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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, February 18, 2009 • Posted February 17, 2009 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between January 26 and February 4

January 26

• Suspicious Circumstances. 7:53 PM. White Chevy truck parked at Blanco Ice House. Subjects got out of vehicle and were stumbling. Possibly intoxicated.

January 27

• Alarm. 3:01 PM.

• Civil Matter. 3:20 PM.

• Harassment. 8:43 PM. An officer spoke with both parties.

January 28

• Animal Complaint. 9:53 AM. Caller stated a dog was growling at kids at school. An officer reported the dog left scared.

January 29

• Reckless Driver. 4:57 PM. A white Crown Vic was reportedly driving recklessly. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

January 30

• Alarm. 1:12 AM. An officer reported the building was secure.

January 31

• Information. 7:24 PM. A caller stated there was a party on Mesquite St. An officer was unable to locate the party.

February 1

• Alarm. 4:18 AM. Interior alarm. Keyholder contacted.

• Utility Complaint. 11:41 AM. Water spraying out of water tank at bridge on River Road. An officer notified public works.

• Agency Assist (Grass fire). 10:50 AM. Large grass fire on 281 S, south of 32 and Cielo Springs. Close to Cowboy Church. An officer assisted with traffic control.

February 2

• Theft. 4:21 PM. Lights were taken off of callers pickup.

• Theft. 6:03 PM. A portable CD player was stolen. A report was taken.

February 3

• Accident. 5:32 PM. A report was taken.

• 911 Hang-up. 9:10 PM.

February 4

• Information. 3:15 PM. Motorcycle inspection.

• Welfare Check. 5:10 PM. Caller wanted an officer to check on her mother to see how she is doing.

• Agency Assist. 7:45 PM. Caller stated a subject was lighting fires. A citation was issued for burn ban violation (with Blanco County SO).

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between January 26 and February 5

January 26

• Theft. 2:00 PM. Money stolen.

• Found Property. 3:17 PM.

• Alarm. 6:03 PM. The keyholder was at the scene.

• Civil Matter. 11:56 PM. Caller stated that her son, who is a juvenile, is demanding to leave. The son was trying to leave with his girlfriend, but she had already left before officers arrived. An officer reported the everyone was OK.

• Traffic Stop. 1:08 AM. A caller stated a vehicle pulled over by the Y. An officer went to assist and detained 1 juvenile and notified the parents. The subject was released to his father. (with Blanco County SO)

January 27

• Theft. 4:33 PM. Caller stated he wanted to report stolen construction supplies. An officer reported it was unfounded and the caller had miscalculated.

• Welfare Check. 4:36 PM. A caller wanted an officer to check on an individual. The officer was unable to make contact.

• Reckless Driver. 11:17 PM. A vehicle on 281 northbound into Johnson City was reportedly all over the road and had dimming headlights. An officer located the vehicle and a citation was issued for speeding.

January 28

• Criminal Mischief. 8:38 AM. A caller reported that another person was reporting flower bed damage at a shop.

January 29

• Juvenile Complaint. 8:27 AM. Caller stated a juvenile left campus and was in possession of drugs. Subject grabbed the bag and left school property. An officer filed a report.

• Release Property. 5:52 PM. A shotgun was released to a property owner and the property sheet was signed.

January 31

• Animal Complaint. 3:04 PM. Caller requested an officer in reference to a neighbors dog. An officer reported the owner would put the dogs up.

• Welfare Concern. 3:37 PM. Caller stated her husband called her 2 hours ago and he had an accident cutting wood and was not answering his cell phone. An officer located the subject and he was not hurt.

• Information. 12:44 AM. A subject was out past curfew. An officer advised the subject to go home.

February 3

• Simple Assault. 11:19 AM.

• Disorderly Conduct. 11:19 AM. Profane language.

• 911 Hang-ups. 5:44 PM.

February 4

• Suspicious Vehicle. 2:26 AM.

• Funeral Escort. 2:00 PM. To Miller Creek Cemetery (with Blanco County SO).

• Suspicious Person. 8:01 PM. Caller stated someone tried to make entry at the back door. When she went to the door, he was walking away. An officer was unable to locate the person.

• Noise Complaint. 9:48 PM. Loud music.

February 5

• Suspicious Circumstances. 7:24 AM. A pickup truck with mixer was reportedly throwing sparks underneath the mixer. Possible fire hazard. An officer made contact with the driver; nothing was dragging.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between January 26 and February 4

January 26

• Stolen Property. 11:22 AM. Stolen gun. Caller stated he gave the weapon to the subject to keep for him while he was in town. Caller is to call back with serial number and date of purchase from receipts.

• Courtesy Transport. 3:18 PM. Caller stated a female staying with him needed to leave. An officer transported the female to Fredericksburg.

• Close Patrol. 4:57 PM.

January 27

• Accident (Agency Assist). 8:50 AM. A caller stated he hydroplaned and stopped against a fence. No injury, rollover, or entrapment reported.

• Animal Cruelty. 3:52 PM. Caller stated a horse had no shelter and had not been fed. Owner or party responsible party not from here.

January 28

• 911 Hang-up (Weather Related). 1:57 AM. An officer confirmed everything was alright and the individual did not call 911.

• Motorist Assist. 6:13 AM. A caller stated a vehicle on 281 N appeared to need help and the hazards were on. An officer reported the vehicle had a flat tire and was off the roadway. Vehicle occupant had help on the way.

• 911 Hang-up. 8:21 AM. An officer phoned back and reported there was static on the line and everyone is OK.

• Identity Theft. 6:51 PM. Caller stated someone stole her identity. An officer spoke with the caller and is resolved for now.

• Information. 9:42 PM. Caller stated the landlord is having trouble with her son, who is intoxicated.

January 29

• Accident. 5:20 AM. Caller stated a deer hit his vehicle on the driver side and requested a form for insurance. A blue form was issued.

• Burglary. 9:56 AM. A compressor and tools were all reported missing from a residence.

• Welfare Check. 10:36 AM. A new student already missed 5 days of school and the phone number given was not working. Kendall County was dispatched.

• Traffic Hazard. 4:46 PM. An officer removed litter from the road.

January 30

• Loose Livestock. 8:42 AM. A calf was reportedly running up and down the highway. An officer reported damage to a fence and marked it with yellow crime scene tape for the owner to fix.

• Motorist Assist. 1:54 PM. A maroon Dodge 1 ton was broke down 5 miles north of Blanco.

January 31

• Suspicious Circumstances (Agency Assist). 2:20 PM. An officer requested assistance with a traffic stop.

• Terroristic Threats (Information). 5:02 PM. An individual met an officer at the station to give information

• Possible Runaway. 8:50 PM. Caller stated her child told her that a sibling had run away with another individual. An officer reported that the child has been found.

• 911 Hang-up. 9:38 PM. Dispatch called the number and confirmed all was fine. Speed dial was hit by accident.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 10:04 PM. A caller stated a vehicle was sitting past low water crossing and requested an officer. The officer reported that 2 people were walking down the road talking.

• 911 Transfer. 10:41 PM. A caller needed EMS for her father.

February 1

• Civil Standby. 8:00 AM. Civil standby to get property.

• Theft. 6:54 PM. Caller stated an A/C compressor from the church was missing and requested to speak with an officer. A report was taken.

• Verbal Dispute. 7:58 PM. Caller stated his mother is arguing with him and requested an officer to separate them. An officer separated the parties.

February 2

• Suspicious Vehicle. 8:04 AM.

• Civil Standby. 11:26 AM. Caller needs to get property from residence.

• Phone Harassment. 2:16 PM.

February 3

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:37 AM. Caller stated a vehicle was just sitting on the side of the road with lights on and has been there about 30 minutes. An officer reported the driver was taking a nap.

• Theft. 12:55 PM. Checks stolen from mailbox.

• Accident. 5:32 PM. A report was taken.

February 4

• Theft. 10:17 AM. Caller stated someone stole tools from his dad; requested to speak with an officer.

• Minor Accident. 12:47 PM. Caller stated he was involved in a minor traffic accident and was having trouble receiving information from the other driver. An officer was requested and an accident report was taken.

• Agency Assist. 1:18 PM. House on fire and fire department was requested. An officer assisted.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between January 26 and February 3

January 26

• Accident. 10:07 AM. An accident was reported on Hwy 32 at Star Lane.

January 27

• Reckless Driver. 5:26 PM. A truck with a gray trailer was reportedly tailgating on 281 S heading into Blanco County.

January 28

• Reckless Driver. 2:16 PM. A vehicle was reportedly swerving on 281 northbound into Blanco. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

• Traffic Hazard. 4:19 PM. A caller stated a large convoy with an escort truck was throwing trash all over the roadway heading northbound on 281.

January 29

• Road Hazard. 5:12 PM. A caller reported a large dog carcass in the Ave J and W. Main. An officer moved the carcass off the roadway.

February 1

• Agency Assist (Grass Fire). 10:50 AM. A large grass fire was reported on 281, south of 32 and Cielo Springs, close to the Cowboy Church. An officer reported a large amount of smoke and assisted with traffic control.

February 3

• Accident. 5:32 PM. An accident was reported on 281 S. RM. An officer filed an accident report.

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