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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 • Posted April 7, 2009 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Blanco County News from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Blanco Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 27 and Apr. 2.

Mar. 27

• Accident. 12:20 AM. Blanco Bowling Alley

Mar. 28

• Alarm. 12:01 AM. Express Care. Key holder called and will respond; officer did not respond.

• Alarm. 12:13 AM. Concrete plant. Contacted key holder.

• Reckless Driver. 12:16 AM. Silver Ford Explorer reported speeding and passing illegally on 1888 into Blanco. Unfounded.

• Alarm Audible. 12:16 AM. Express Care. Second time alarm has gone off; probably weather related.

• Road Hazard. 12:18 AM. Vehicle reported parked in bad spot. Officer reports that vehicle is parked on private property.

• Alarm. 12:18 AM. Express Care. All secure.

• Noise complaint. 12:23 AM. Jones Ave., Oaks Apartments. Complaintant reports subjects are making a lot of noise. Made contact with subjects.

Mar. 29

• Information. 12:11 AM. Caller requests plates run so they can haul cars off.

• Stolen Property. 12:13 AM. Advised subject to contact attorney. Civil matter.

Mar. 30

• 911 Hang Up. 12:08 AM.

• Information. 12:12 AM. Checks reported stolen out of mail box and passed at Super S.

Mar. 31

• Traffic Accident. 12:08 AM. Three vehicle accident at 4th and Mesquite. One arrest made for no valid ID.

• Civil . 12:18 AM. Caller requests officer to discuss placing a restraining order on soon to be ex-wife.

• Suspicious Persons. 12:23 AM. Caller reports an intoxicated subject walking around Dairy Queen. Subject given ride to 13th St and released to roommate.

Apr. 1

• Motorist Assist. 12:13 AM. Motorized home stuck against fence on Park Road 23. Request assistance.

• Courtesy Transport. 12:20 AM. Subject transported from Pitsburg and Academy St. to Comal County line.

Apr. 2

• Alarm. 12:02 AM. Blanco National Bank. All clear.

• Welfare Concern. 12:12 AM. Blanco Elementary reports that two children left after school on Early Release day. Parents notified.

Johnson City Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 27 and Apr. 2.

Mar. 28

• Livestock Complaint. 12:19 AM. Complaintant states hogs penned up possibly for over a week without food or water behind Super S. All clear.

• Minor Accident. 12:21 AM. Old Middle School Rd. All clear.

• Noise complaint. 12:22 AM. Cypress St. Complaintant reports juveniles are having a party with loud music and driving in and out. All clear.

Mar. 29

• Traffic Control/Road Hazard. 12:09 AM.

• Motorist Assist. 12:21 AM. Vehicle following an individual who is upset and won’t stop walking and get in car. Stalled car; all subjects okay.

Mar. 30

• Theft. 12:09 AM. Dirt bike and Go cart reported stolen in Rancher’s Estates.

Mar. 31

• Suspicious Activity. 12:11 AM. Reported on Ranch View. Civil matter.

• Theft. 12:18 AM. Complaintant reports two Rip sticks stolen off porch on Ranchview.

• Animal Complaint. 12:20 AM. Complaintant reports that a neighbor’s dog killed another neighbor’s cat on her property. Citation issued.

Apr. 1

• Welfare Concern. 12:21 AM. Complaintant requests check on subject that is suspected of being abused. All clear.

Apr. 2

• Alarm. 12:09 AM. Pecan St. Panic button accidentally pushed.

• City Ordinance Violation. 12:13 AM. White Cadillac needs to be moved behind residence.

• Reckless Driver. 12:20 AM. Black car driving at high rate speed, passing vehicles recklessly. Unable to locate.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 27 and Apr. 2.

Mar. 27

• Minor Accident. 12:21 AM. Two vehicle accident on Academy St.

• Burn Ban Violation. 12:21 AM. Yett Park, behind ball field.

• 911 Transfer. 12:21 AM. Rheimers Park, Travis County.

Mar. 28

• Agency assist. 12:03 AM. Caller reports subject took multiple pills. Cancelled officer by EMS.

• Traffic Accident. 12:06 AM. Truck wrecked and heavily damaged. Stolen gun found in vehicle.

• Road . 12:11 AM. Direction of travel south toward 1204. Unfounded.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:13 AM. Hidden Valley Road. Unable to locate party

• Harassment. 12:16 AM. Juvenile female being harassed by adult male. Subject warned to leave juvenile alone.

• Reckless Driver. 12:17 AM. Motorcycles and trucks reported racing up and down Cox Road.

• Possible accident. 12:18 AM. Hwy 290 to Austin. Charcoal Ford truck unable to maintain lane. Transferred to Hays County.

• Welfare Concern. 12:18 AM. Silver Toyota reported on 1320 and Hwy 290. Unfounded.

• Motorist Assist. 12:20 AM. Disabled motorist reported waving people down on Middle Creek Rd. No one around vehicle.

Mar. 29

• Loose Livestock. 12:10 AM. Little River Lane. Unable to locate.

• Criminal Mischief. 12:11 AM. Rocky Ridge. Windows reported shot out at house.

• Burn Ban Violation. 12:12 AM. Wren Road. Citation issued.

• Disturbance in Progress. 12:12 AM. Complaintant states subject entered house with a 2x4; broke window. No injuries reported. Subject transported to Comal County.

• 911 Open Line. 12:14 AM. Miller Creek Loop. Officer sent for welfare check; no answer, no contact.

• Trespass. 12:15 AM. Cielo Spring Dr. Unfounded; caller’s daughter had allowed subject in.

• Animal Complaint. 12:15 AM. Two red dogs barking at cows. Caller penned them in trailer. Complaintant advised that there is no animal control in Blanco County.

• Loose Livestock. 12:20 AM. Black cow reported on 1323 at Sandy Oaks. Unable to locate.

• Missing Person/ATL. 12:21 AM. Bulletin put out.

Mar. 30

• Theft. 12:10 AM. Four wheeler reported stolen from property on East Hwy 71. Burnet County jurisdiction.

• Alarm. 12:10 AM. Auto intrusion alarm on Wilson Ranch Road. Electric gate found half way open. All clear.

• Motorist Assist. 12:12 AM. Black F150 on side of Hwy 281 at 473 W. Subject was getting help by passerby.

• Suspicious Activity. 12:12 AM. Caller reports people all over his property on Hwy 281 south of 473; possibly stealing. Subjects are workers.

• Grassfire. 12:15 AM. Shovel Mountain Rd; prescribed burn, Texas management.

• Welfare Check. 12:21 AM. Caller states subjects walking to close to roadway on Rolling Hills Dr. Unable to locate subjects.

Mar. 31

• Reckless Driver. 12:12 AM. Grey truck with flat bed reported on Hwy 291 south bound from Round Mountain.Subject clear.

• Burn Ban Violation. 12:14 AM. Trash pile being burned on Old Marble Falls Rd. Citation issued.

• Animal Complaint/Civil. 12:17 AM. Caller requests officer to make a report regarding neighbor’s dogs that have killed two of her cats. Officer spoke with both parties.

• Loose Livestock. 12:18 AM. Loose cow on Hwy 281 N of Y. Unable to locate.

• Loose Livestock. 12:19 AM. Two baby sheep reported on side of Rocky Road. Animals were goats and were put up.

• Suspicious Vehicles.. 12:22 AM. Complaintant reports suspicious vehicle parked by river on Pedernales Hills. Subject is fishing.

Apr. 1

• Livestock Complaint. 12:13 AM. One cow, two calves loose on 2766; fence looks to be down.

• Suspicious Persons. 12:16 AM. Subject sitting in trees on 165 and Middle Creek. Subject given courtesy transport to 9th and Hackberry.

• Animal Complaint. 12:21 AM. Complaintant hit a deer on Kendalia Rd; its still alive, wants officer to put in down.

Apr. 2

• Smoke Investigation. 12:10 AM. Caller reports smoke or haze east towards Pedernales State Park. No smoke found.

• Road Hazard. 12:12 AM. White box truck pulled phone line down onto RR 1999 at Haas Ranch Rd.

• Abandoned Vehicle. 12:15 AM. Green Mercury on side of Hwy. 281 N of Johnson City. Red tag; request it towed.

• Juvenile Complaint. 12:17 AM. Complaintant states she is having trouble with her son. Caller was gone upon arrival.

• Civil Standby. 12:17 AM.

• Alarm. 12:18 AM. Express Care.

• Suspicious Vehicles.. 12:18 AM. Complaintant reports two suspicious vehicles on side of Hidden Valley Rd. Unable to locate.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 27 and Apr. 2.

Mar. 28

• Traffic Accident. 12:00 AM. Old Kendalia Road. Vehicle is out of road; owner will retrieve in the morning.

• Traffic Accident. 12:05 AM. Ford Ranger went rolled on Hwy 290 at Yager Creek. DPS report.

Mar. 29

• Traffic Accident. 12:03 AM. Old Spicewood, Cypress Mill. Ford Ranger; Burnet County on scene. DPS report issued.

Mar. 30

• Rollover Accident. 12:07 AM. Caller reports accident on CR 307. DPS report issued. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Blanco County Game Warden Reports

These reports were filed between Mar. 27 and Apr. 2.

Mar. 29

• Information. 12:08 AM. Caller found six bat carcasses in barn; not killed by an animal.

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