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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 • Posted March 24, 2009 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 1 and Mar. 15.

Mar. 1

• Alarm. 12:05 AM. Uptown Blanco Art Center; interior general burglary. False alarm.

• Welfare check. 12:21 AM. Caller states that subject had too much to drink and was driving home from Pop-A-Top Bar. Subject at home safe.

Mar. 2

• Information. 12:19 AM. Message.

Mar. 3

• Alarm. 12:19 AM. Uptown Blanco, alarm cancelled.

• Alarm. 12:22 AM. Subway, motion alarm.Building secured.

Mar. 4

• Loose Livestock. 12:06 AM. Two or three loose goats in the middle of street by Green Hall. Area of 4th and Cherry St.

• Minor accident. 12:07 AM. Two vehicle minor accident on Square in Blanco.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:09 AM. Door open at Super S Foods. Door secured.

• Fight in Progress. 12:15 AM. Fight at Blanco High School. Citation issued.

• Suspicious persons. 12:21 AM. Male subject reported looking in caller’s windows. When approached, the subject got into a large white truck and left.

Mar. 5

• Traffic Hazard. 12:07 AM. Wounded deer reported in road on Hwy 281 S.

• Reckless Driver. 12:07 AM. Silver 4-door Jaguar reported driving at a high rate of speed. Caller states driver pulled into Blanco General.

• Information. 12:13 AM. Child reportedly injured at Peggy’s Playhouse. Caller request to speak with officer.

Mar. 6

• Arrest. . 12:23 AM. Subject taken into custody at Iron Horse Saloon.

Mar. 7

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:09 AM. Report of classroom broken into at the Alternative Education Bldg.-Blanco ISD. Graffiti, water turned on in bathroom sink and glue on floor.

• Criminal Mischief. 12:10 AM. Eggs thrown at door of library.

• Welfare concern. 12:11 AM. Caller states grandfather drove away in a car and he should not be driving. Comal County notified.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:18 AM. White Ford pickup reportedly parked in middle of road at 10th and 9th. Unable to locate.

• Noise Complaint. 12:21 AM. Loud music reported at 11th and Mesquite Street.

Mar. 9

• Disturbance in progress. 12:09 AM. Caller states neighbor jumped fence and chased him around yard.

• Disturbance. 12:15 AM. Incident involving harassment reported at the Iron Horse Saloon.

• Minor accident. 12:16 AM. Report issued.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:23 AM. Report that caller’s life is being threatened. Subject taken to Blanco Inn. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Mar. 10

• Alarm. 12:03 AM. Blanco Ice House. All clear.

• Lost property. 12:08 AM. Wallet reported lost or stolen at Blanco General.

• Information. 12:17 AM. Caller reports that traffic travels too fast and that stop signs are run at the corner of 5th and Elm

• Theft. Information Only. 12:22 AM. Mail reported stolen out of mail box.

• Theft. 12:23 AM. Theft reported at CJ’s Blanco County deputies, Texas DPS assisted.

Mar. 11

• Information. 12:15 AM. Complaintant wanted to know what could be done about someone getting up everyday and cursing.

• Alarm. 12:16 AM. Uptown Blanco, password entered incorrectly.

Mar. 12

• Hit and Run Accident. 12:00 AM. Driver of a blue F250 reportedly hit another vehicle at Blanco General and left the scene, headed toward Spring Branch. Comal County notified.

Johnson City Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 1 and Mar. 15.

Mar. 1

• Fraud. 12:15 AM. Credit card application filled out in complaintant’s name.

• Welfare check. . 12:20 AM. Report of child without clothing in car and parents at bar. Officer check, baby okay.

Mar. 2

• Minor accident. 12:10 AM. Accident in front of 290 Diner.

• Truancy. 12:11 AM. Parents report child is skipping school. Student returned to parents.

• 911 Hang-up. 12:13 AM. Accidental dial.

Mar. 3

• Traffic Hazard. 12:12 AM. Concrete sack is Road at Hwy 281 and Hwy 290 at light.

• Vandalism/Close Patrol. 12:22 AM. Deer Creek Dr. Vehicle reportedly repeatedly being broken into. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Mar. 4

• Traffic Control. 12:12 AM. 9th and West Blvd. closed.

Mar. 5

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:00 AM. Johnson City high school parking lot. Disregard.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:12 AM. Telephone line reported down and blocking traffic. Phone line is lower, but not down.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:16 AM. Gone on arrival. Plum Street.

• Alarm. 12:17 AM. Johnson City Bank Drive Thru. False Alarm.

• Arrest on View. 12:22 AM. Subject arrested in Exxon parking lot.

Mar. 6

• Alarm. 12:08 AM. Front door alarm at LBJ National Historic Park. Accidental.

• Civil. 12:14 AM. Caller states that subject moved into his house uninvited while he was in hospital.

• Civil stand by. 12:16 AM. Both involved parties request civil standby for child exchange.

• Minor accident. 12:17 AM. No damage.

• Alarm. 12:23 AM. Super S Foods general alarm. All clear.

Mar. 7

• Reckless Driver. 12:20 AM. Possible motorcycle accident. Officer observed no problems.

Mar. 9

• Information. 12:08 AM. Welder reportedly welding and throwing a lot of sparks at Ranch View and Live Oak.

• Reckless Driver. 12:11 AM. Small blue car with black convertible top reported tailgating on Hwy 281.

Mar. 10

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:03 AM. Subject reports that two drunk males came to her house. Verbal trespassing warning issued.

• Trespassing. 12:15 AM. Information taken regarding kids crossing property and trees being pulled up on Ranch View.

• Information. 12:17 AM.

Mar. 11

• Information. 12:12 AM. Report given regarding disturbance that occurred on Sunday, March 8.

Mar. 12

• 911 Hang-up. 12:02 AM. Unable to locate.

• Verbal Disturbance. 12:19 AM. Complaintant stated wife was threatened by another female. Request protective order.

• Alarm. 12:22 AM. Medical alarm. All clear.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 1 and Mar. 15.

Mar. 1

• Alarm. 12:05 AM. Residential fire alarm. False alarm.

• Suspicious vehicle. 12:08 AM. Blue Neon reported off 290 E., east of Yeager Creek.

• Investigation. 12:10 AM. Crime scene investigation of grass fire on Hwy 281 N.

• Home Invasion. . 12:11 AM. Caller reports a white male at her home.

• Criminal Mischief. 12:15 AM. Follow up.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:21 AM. Report of person scaring caller’s cats and dogs. Area checked; okay.

• Suspicious Person. 12:22 AM. Subject reported at Blanco General acting strange and making suicidal threats. Subject transported to hospital.

• Motorist Assist. 12:23 AM. Caller had a tire blow out. Officer assisted.

Mar. 2

• Loose Livestock. 12:15 AM. Cows reported on RR 2766. Cows penned.

Mar. 3

• Loose Livestock. 12:06 AM. White and Brown painted horse loose on the road on 473.

• Information. 12:11 AM. Black and white dog found shot in the head at Ranchers Estates at Brushy Top.

• Road Hunting. 12:22 AM. Road hunters reported on 962 E. Unable to locate.

Mar. 4

• Minor accident. 12:06 AM. Vehicle hit deer. Report issued.

• Home Invasion Disturbance. 12:08 AM.

• Criminal Mischief. 12:08 AM. 6 volt fence charger shot, not repairable. Robinson Ranch.

• Transport. 12:09 AM. Inmate transferred to Comanche County Jail.

• Traffic Control. 12:09 AM. Grass fire on Hwy 290 W.

• Funeral procession. 12:13 AM. Escort from Crofts Funeral Home to Cypress Mill.

• 911 Call. 12:15 AM. Call transferred to Gillespie County.

• Trespassing. 12:17 AM. Report of gate and lock being cut.

• Reckless Driver. 12:19 AM. Small, very loud blue car circling Rancher’s Estates. Subject stopped. Johnson City PD assisted.

• Suspicious person/Information. 12:21 AM. Caller states that two males approached daughter at Catholic Church.

Mar. 5

• Arrest Warrant. 12:11 AM. Ramirez, Ezequiel taken into custody.

• Welfare concern. 12:12 AM. Subject has not shown up to work for several days, car is at home, but no answer when called. No one is home.

• Animal Complaint. 12:12 AM. Requesting call sheet number for animals picked up on Hwy 281 near Y.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:14 AM. Forced entry into a hunter’s cabin on McCall Creek. Property secured.

• Juvenile Complaint. 12:18 AM. Juvenile reportedly driving go cart in Rust Ranch and almost ran over caller. Settled on scene.

• Welfare concern. 12:23 AM. Caller wants officer to get his car back from his wife.

Mar. 6

• Prisoner Transfer. 12:05 AM. Inmate transferred to Del Valley TDC.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:07 AM. Vehicle reported in the road on Miller Creek Loop. Subject arrested on out of county warrant.

• Burglary of Habitation. 12:09 AM. Home broken into on Red Fox Lane while occupant was out of town. Guns and coins reported missing.

• Reckless Driver. 12:12 AM. Red Nissan Truck reportedly driving into oncoming traffic on RR 32.

• Reckless Driver. 12:14 AM. Brown Toyota SUV reported driving erratically on Mountain Dr.

• Noise Complaint. 12:16 AM. Firing of guns reported in Rust Ranch.

Mar. 7

• Agency Assist. 12:01 AM. Unattended campfire. JCVFD put out fire.

• Noise Complaint. 12:13 AM. Settled between parties.

• Suspicious car. 12:16 AM. Green car reported in caller’s pasture. Unable to locate vehicle.

• Discharge of firearm. 12:17 AM. Juveniles reported shooting pellet gun at birds on Lake Drive and Lantana.

• Welfare check. . 12:19 AM. Caller has not heard from brother all day. All clear, subject will call sister.

• Noise Complaint. 12:22 AM. Loud music reported on Peach Street.

Mar. 8

• Burglary/Incident Report. 12:13 AM. Twin Sisters Dance Hall was reportedly broken into and damage was done. Report taken.

Mar. 9

• Loose Livestock. 12:13 AM. Black cow reported on RR 2766. Cow penned.

• Loose Livestock. 12:15 AM. Bull calf on side of Hwy 290 E. Unable to locate.

• Traffic Control. 12:15 AM. Trail Ride requests traffic control. Hwy 290 W at Hwy to Rocky Road.

• Information. 12:19 AM. Narrow Rd. Reported that person is throwing empty cans on caller’s property.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:21 AM. Lonesome Loop. Report of someone pulling into neighbor’s home, Officers will keep watching home. Blanco PD assisted.

Mar. 10

• Welfare check. . 12:12 AM. Red pickup with subject inside but not responding reported on Hwy 290 W at Harvey Lane.

• Livestock Complaint. 12:13 AM. Round Mountain Sale Barn. Brown horse reported missing during the sale. Referred to the Cattle Ranger.

Mar. 11

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:00 AM. Road block sign reported in the middle of road at 473 E. Sign removed.

• Information. 12:07 AM. Caller states that a Blue Chevrolet pickup ran a stop sign on a school bus while it was loading kids.

• Animal Complaint. 12:07 AM. German shepherd reported loose in Deer Creek area. Unable to locate.

• Arrest Warrant. 12:10 AM. Warrant issued for Darus, Justin for Class C Traffic/Commitment.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:11 AM. Chain and lock reported missing.

• Threats . 12:16 AM. Subject reports threats made against family and others.

Mar. 12

• Prisoner Transfer. 12:07 AM. Transfer from Burnet County Jail to Blanco County Jail.

• Burn Ban Violation. 12:10 AM. Oak Circle. Subject burning, will put out fire. Johnson City PD assisted.

• Road Hazard. 12:12 AM. Bags of household trash in lanes of Hwy 290 W near Rocky Creek. Unable to locate

• Loose Livestock. 12:14 AM. Herd of goats reported on shoulder of Hwy 281 S at Little Blanco River. Unable to locate.

• Suspicious vehicles. 12:15 AM. Several vehicles were in a field on CR 404 off Hwy. 32. Vehicles were gone when officers arrived.

• Identity Theft. 12:16 AM. Subject states credit card application was filled out in her name by someone else.

• 911 Hang-up. 12:19 AM. Accidental dial.

• Motorist Assist. 12:21 AM. Small truck reported stuck in ditch on Hwy 290.

• Welfare check/Information. 12:22 AM. Complaintant wants to speak to an officer regarding the welfare of his mother.

Mar. 15

• Burglary . 12:08 AM. Twin Sisters Dance Hall reports that 20 to 30 cases of beer cases had been taken from beer cooler.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 1 and Mar. 15.

Mar. 3

• Accident. 12:07 AM. Accident on 165. Report taken. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Motorcycle accident. 12:17 AM. Motorcycle on side of road, passenger and vehicle in ditch off of 473 E. Blanco PD assisted.

Mar. 4

• Minor accident. 12:08 AM. Accident at Hwy 281 and Hwy 290. Minor front end damage. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Arrest on View. 12:10 AM. Male subject taken into custody.

Mar. 6

• Arrest on View. 12:19 AM. Subject taken into custody at 290 W at Rocky Road.

Mar. 7

• Traffic Accident. 12:07 AM. 18 wheeler hit a guard rail on Hwy 290 at Hye.

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