack of closet space in the master bedroom. First thing I would go check out at these shows, what did the other builder do, what does the kitchen look like, the master bath, and the master closet? What was the most common thing you would hear? Why would they do such a small closet in this home?

Room size and location can vary. Some people don’t need a lot of room, whereas others can give up space to gain space in a home design for their closet. You can have the closets within your master bedroom and the bathroom separate. Keep in mind, if you go this route, you might loose some wall space with the additional doors.

If you are incorporating the closet and master bathroom together, first decide which comes first. Are you going down a small hallway with a closet on both side and ending at the master bath, or going into the bathroom and ending at the closet? You sure don’t want to walk through a closet to get to the bathroom, at least make a small hall if you go this route. You can still have some room on the sides to do some build-ins, mirrors, and additional hanging spaces.

My favorite closet design is going through the bathroom into the BIG closet. Here my mind gets excited with what can be done. If you go this route, yes, you will most likely be sharing with your spouse/room mate. Who says how much room they need? Here you need to talk it over and figure it out. How much room each person will need and what they want will help. How many clothes, shoes, storage, etc.? There are gadgets to help you hang things way up high and can come down with a button or pull. There are storage units to help you organize. I personally like the built in shelves and cabinets for stuff. As for lighting, I select florescent lights, so I can see things on the bright side. There is one note of warning I have for putting a window in a closet. Having a window in a closet looks cool, but it can cause damage to your clothes with the sunlight if not done properly, or cover it.

Talk to your builder or designer on all your ideas for that dream closet. There are things you can do for organizing small and large. Many builder designs for storage ideas too. Closets are a weakness of mine. I like my space. How about you?

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