According to Blanco County Commissioner Precinct 4, Paul Granberg, TxDot has let the contract for the reconstruction of the 165 bridge and the contract has been awarded to Capital Excavation. Contracts are in the process of being signed and the scheduled start time is November 2015. The projected finish time will be at least six months taking into consideration factors such as weather and the holiday schedule.
Hays County Commissioner Will Conley released a letter addressing the Fischer Store Bridge on October 6. Parts of the letter are as follows. To see the complete letter visit the Hays County Government website:
Since the morning after the Memorial Day flood event the County has made the Fischer Store Bridge projects (both temporary and permanent) a daily priority. A tremendous amount of time andresources have gone into finding a solution to this important transportation issue. We all understand how important this is for public safety. We immediately moved forward to rebuild the permanent bridge while working toward a temporary bridge to relieve transportation needs. I am writing to report on the projects as they stand today.
As of this week, the County will no longer pursue completion of the temporary bridge project. After working with many property owners since the date of the flood, we haven't been able to work past the many obstacles presented by a temporary solution. In some insances, private property owners had no interest in offering their properties for public use. ......We have now reached a time when we must cease dedicatiing resources to a project that has grown in cost, still has obstacles in its path, and has, because of the accelerated schedule of the permanent bridge project, lost its utility.
The second project the permanent bridge structure along the old alignment was negotiated with TxDot the morning after the event. Hays county and TxDot worked together to set an opening date for the permanent bridge project by the anniversary of the Memorial Day Flood event. That project has now gone through letting, and I am happy to report that it will be brought in ahead of schedule. Our latest discussions with TxDot indicate that we could have the Fischer Store Bridge reopened to traffic by March 2016. Project construction should start soon.

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