Dear Editor,
What if . . .
Some questions to consider as the media circus gets under way for the 2016 presidential election:
What if Americans have no say in who becomes the presidential candidate for each major party?
What if both political parties are controlled by a secret cabal of international bankers and war profiteers?
What if this secret cabal controls the voting machines and counts the votes in secrecy?
What if the election outcome is decided long before election time?
What if this secret cabal selects who will be president depending on the mood of the country?
What if this secret cabal selects a populist president only when the American people are in a rebellious mood?
What if the first black president was installed because the American people were upset about the cabal’s Middle East wars and banking bailouts?
What if the pretended populist president isn’t really a populist but governs as a puppet of the secret cabal instead?
What if this false populist president reneges on all his election promises to the American people?
What if the majority in our Congress have been elected by funding from the secret cabal?
What if Capitol Hill does not represent the American people anymore?
What if Capitol Hill represents foreign interests and war profiteering over American interests?
What if the secret cabal has gained control of all major media in America?
What if the secret cabal uses the media to falsely demonize the leaders of countries they wish to invade?
What if most Americans are more interested in TV sports and reality games than what’s going on in the world?
What if Thomas Jefferson was right when he wrote; “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”?
Larry Payne
Castell, Texas

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