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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 • Posted March 31, 2009 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 25 and Mar. 29.

Mar. 16

• Burn Ban Violation.. 12:09 AM. Behind Blanco High School - Subject was warned to put it out.

• Alarm.. 12:09 AM. Squeeky Clean Car Wash. Officer reported everything was fine.

• Medical.. 12:13 AM. A subject reportedly left suicidal messages.

• Disturbance in Progress.. 12:21 AM. Blanco Oaks Apts - Caller stated that a subject was yelling at father. An officer separated the subjects. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Mar. 17

• Welfare Check.. 12:18 AM. Caller request son to call his mom ASAP. Message delivered to sub.

Mar. 18

• Reckless Driver.. 12:14 AM. Unable to locate.

Mar. 20

• Reckless Driver.. 12:12 AM. Silver tanker.Vehicle driving okay.

Mar. 21

• Juvenile Complaint.. 12:01 AM. Old Blanco Courthouse, EMS requested, citation served.

• Juvenile Complaint.. 12:15 AM. 13th St.

• Noise Complaint.. 12:19 AM. Lazy Creek Lane. Caller reports neighbor is playing music very loudly, bass is shaking windows. Music turned down. Call back-music back up; request officer.

• Noise Complaint.. 12:22 AM. Loud music reported at 13th and Greenlawn Pkwy. Loud music located at Mesquite and 11th, music turned down.

Mar. 22

• Alarm.. 12:17 AM. Express Care; motion alarm. Officer secured building.

• Information/Juvenile Complaint.. 12:20 AM. Caller reports juvenile not where she said she was going. Juvenile returned home with mother.

• Welfare Check.. 12:22 AM. Complaintant states that an intoxicated female is trying to leave. Subject got ride home.

• Alarm.. 12:23 AM. Super S. Motion sensor, all clear.

Mar. 23

• Information.. 12:00 AM. Iron Horse Bar-subject states that a former police officer got into a fight with her. Subject was intoxicated and was given a ride home.

• Agency Assist.. 12:20 AM. Complaintant states that a female came into with one handcuff on and didn't have a key to take it off.

Mar. 24

• Juvenile Complaint.. 12:12 AM. Two juveniles reported as possible runaways. Parents will retrieve from police department.

Mar. 25

• Reckless Driver.. 12:14 AM. Green vehicle reported on Pecan. Officer unable to locate.

• Trespass Information. 12:16 AM. Cherry St., Caller wants to fill out a tresspass warning on another subject.

• Juvenile Complaint.. 12:17 AM. Cherry St., Juvenile reported juvenile criminal trespassing, requests close patrol. Officer spoke to subject's mother.

Mar. 26

• Accident.. 12:08 AM. Blanco Bowling Alley; cleared from scene, settled by involved parties.

• Arrest on View/Released. 12:20 AM. Subject detained during vehicle search. Released to obtain warrant.

Johnson City Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 25 and Mar. 29.

Mar. 16

• Disturbance.. 12:00 AM. Caller stated her husband hit her in the face. An officer detained the subject and took him to jail.

• Civil Standby.. 12:09 AM. Subject had personal belongings in a storage unit with his own lock on it.

• Civil Standby. 12:13 AM. Subject released from county jail has an EPO and needed to get personal belongings from a residence.

• Juvenile Complaint.. 12:15 AM. Caller stated that 2 kids were at City Parks hitting golfballs and threatening to beat him up. Officer settled and secured the scene.

• Assault.. 12:16 AM. An assault was reported at PEC in Johnson City. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Suspicious Activity.. 12:17 AM. Schofield Road - Complaintant stated he saw juveniles breaking into a metal building. An officer reported that it was people cleaning up. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Mar. 17

• Suspicious Circumstances.. 12:00 AM. Caller stated that someone knocked on the door and tried to open it.

• Disturbance. 12:14 AM. Complaintant states that subject is mad and is after her.

• Citizen Assist.. 12:16 AM. Caller request EMS to help with Alcholism rehabilitation. Information only.

• Dispute.. 12:17 AM. Caller request to speak to an officer. Civil matter.

Mar. 18

• Hold up Alarm.. 12:10 AM. Alarm at counter at Caps. Accidental. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Traffic Control.. 12:11 AM. Truck and trailer stalled at Hwy 290 and Nugent.

• Information.. 12:12 AM.

• Theft.. 12:14 AM. Report taken.

• Suspicious Activity.. 12:22 AM. Caller reports children going into metal building in front of D&S Trailer Park. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Suspicious Activity.. 12:23 AM. Suspicious odor coming from trailer in trailer park. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Mar. 19

• Arrest on View.. 12:18 AM. Subject taken into custody.

Mar. 20

• Information.. 12:13 AM. Subject states person renting restaurant has stolen property out of building.

• Funeral Escort.. 12:15 AM. Crofts Funeral Home request escort.

• Civil Standby. 12:16 AM. Child Exchange.

• Theft Report.. 12:18 AM. Buddy Tavern, Branson Missouri - 2x12 sign and a photograph were reported stolen.

• Animal Complaint.. 12:18 AM. Two dogs reported loose on Oak Moss. Unable to locate.

• Welfare Check.. 12:20 AM. Complaintant request welfare check for child.

Mar. 21

• Arrest on View.. 12:02 AM. Burks, Michael. DWI/DWLI.

• Motorist Assist.. 12:10 AM. Caller requests officer for help with changing a tire.

• Animal Complaint.. 12:11 AM. Caller driving through town picked up stray dog off of Hwy 281. No collar, no tags.

• Reckless Driver.. 12:20 AM. Rancher's Estates - White Tahoe reportedly speeding through subdivision. Unable to locate.

Mar. 22

• Reckless Driver.. 12:11 AM. Green minivan traveling northbound on Hwy 281 into Blanco. Unable to locate.

• Animal Complaint.. 12:15 AM. Goats reported in trailer behind Super S. No goats found; pigs in trailer, they are being tended.

• Civil Standby. 12:16 AM. Request civil stand by for child exchange.

Mar. 23

• Welfare Check.. 12:01 AM. Caller states boyfriend was traveling to Austin and was going to stop in Johnson City to rest. Unable to reach subject. Office unable to locate, complaintant called back stating that subject was okay.

• Damage Property. 12:11 AM. Damage flute reproted at LBJ Middle School. Criminal Mischief report taken.

• Funeral Escort.. 12:14 AM. Crofts Funeral Home request escort Hwy 290 W to RR1. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Minor Accident.. 12:18 AM. Minor fender bender. Blue form issued.

Mar. 24

• Accident.. 12:11 AM. Caller reports that a piece of a truck fell off and hit a vehicle. Caller has vehicle stopped and request officer for report.

• Arrest Warrant.. 12:13 AM. Juvenile arrested for burglary of a building.

• Found Property. 12:15 AM. Rifle found in culvert by old Ag shop at LBJ Middle School. Owner claimed.

Mar. 25

• Traffic Control.. 12:08 AM. Light at Nugent and Hwy. 290 reported not functioning. TXDOT contacted; light seems to be functioning.

• Courtesy Ride.. 12:11 AM. Welfare check on juvenile requested by LBJ Middle School. Mother at home with sick child.

• Juvenile Complaint.. 12:14 AM. Advised to work with High School Principal. No action taken.

Mar. 26

• Noise Complaint.. 12:18 AM. Loud music reported at Casparis Trailer Park. Subjects turned down music.

Mar. 28

• Animal Complaint.. 12:12 AM. Loose dog in the neighbor keeps growling at complaintant.

Mar. 29

• Reckless Driver.. 12:15 AM. Red station wagon reported speeding in vicinty of YO Drive.

Blanco County Sheriff's Office Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 25 and Mar. 29.

Mar. 25

• Motorist Assist.. 12:14 AM. Caller request help with flat tire.

Mar. 16

• Criminal Mischief.. 12:08 AM. Davis Ranch Road - Damage to County equipment and a broken window was reported.

• Burglary of Residence.. 12:10 AM. Old Spicewood Road - A back window was reportedly broken and a door busted in at a residence.

• Assault.. 12:19 AM. Caller stated subject's son held a gun to mother's head. Officer requested. An officer stated no assault occurred. Blanco PD assisted.

• Close Patrol.. 12:21 AM.

Mar. 17

• Accident.. 12:01 AM. Rollover accident on RR 165. Blanco PD assisted.

• Follow Up.. 12:06 AM. Old Spicewood Road

• Traffic Hazard.. 12:07 AM. A wounded deer was reported on RR 165, before CR 405. An officer put the deer down.

• Traffic Hazard.. 12:08 AM. A deer was reportedly injured in Town Creek and Hwy 290.

• Information.. 12:09 AM. Caller stated that a fence was damaged, but no evidence was left behind.

• Suspicious Vehicles.. 12:10 AM. Caller stated that a maroon Chevy pick-up was parked on the side of the road on the property and wanted it removed. An officer reported that it was on the right of way and it could not be towed.

• Criminal Mischief.. 12:11 AM. Area of Academy checked first, then Super S

• Burglary of a Habitation.. 12:12 AM. Pedernales Oak - Residence broken into.

• Burglary of a Habitation.. 12:14 AM. South Loop.

• Information.. 12:15 AM. Someone posted the caller's phone number on Craigslist

• Accident.. 12:16 AM. Landing Lane - Female subject reprotedly hit tree. Accident form issued.

• Burglary of a Habitation.. 12:16 AM. Red Fox Lane. Case of root beer taken out of wash room.

• Phone Scam/Information.. 12:16 AM. Caller reports getting scam phone calls. Advised to contact Verizon.

• Juvenile Complaint/Information.. 12:19 AM. Caller requested to speak to an officer. Information taken.

Mar. 18

• Inmate Transfer.. 12:06 AM. Kirby, James picked up from Hays County for bench warrant.

• Traffic Hazard.. 12:07 AM. Dead deer reported in middle of road on Hwy 281.

• 911 Hang Up.. 12:12 AM. Accidental-cell phone.

• Burn Ban Violation. 12:12 AM. Burning brush, lost control. Crabapple.

• Welfare Check.. 12:15 AM. Medical emergency per doctor's office.

• Theft/Burglary of a habitation.. 12:15 AM. Burglary report taken at Pedernales Hills Drive.

Mar. 19

• Suspicious Vehicle.. 12:00 AM. Vehicle with one male occupant reportedly pulled into caller's driverway and turned out lights. All clear.

• Animal Complaint.. 12:08 AM. Injured deer reported in driveway.

• Animal Complaint.. 12:15 AM. Two dogs fighting; owner contacted to handle situation.

• Dumping/Criminal Trespassing.. 12:16 AM. Caller states that somebody has been dumping on his property.

• Accident.. 12:18 AM. Tan Ford F-150 reportedly wrecked and on the side of the road. Accident report taken.

• Noise Complaint.. 12:22 AM. Gonzalez Ave. - Loud music reported. Subject warned.

• Suspicious Vehicle.. 12:22 AM. Super S parking lot. White GMC truck reported parked for a while next to an employee's car.

• Reckless Driver.. 12:23 AM. Hwy 281 northbound. Texas DPS assisted.

• Theft.. 12:23 AM. Ave. Q and Pecan - Child's bicycle reported stolen. Property found and returned. Johnson City PD assisted.

Mar. 20

• Disturbance. 12:01 AM. Caller reports that spouse hit her.

• Harassment.. 12:04 AM. Caller reports receiving harassing phone calls from subject.

• Traffic Hazard.. 12:08 AM. Hwy 281 southbound. Large log reported in roadway.

• Reckless Driver.. 12:13 AM. Blue Jeep driving very slowly on Hwy 281 northbound to Round Mountain. Subject turned into residence.

• Welfare Check.. 12:13 AM. Caller reports cannot reach subject for two weeks. Subject in hospital.

• Reckless Driver.. 12:14 AM. Silver Sentry reportedly speeding and passing on shoulder.

• Burn Ban Violation. 12:20 AM. Miller Creek Loop- Out of control grass fire reported. All Clear.

Mar. 21

• Noise Complaint.. 12:00 AM. Loud music reported at Winters Furr and 309. Music turned down. 1:23 AM - Caller states music is turned back up.

• Agency Assist.. 12:07 AM. Search for female. Assist Boerne Police Department and Kendall County Sheriff Office. Unable to locate.

• Possible Intoxicated Driver.. 12:08 AM. Missing female from previous call en route to Austin. Unable to locate. Hays County notified.

• Animal Complaint.. 12:08 AM. Rolling Hills Rd. - Coyotes killed eight goats overnight. County Game Warden assisted.

• Suspicious Circumstances.. 12:08 AM. Subjects were camping under bridge on Hwy 281.

• Loose Livestock.. 12:08 AM. Black bull in roadway at 3232 At Flat Creek. Bull penned.

• Loose Livestock.. 12:09 AM. Brown calf on Cox Road.

• 911 Hang Up.. 12:12 AM. Phone in pocket. Accidental dial

• 911 Hang Up.. 12:15 AM. EMS dispatched to scene.

• 911 Hang Up.. 12:15 AM. All clear.

• Close Patrol.. 12:16 AM. 962 E. Juveniles reportedly partying in pasture after 10 PM.

• Loud Music.. 12:22 AM. RR 32. Music turned down.

Mar. 22

• Burglary in Progress.. 12:09 AM. Rust Ranch Rd. - Hispanic male reportedly taking rocks from residence. Subject advised to return rocks.

• Phone Harrassment/Terroristic Threat.. 12:10 AM. Report made.

• 911 Open Line.. 12:12 AM. Cell phone in pocket, accidental dial.

• 911 Hang Up.. 12:12 AM. Disconnected phone, no map or address information available.

• Courtesy Transport.. 12:13 AM. Subject transported into town to wait for help with vehicle. Subject dropped off at Exxon.

• Runaway.. 12:13 AM. Juvenile reported as runaway. Unable to locate. Llano County contacted.

• Loose Livestock.. 12:13 AM. Black steer reported on 1623.

• Minor Accident.. 12:15 AM. Vehicle hit deer. Blue form issued.

• Welfare Check.. 12:21 AM. Caller request office to do welfare check on his wife. Contact made with female.

• Motorist Assist.. 12:22 AM. Caller reports someone changing tire too close to road. Subject was gone on officer's arrival.

Mar. 23

• Alarm.. 12:00 AM. CR 215; storage room door. All clear.

• Phone Harrassment.. 12:05 AM. Caller reports that a female continually harrasses her over the phone. Voicemail left for subject.

• Theft.. 12:12 AM. A nozzle at Friday's General Store was cut off and $122 in diesel fuel was taken.

• Loose Livestock. . 12:18 AM. Loose cows on Sandy Rd. Cows returned to pasture.

Mar. 24

• Information.. 12:07 AM. Caller reports subject may be being abused.

• Livestock Complaint.. 12:10 AM. Three sheep reported out at 1623 at McKinney Creek. Unable to locate.

• Livestock Complaint.. 12:10 AM. Lama reported on roadway at 3232 and Flat Creek. Owner put animal up.

• Motorist Assist.. 12:21 AM. Caller reported suspicious truck parked on side of Hwy 290 W. Truck searched; offense report filed.

Mar. 25

• 911 Open Line.. 12:11 AM. Caller hung up; no call back info available.

• 911 Open Line.. 12:11 AM. Unable to retransmit.

• 911 Open Line.. 12:11 AM. Retransmit unable to complete.

• Information.. 12:11 AM. Rough Hollow Rd. Caller reports someone trimmed trees in an easement. Concerned with possibility of Oak Wilt.

• Arrest Warrant.. 12:15 AM. Trumbower, Heidi; walk-in.

• Property Damage.. 12:16 AM. Mailbox reported damaged on A&B RR 3232.

Mar. 26

• Inmate Transfer.. 12:05 AM. Cummings, Robert transferred to TDC.

• Roll-over Accident.. 12:07 AM. 1623 & Hye Albert Rd., subject taken to ER.

• Courtesy Ride.. 12:08 AM. Request ride to Blanco Dairy Queen. Taken to Budget Inn.

• Loose Livestock.. 12:12 AM. Loose livestock just past 7199.

• Suspicious Circumstances.. 12:14 AM. Very bad smell coming from residence on CR 203. Unfounded; no one lives at the residence.

• Alarm.. 12:16 AM. Alta Vista, false alarm.

• Information.. 12:17 AM. Complaintant states his ex-wife won't let him see his child for visitation.

• Reckless Driver.. 12:18 AM. Grey Mazda car reported weaving in and out. Vehicle stopped.

• Armed Robbery. 12:21 AM. Berkley's Travel Center; two regular customers, both arrested and taken to Blanco County Jail.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 25 and Mar. 29.

Mar. 17

• Traffic Hazard.. 12:16 AM. Park Ranger request help with a truck that lost its load. Blanco County deputies, Johnson City VFD assisted.

Mar. 18

• Motorcycle accident.. 12:11 AM. One motorcycle involved; 473 W.

Mar. 21

• Accident.. 12:14 AM. Two vehicle accident on Hwy 290 at Flat Creek. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Accident.. 12:16 AM. Hwy 281 and Hwy 290. Two vehicle accident. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Mar. 22

• Agency Assist.. 12:17 AM. Bicyclist reported down; request for help. All clear. Johnson City PD assisted.

Mar. 24

• Arrest on View.. 12:00 AM. Male arrested at Hwy 281 and Transfer Rd.

Blanco County Game Warden Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 25 and Mar. 29.

Mar. 22

• Wildlife Complaint.. 12:09 AM. Deer or large cat in cow pens, maybe shot in the head. Unable to locate.

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