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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 • Posted February 24, 2009 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Blanco County News from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Jan 15 and Feb 5.

Jan 15

• Phone Harassment. 6:24 PM. A caller was receiving harassing phone calls from people. An officer contacted the subject.

Jan 16

• Information. 10:28 AM. A complainant wanted to file a trespassing order.

• Animal Complaint. 5:09 PM. A loose dog was reported on Pecan St. An officer talked to the owner.

• Suspicious Activity. 9:11 PM. A caller reported someone throwing rocks at her window. An officer reported that the situation was possibly a prank.

• Welfare Concern. 9:29 PM. A caller reported a child who had been left alone. A parent was called to pick up the child.

Jan 17

• Traffic Accident. 10:21 AM. A damaged vehicle was reported on Kelly Ln. Its windows were busted, items were missing, and it was possibly involved in a traffic accident.

• Theft of Property. 10:38 AM. A cell phone was stolen at Dairy Queen.

• Domestic Disturbance. 12:34 PM. A caller reported a verbal argument regarding child custody. Officers separated the subjects.

• Welfare Concern. 5:08 PM. An officer responded to a family dispute over child welfare.

Jan 19

• Disturbance. 12:43 AM. A complainant on Elm St. reported intoxicated subjects on the property and wanted an officer to remove them. One subject was arrested for public intoxication. Blanco County deputies and Johnson City PD assisted.

Jan 21

• Suspicious Person. 6:26 PM. A suspicious person was reported at Video Shak. An officer was requested to check on the subject, who turned out to be OK.

Jan 22

• Reckless Driver. 12:00 PM. A truck without a license plate was driving at a high rate of speed on US 281, passing dangerously into oncoming traffic.

• Juvenile Complaint. 6:52 PM. A caller reported neighboring juveniles who were causing problems.

Jan 23

• Animal Complaint. 1:37 PM. A loose dog was running around the Whispering Oaks neighborhood.

• Welfare Concern. 8:36 PM. A caller stated that there was a subject at the restaurant who needed to speak with an officer.

• Juvenile Complaint. 9:45 PM. Five juveniles were reported at Blanco Elementary. An officer reported that the juveniles had left.

Jan 24

• Audible Alarm. 12:48 AM. Uptown Blanco (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Noise Complaint. 1:13 AM. Loud noise was reported on Cherry St. An officer advised the subject to be quiet.

• Alarm. 10:44 AM. Blanco Heating & Cooling.

• Reckless Driver. 10:59 AM. A van on US 281 was driving at a high rate of speed and passing on the shoulder.

• Theft / Civil Matter. 4:32 PM. A caller asked to speak with an officer concerning a stolen vehicle. The situation was a civil matter and no report was made.

Jan 26

• Dispute. 8:38 AM. A complainant, who was at a customer’s home, stated that a customer was angrily cursing and threatening him. The complainant got into his van and left; the customer was following in his own vehicle. The complainant was directed to go to City Hall to meet with an officer. The situation was resolved.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 7:53 PM. A complainant reported a truck that parked at the Blanco Ice House. Subjects got out of the vehicle and stumbled around, possibly intoxicated.

Jan 27

• Alarm. 3:01 PM. Riverside Bar & Grill.

• Civil Matter. 3:20 PM.

• Harassment. 8:43 PM. An officer spoke with both parties involved in the harassment.

Jan 28

• Animal Complaint. 9:53 AM. A dog was reportedly growling at kids at Blanco Elementary.

Jan 29

• Reckless Driver. 4:57 PM. On FM 32.

Jan 30

• Alarm. 1:12 AM.

Jan 31

• Information. 7:24 PM. A party was reported on Mesquite St. An officer went to the location and found no sign of the party.

Feb 1

• Alarm. 4:18 AM. Uptown Blanco.

• Agency Assist. 10:50 AM. Officers assisted with traffic control near a grass fire on US 281, close to Blanco Cowboy Church, due to a large amount of smoke (with Texas DPS).

• Utility Complaint. 11:41 AM. Water was reportedly spraying out of a water tank near the Old Kendalia Rd. bridge and Klepac Greenhouses. Public works was notified.

Feb 2

• Theft. 4:21 PM. A complainant reported that lights were taken off his pickup truck.

• Theft. 6:03 PM. A portable CD player was reported stolen.

Feb 3

• 911 Hangup. 9:10 PM. On Mesquite St. Everything was OK.

Feb 4

• Information. 3:15 PM. Motorcycle inspection.

• Welfare Check. 5:10 PM. A complainant asked that an officer check on a subject to see how she was doing.

• Agency Assist. 7:45 PM. Officers responded to a call regarding an intoxicated subject with a gun lighting fires. A citation was issued for violating the burn ban; an officer secured the weapon (with Blanco Co. SO).

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Jan 15 and Feb 5.

Jan 15

• Suspicious Circumstances. 8:36 AM. A caller stated that he believed he was behind a vehicle known to have abducted a 6-month-old in Travis County. It was the wrong vehicle, officers reported.

• Civil. 10:45 AM. Subjects were reportedly not allowed to be near a child. CPS was involved. The complainant was told to call if the subjects show up.

• Traffic Hazard / Animal Complaint. 10:55 AM. A large dog was reportedly running around on US 281, causing cars to swerve.

• Burn Ban Violation. 9:47 PM. A caller reported a controlled burn near her house. An officer had the fire put out.

Jan 16

• Prisoner Transfer. 7:57 AM. An officer picked up a prisoner from the Williamson County Jail.

• Burn Ban Violation. 3:16 PM. A caller stated that a neighbor was burning brush in violation of the burn ban.

• Reckless Driver. 3:43 PM. A possibly intoxicated driver was reported on US 281, northbound from Comal County. The vehicle was pulled over at Blanco General and the driver was arrested.

• Suspicious Activity. 5:59 PM. A caller heard a suspicious vehicle outside. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Jan 17

• Property Damage. 1:14 PM. Mailboxes up and down Old Kendalia Rd. were reportedly damaged.

• Burglary. 3:58 PM. A caller reported the theft of 4-wheelers and firearms.

• 911 Hangup. 7:15 PM. Phone line problems caused a 911 call.

• Suspicious Activity. 7:17 PM. A caller reported someone shooting aerial fireworks.

Jan 18

• Disturbance. 2:17 AM. Officers responded to the Blanco Bar & Grill parking lot but the subjects had already left.

• Disturbance / Civil. 5:09 PM. A caller reported a subject causing problems. Officers settled the situation at the scene (with Texas DPS).

Jan 19

• Agency Assist (EMS). 11:05 AM. EMS requested officers to respond to a suicide attempt.

• Motorist Assist. 6:30 PM. A caller and her husband had run out of gas on RR 2766. An officer took gas to the couple.

Jan 20

• Loose Livestock. 8:42 AM. An officer marked a damaged fence with crime scene tape after a calf was reportedly running up and down 962 West.

Jan 21

• Assault. 2:40 PM. Llano Hospital reported a patient who had been assaulted in the county.

• Traffic Accident. 4:00 PM. A vehicle was reported in a ditch on US 290 West. A subject was taken to the hospital.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 4:42 PM. A caller reported two 18-wheelers that had stopped on RR 1320 after pulling down a telephone pole.

• Welfare Concern. 8:56 PM. A caller reported a young woman at Pop-a-Top Bar with her baby (with Blanco PD).

Jan 22

• Utility Complaint. 3:45 AM. A complainant whose trailer was in the Blanco Bowling Alley parking lot reported a broken water pipe. Blanco Utilities was notified so someone could shut off the water.

• Traffic Accident. 7:20 AM. An accident on CR 306 was forwarded to Comal County dispatch.

• Accident. 11:35 AM. An accident occurred during the weekend off Logan’s Way. A complainant stated a license plate was left at the scene.

• Civil Standby. 11:38 AM. Officers assisted CPS.

• Loose Livestock. 1:45 PM. A black cow was out on the side of US 281 at Old Austin Highway.

• Civil. 1:55 PM. A caller stated that a person put sealant on the driveway.

• Alarm. 4:17 PM. Residential.

• Welfare Concern. 8:00 PM. A subject with a baby was reported at Pop-a-Top bar. CPS had already been notified.

Jan 23

• Loose Livestock. 5:32 AM. A herd of angora goats were on RR 1888, close to the Blanco/Kendall county line.

• Civil. 10:30 AM. A call about a suspicious check was referred to the county attorney.

• Livestock Complaint. 1:58 PM. Four horses were reportedly out on RR 165. The horses were penned.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 4:45 PM. A caller heard shooting nearby and was concerned for safety. An officer was unable to locate the source of the gunshots.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 5:22 PM. A pickup truck was reportedly driving back and forth on the road, even driving backwards at 50 miles per hour.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 7:30 PM. A complainant arrived home to find lights on in her home and the door open. She requested an officer; everything was OK.

• Traffic Hazard. 7:42 PM. A caller had hit an animal on US 281 and it was in the middle of the road. An officer removed the animal.

• Disturbance. 8:17 PM. A complaint stated that she and a subject had a domestic dispute and she could not leave.

• Burn Ban Violation. 10:07 PM. A campfire was reported under a bridge on US 281. An officer had the fire put out.

• Suspicious Vehicle / Escort. 11:28 PM. A complainant reported a suspicious vehicle parked behind their vehicle, and requested an escort to deposit money.

• Disturbance. 11:50 PM. A complainant reported a subject who was intoxicated and driving. An officer spoke with the subject at Pop-a-Top.

Jan 24

• Loose Livestock. 10:27 AM. A black calf was on 962 East.

• Livestock Complaint. 11:59 AM. Two horses were out at 473 at RR 32. They were shooed back in.

• Juvenile Complaint. 1:19 PM. A juvenile reportedly ran away. The subject was of age, however.

• Alarm. 8:05 PM. Residential.

• Burn Ban Violation. 9:46 PM. A campfire was reported.

Jan 25

• Burn Ban Violation. 9:40 AM. RR 2325 and RR 165.

• Reckless Driver. 10:09 AM. A vehicle on US 281 was reportedly swerving all over the road, hit a guardrail, and kept driving.

• Arsonist. 1:21 PM. Comal County notified dispatch that a possible arsonist was heading into Blanco County on RR 32. The vehicle was not located (with Blanco PD).

• Motorist Assist. 3:51 PM. A stranded motorist at the Y requested a wrecker.

• Prowler. 10:31 PM. A caller thought there was someone outside the residence.

Jan 26

• Prisoner Transfer. 8:05 AM. An officer picked up a prisoner from another county.

• Loose Livestock. 8:23 AM. On 962 East.

• Traffic Accident. 10:07 AM. DPS took a report on an accident on RR 32 (with Texas DPS).

• Stolen Property. 11:22 AM. A complainant stated that a subject would not give back a firearm.

• Courtesy Transport. 3:18 PM. A subject who was staying with the complainant needed to leave. AN officer transported the subject to Fredericksburg.

• Close Patrol. 4:57 PM. Officers were on the look out for a subject with a mental problem in Johnson City. The complainant was also concerned for officer safety.

Jan 27

• Traffic Accident / Agency Assist. 8:50 AM. A complainant reportedly hydroplaned and stopped against a fence on 473 East. There were no injuries, no rollover, and no entrapment.

• Animal Cruelty. 3:52 PM. A horse reportedly did not have shelter or food.

Jan 28

• 911 Call. 1:57 AM. 911 received a call due to a weather-related phone problem. Everything was OK.

• Motorist Assist. 6:13 AM. A vehicle in the northbound lane of US 281 appeared to need help. An officer helped move the vehicle, which had a flat tire, off the roadway.

• 911 Hangup. 8:21 AM. 911 received a staticky call.

• Traffic Hazard. 4:19 PM. A caller reported a large convoy on US 281 that was throwing trash all over the roadway. Officers settled the situation at the scene (with Texas DPS).

• Identity Theft. 6:51 PM. A complainant reported identity theft. An officer spoke with her and resolved the situation for now.

• Information. 9:42 PM. An individual was having trouble with an intoxicated subject.

Jan 29

• Deer vs. Vehicle. 5:20 AM. An officer issued a blue form to a driver who was hit by a deer on the driver’s side.

• Burglary. 9:56 AM. Tools were reported stolen from a residence.

• Welfare Check. 10:36 AM. A new student at Blanco Elementary had missed several days of school. A Kendall County officer reported that no one was home at the student’s address.

• Traffic Hazard. 4:46 PM. An officer removed litter that was on US 290 East.

Jan 31

• Motorist Assist. 1:54 PM. A vehicle had broken down on US 281, north of Blanco.

• Suspicious Circumstances / Agency Assist. 2:20 PM. A state trooper requested assistance from a deputy to help with a traffic stop. One subject was arrested; the other subject in the vehicle was given a courtesy ride.

• Terroristic Threats / Information. 5:02 PM. An complainant met with an officer to give information.

• Possible Runaway. 8:50 PM. A caller reported a runaway juvenile. The juvenile was found two hours later.

• 911 Hangup. 9:38 PM. A subject accidentally speed-dialed 911. Everything was confirmed to be OK.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 10:03 PM. A caller reported a vehicle sitting near the low water crossing off CR 202. An officer reported that two subjects were nearby talking and the vehicle did not pose a hazard.

Feb 1

• Civil Standby. 8:00 AM. A caller requested a civil standby to get property.

• Theft. 6:54 PM. Equipment was reported stolen from a church. A report was filed.

• Verbal Dispute. 7:58 PM. A caller stated that a subject was arguing with him and requested an officer to separate them. An officer separated the parties.

Feb 2

• Suspicious Vehicle. 8:04 AM. A caller reported a suspicious vehicle; the vehicle was registered to a neighbor.

• Civil Standby. 11:26 AM. A subject needed to get property from a residence.

• A complainant reported phone harassment.. 2:16 PM.

Feb 3

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:37 AM. A vehicle was reportedly just sitting on the side of RR 1323 with its lights on. The vehicle had been there for the past 30 minutes. An officer reported that the driver was taking a nap on the way to Austin.

• Theft. 12:55 PM. Checks were reported stolen from a mailbox.

Feb 4

• Theft. 10:17 AM. A caller reported tools stolen.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 12:47 PM. A caller was involved in a minor traffic accident and was having troublr getting information from the other driver. A state trooper filed an accident report.

• Agency Assist. 1:18 PM. Officers assisted the BVFD with a house that was on fire.

• Funeral Escort. 2:00 PM. To Miller Creek Cemetery (with Johnson City PD).

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Jan 15 and Feb 5.

Jan 16

• Traffic Accident. 7:05 AM. A caller reported hit two horses on RR 32, breaking his windshield. The horses were OK; a report was taken and a blue form was issued.

• Arrest. 4:58 PM. A subject was arrested on US 290 East.

Jan 18

• Arrest on View. 3:44 PM. One subject was arrested on US 281.

Jan 24

• Arrest on View. 12:17 AM. One subject was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Jan 26

• Reckless Driver. 5:26 PM. An 18-wheeler was tailgating on US 281. A state trooper pulled over the truck at the Blanco city limits.

Jan 27

• Reckless Driver. 2:16 PM. A vehicle was swerving on US 281, unable to maintain a single lane (with Blanco PD).

Feb 3

• Traffic Accident. 5:32 PM. Officers responded to an accident on US 281, south of Round Mountain. A wrecker was requested.

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between February 5 and February 12

February 5

• Minor Accident. 10:29 AM. A minor accident was reported in the Dollar General parking lot. A blue form was issued.

• Alarm. 11:32 PM. Interior burglar alarm. The keyholder was notified by the alarm company.

• Citizen Assist. 5:33 PM. Caller stated his dogs had hit the lock button inside his vehicle. An officer opened the doors.

February 6

• Alarm. 6:14 PM.

• Juvenile Complaint. 11:00 PM. The caller stated a juvenile comes into her home uninvited. The subject had left before officers arrived (with Blanco County SO)

• Alarm. 12:19 AM. An alarm company requested an officer be dispatched to the Blanco Ice House due to a motion detector alarm going off. Everything was OK.

February 7

• Alarm. 4:55 AM. An alarm company reported a burglary alarm set off at Carquest. The keyholder had been notified and it was thought to be weather related. An officer was not needed.

• Minor Accident. 8:57 AM. An accident was reported at the Blanco National Bank drive-thru. Two vehicles had reportedly backed into one another and had minimal damage. Insurance information was exchanged.

• Animal Complaint. 11:21 AM. A caller stated that a pitbull was in front of Subway and would not allow people to enter.

• Animal Complaint. 2:27 PM. A caller stated a dog was in the yard playing with kids. An officer returned the dog to the owner.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 4:09 PM. Someone was reportedly pumping water from the river on River Road. An officer was unable to locate any such activity.

• Noise Complaint. 8:49 PM. Caller stated juveniles were possibly drinking and they were playing music too loud. An officer responded and they turned the stereo off.

February 8

• Citizen Assist. 4:21 PM. An officer was requested to assist Blanco EMS with making entry into a residence.

• Possible Break-In. 10:11 AM. A gate was reportedly broken at the Super S Feed Store and one riding lawn mower taken. A theft report was taken.

• Escort. 1:02 PM. An officer was requested to escort an oversized load from 281 N to 290 W.

• Animal Complaint. A stray dog was reported at the Swiss Lodge. An officer located the owner of the dog.

• Accident. 10:01 PM. A one vehicle accident was reported on 281 N in Blanco. An officer was unable to locate the accident.

February 9

• Alarm. 9:58 AM. Burglar alarm went off at Uptown Blanco Art Center. An invalid pass code had been entered and the alarm company canceled the call after speaking to the keyholder.

• Possible Intoxicated Driver. 11:32 AM.

February 10

• Criminal Mischief. 5:26 PM. Caller stated a screen door was torn like someone had tried to break-in. A minor criminal mischief report was taken.

• Alarm. 9:13 PM. An alarm company reported an alarm going off at Express Care. The owner was contacted and stated that it was weather related.

February 11

• Escort. 2:02 PM. An officer was requested for a funeral escort.

• Civil Matter. 5:12 PM. Caller stated his ex-wife is leaving out of state with their child. An officer took a report.

• Found Property. 6:15 PM. Caller stated he found some expensive equipment (generator). An officer reported the property was secured.

• Animal Complaint. 7:04 PM. A caller stated she was walking outside with her kids and a dog tried to attack them.

• Reckless Driver. 7:53 PM. A small light colored pickup was reportedly driving recklessly on 281 S heading north. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

February 12

• Grassfire. 9:36 AM. A grassfire, possibly caused by a transformer, was reported on Live Oak and 6th Street.

• Alarm. 5:58 PM. An alarm at a building was coming from a roll-up door and single door. An officer secured the building.

• Information. 6:57 PM.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between February 5 and February 12

February 5

• Livestock Complaint. 9:00 AM.

• Civil Standby. 1:50 PM. Civil standby was requested to document the removal of 2 automobile motors from a location.

• Trespassing. 6:34 PM. Caller stated he requested subjects at his house to leave and requested an officer to help escort them off the property.

February 6

• Loose Livestock. 9:48 AM. Goats were reported loose out west of McKinney Loop on 1623. An officer was unable to locate them.

• Suspicious Persons. 11:01 AM. Caller stated two persons in a green truck at 281 and 290 roadside park match the description of 2 missing persons out of Oklahoma. An officer was unable to locate the subjects.

• Accident. 3:18 PM. A two vehicle, head-on collision was reported on RR 165. An accident report was made.

• Firearm Qualification. 3:37 PM.

• Firearm Discharge. 4:27 PM. A caller stated the neighbors children were firing a high-powered rifle. An officer spoke with the subjects and advised they have a safe area for target practice on the property.

• Missing Person. 5:09 PM. A subject was reportedly off her medication and had not been seen for 2 hours.

• Motorist Assist. 10:04 PM. Caller stated they had a flat tire, 4 miles out on 290 W, and needed help. An officer helped fix the tire.

February 7

• Suspicious Circumstances. 1:01 AM. Caller stated pop guns (possibly) may have hit her dog. An officer was unable to locate.

• Loose Livestock. 9:45 AM. Goats were reported outside of the highway at Cottonwood Creek.

• Civil Standby. 10:13 AM. Civil standby to get personal belongings from a residence. An officer reported the person that was to get the property did not show up.

• Property Damage. 2:00 PM. Caller stated that someone hit his gate with a vehicle, possibly deliberately. A report was taken.

• Firearm Discharge. 5:44 PM. Caller stated his neighbors were shooting different types of guns and rifles. An officer spoke with the subject.

February 8

• Animal Complaint. 3:26 PM. Two dogs were reported on the right side of 290 W. An officer was unable to locate them

• Alarm. 4:48 PM.

• Abandoned Vehicle. 9:00 PM. Vehicle was reported on 281 N. An officer reported the vehicle was red-tagged and off the road.

• Suspicious Activity. 10:45 PM. Caller stated someone was at the door but when she answered nobody was there. Caller believes a prowler is still on the property. An officer searched the property but was unable to locate the subject.

February 9

• Inmate Transport. 8:53 AM. Inmate pickup from a Bexar County Bench Warrant.

• 911 Open Line. 8:52 AM. Line busy on call back. Everything was OK.

• Loose Livestock. 9:52 AM. Goats were reported on the side of Hwy 281, north of the Y. An officer was unable to locate the goats.

• Minor Accident. 10:52 AM. A vehicle slid off the road at 281 and 290 East at the Y. No injuries reported and a blue form was issued.

• Welfare Check. 11:30 AM. Caller stated his wife was very upset. They got disconnected and he can’t reach her on the phone. An officer reported that everything was OK.

February 10

• Suspicious Vehicle. 10:49 AM. A vehicle, possibly broke down, was left on the side of Flat Creek Road.

• Traffic Hazard. A caller reported a wooden pallet in the road on 290 W just inside the county line. An officer reported that it had already been removed.

• 911 Hang-Up. 11:30 PM. Weather related.

February 11

• Inmate Transfer. 5:30 AM. An inmate was transfered from the Stiles Unit to Blanco County Sheriff’s Office.

• Arrest. 8:10 AM. Walk-In.

• Reckless Driver. 11:37 AM. Caller stated a brown Bronco was all over the roadway on 281 northbound from Comal.

• Reckless Driver. 1:59 PM. Two red pick-ups were reportedly driving recklessly on 281 northbound.

February 12

• Suspicious Person. 6:40 AM. Caller stated a male was walking on the road. An officer was unable to locate the subject.

• Burn Ban Violation. 9:55 AM. Burning brush piles were reported. An officer advised the subject of the burn ban and he is to put out the fire.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 10:07 AM. A caller stated an armored truck was pulled over on the side of the road about 6 miles north of Johnson City with the flashers on. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

• Alarm. 3:14 PM.

• Theft. 4:26 PM. Caller stated her husband was scammed on Ebay and requested to speak with an officer.

• Civil Standby. 6:03 PM. An officer was requested.

Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between February 5 and February 12

February 6

• Arrest on View. 8:51 PM.

February 7

• Arrest on View. 11:42 AM.

February 8

• Arrest on View. 1:00 AM.

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