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Anti-Inflammatories, a Natural Approach
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 • Posted June 26, 2014

While I can’t tell anyone to take or not to take medications, I can discuss the research and natural approaches.

Here’s some data for you…from the Journal of Rheumatology

Annually more than 70 million prescriptions are written and more than 30 billion sold OTC in the US

13 million people in the US use NSAIDs regularly.

The estimated number of annual hospitalizations in the US for serious gastrointestinal complications is at least 103,000 with direct costs exceeding $2 billion.

There are more deaths annually related to NSAID use thatn AIDS related deaths.

And more from the Journal of the American Pharmacological Association

Adverse effects include intestinal bleeding, toxicity, and death.

So what are some other options if you are dealing with pain and inflammation.

First, figure out WHY you are inflamed. Pain and inflammation are symptoms. Stress from poor diet is one of the main components.

Also, lab tests can determine how inflamed your body is by analyzing several key markers. A few to look at are are C Reactive Protein, homocysteine, and sedimentation rate.

And of course we need to look at your structure. Going to a good chiropractor especially one who specializes in Applied Kinesiology will help as well.

What can you take asap? Here are some things that could help. There can be many more as everyone is unique. As always consult with a doctor before starting any new regimen.

Herbs like boswellia and turmeric have been shown in studies to reduce inflammation without the side effects.

Fat soluble chlorophyll has certain components in it to help with pain as well as heal the intestinal lining.

Fish Oil has been shown in many studies to also help with this. There are many combinations that you can purchase. I prefer a blend of 4 oils: DHA, GLA (Black Currant Seed Oil), and ALA (flax seed oil) to maximize its efficacy. is a great test to see where your fatty acids are in your body. The ideal fatty acid ratio is 4:1 Omega 6:3 and the average American is 25:1.

Any questions let me know!

You can contact Dr. Scott Jurica, MS, DC, PAK, AC, at his website,, or at his office, 830-833-0889.

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