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Allergies: A Natural Solution
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 • Posted July 18, 2014

I know a lot of people who suffer from environmental allergies and they are tired of taking medications and want to enjoy life especially during times of high pollen counts. There are a few reasons for this. I want to discuss one of the primary possibilities that most people don’t think about regarding seasonal allergies.

Interestingly enough, many environmental allergies that we suffer from are actually secondary allergies being driven by primary allergic responses, specifically to foods. I have seen many times in my practice that when basic food allergies are corrected, environmental sensitivities typically vanish (there are exemptions to every rule). Why is this so? If your body is “under attack” so to speak with food that you might be eating every day, this taxes your immune system and makes your body susceptible for other “allergens” that many people aren’t affected by on a daily basis. Again, this isn’t the only reason but if you are suffering from this, it might be worth a try. Always consult with a doctor first before starting any new regimen.

The basic four food allergies are wheat, milk, corn and soy (followed by beef, tomato, peanut, chocolate). The hypo-antigenic diet consists of eliminating these eight foods. Usually within three days of elimination, chronic inflammation reduces therefore potentially reducing or eliminating the allergic response. Although change will continue for months after eliminating a basic food allergy, change can be felt immediately, sometimes as increased energy, clarity of mind, digestive wellness, and a reduction of symptoms.

I also have patients remove these items then re-introduce only one item after two weeks. Upon reintroduction of an eliminated food allergy one may notice an immediate inflammatory response such as a rash, itching or burning eyes. At times I have had a patient get a cold or a feeling of a virus after re-introducing. If no reaction to the first food after 3 or 4 days, add back another food and see if there is a reaction and so on. If you do have a reaction after reintroduction, it’s best to wait another two weeks to fully clear out the first allergen then add back another food. It’s one thing to tell a patient not to have something, but if they remove it, add it back in and they feel bad, they have a much clearer understanding of why they shouldn’t eat a particular food.

Basic food allergies are oftentimes the result of genetic predispositions, blood types and unique metabolism. Reducing inflammation will lengthen our lives, reduce discomfort, especially of the musculo-skeletal nature, and spare the immune system to be active in ways that protect us from more important issues than chronic inflammation.

You can contact Dr. Scott Jurica, MS, DC, PAK, ACN, at his website,, or at his office, 830-833-0889.

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