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Discerning The Inward Voice
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 • Posted August 8, 2014

“Many do not resist Satan for fear that it may be the reproof of the Holy Spirit. They cannot distinguish between satanic accusation and the reproach of the Holy Spirit. Hence, they accept Satan’s accusation as a reproach of the Holy Spirit. How can one tell the difference? Accusation from Satan is never clear and sharp; whereas revelation from God through the Spirit is always distinct and to the point.” - Watchman Nee.

James tells us to resist the devil, and he will flee from us. If you have negative thoughts; feelings of sadness, anger, depression, fear, confusion – and yet, you really can’t put your finger on exactly why – this is satanic. This is not God. If God is dealing with you, there will be a very specific rebuke, exhortation, correction and conviction, and clear instruction on what you need to do. Love does not “Beat around the bush”.

For instance, if you love your children, you don’t make them try to guess or figure out what you expect from them, or what pleases you, or how you feel about a matter. No, you communicate this clearly to them, because you love them. How frustrating it would be for a child, whose parents never plainly told them what is right and wrong, what they expect, what they want from them! God does not deal in generalities. His sheep hear His voice. If He has something He wants you to do or not do, He will be very clear about it. Most of the time this will come through His written word, but sometimes it will come through inward revelation. Either way, there will be a clear and unchanging “do this” or “don’t do that.”

If that voice in your head is telling you something that clearly contradicts God’s revealed will through His written word (The Holy Bible), then understand that voice is coming either from Satan or yourself. God speaks plainly. It amazes me how many people claim to know what Jesus would approve of, when they don’t read His Word - which clearly states what He would approve of!

“Jesus would approve of homosexuality; of “many ways to heaven;” of murder; of abortion; of sex before marriage; of adultery; of lying; of cheating; of stealing; of drunkenness; etc. - because He is loving and forgiving.” No, He wouldn’t. He would say, “Go and sin no more.” Why? Because it is sin. Jesus tells us that if we will confess our sins, He will forgive our sins and then don’t go do it again. Don’t think God’s grace and mercy mean He accepts a rebellious, perverted and sinful lifestyle.

If, in the Bible, God calls something sinful, evil, wicked, iniquity, abomination, etc. - that means, “Don’t do that.” If you’re doing it, it means, “Stop it.” You would tell your small child, “Don’t play with matches.” If you saw them playing with them, you tell them, “Stop it.” Why? Because they will burn themselves, and possibly, the whole house down! You speak plainly to them. God speaks plainly to us. Read the Bible. To know God’s voice, you must know God’s Word. When we know God’s Word, we can discern His voice from the others.

Rest in God’s love, and trust Him. Know thyself. Is your heart right toward Him? Is it your sincere prayer and desire, that His will would be done in your life? If so, then do not tolerate all the vague negative feelings and emotions in your mind. Watchman Nee also said, “Resist these thoughts the first time, and if they come back, ignore them.” Recognize them as lies from the enemy, and cast them down. If you allow them to stay, these lies will become strongholds in your mind.

Don’t tolerate the lying voice. The more you listen to him, the more sensitive you get to his voice, and the more calloused you get to God’s voice. If you keep listening to the lying voice, you will soon start to believe him, and acting on what he says - until ultimately you are deceived, and at the end, destroyed. Know and obey God’s voice today. Selah.

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