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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 • Posted April 14, 2009 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Apr. 3 and Apr. 9.

Apr. 3

• Minor Accident. 12:18 AM. Blanco General. Two vehicle minor accident

• Animal Complaint. 12:08 AM. Racoon in roadway; animal put down.

• Drill. 12:13 AM. Shattered Dreams

• Spuspicious Person/Circumstances. 12:21 AM. Blanco Fire House. Subject dropped off at residence.

Apr. 4

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:00 AM. Brown Honda ran caller off of roadway. Courtesy ride given to subject. Blanco County deputies assisted.

• Traffic Accident. 12:05 AM. 9th St and Elm St. Truck hit neighbor’s fence. Unable to locate suspect vehicle

• Information. 12:08 AM. Cranberry Antiques, vehicle reported blocking entrance. Vehicle moved.

• Animal Complaint. 12:09 AM. Animal injured; animal needs to be put down. Unsafe place to put animal down; will return.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:09 AM. Mesquite; caller reports two tires slashed and received threatening voice mails on cell phone.

• Reckless driver. 12:11 AM. Complaintant reports small blue sports care driving at high rate of speed, passing into oncoming traffice. Driver advised to slow down.

• Information. 12:12 AM. Caller states people are ski boarding on river with a machine pulling skiers by rope. Looks very dangerous.

• Road Hazard. 12:13 AM. Wheel barrow reported on Hwy 291 southbound in front of Rockin J Ranch. Cleared off highway.

• Reckless Driver/Possible accident. 12:17 AM. Unoccupied behind post office.

• Disturbance. 12:18 AM. Complaintant states subject pushed her when she confronted him. Separated parties.

• Arrest on View. 12:23 AM. Main Street. Caller reports people fighting. One arrest made. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Apr. 5

• Harassment. 12:00 AM. Country Road. Caller states kids next door continue to harass her and her family. Caller advised she would call if any more issues.

• Alarm. 12:12 AM. Subway. Hold up alarm. Employee unaware of where panic button is; no emergency. Manager to call dispatch.

Apr. 6

• Welfare Check. 12:09 AM. Everything okay.

• Reckless Driver. 12:12 AM. Caller reports a small purple care speeding and weaving all over road. Unable to locate.

• Intoxicated Person. 12:16 AM. Sta-Bilt. Courtesy transport.

• Animal Complaint. 12:21 AM. Raccoon hit and needs to be put down. Animal put down.

Apr. 7

• Juvenile Complaint. 12:09 AM. Blanco High School.

• Minor Accident. 12:12 AM. One vehicle accident; Dirt Works. No damage, required to report per company policy.

• Supicious Person. 12:18 AM. Complaintant states that a man is pumping water from river. Unable to locate.

Apr. 8

• Arrest Warrant. 12:08 AM. Blanco Middle School, Comal County warrant. Arrestee picked up and taken to Comal County Line.

• Civil Standby. 12:09 AM. Caller needs to retrieve personal belongings from residence; couple is separated.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:17 AM. Stop sign reported down at Hwy 281 and 163

• Animal Complaint. 12:20 AM. Pecan St., complaintant reports a loose grey Pit Bull growled at her. Owner contacted; verbal warning given.

Apr. 9

• Illegal Dumping. 12:08 AM. Caller reports a lady in a black Ford pickup threw trash in his dumpster. When he advised her that that was not allowed, she flipped him off.

• Suspicious Activity. 12:08 AM. Back door open when complaintant got up, husband is the only one that has key.

• Loose Livestock. 12:12 AM. Reported on 1623. Unable to locate.

• Alarm . 12:13 AM. Riverside Bar & Grill.

• Alarm - Panic. 12:18 AM. S Hwy 281, False alarm

Johnson City Police Department Reports

These reports were filed between Apr. 3 and Apr. 9.

Apr. 3

• Supicious Person. 12:10 AM. Housing Authority. Unable to locate.

• Civil Standby. 12:15 AM. Child exchange

• Accident. 12:15 AM. Two vehicle accident. Report taken.

• Civil Matter. 12:17 AM. Caller request to speak to an officer regarding child custody

• Noise Complaint. 12:19 AM. Schofield. Noise complaint; caller has requested that the music be turned down. Music turned down.

• Arrest on View. 12:21 AM. Blanco County deputies assisted.

Apr. 4

• Civil Standby. 12:13 AM. Civil standby for repossesion of property at Quality Auto.

• Criminal Mischief. 12:18 AM. Schofield Town Homes. Caller believes someone broke into her Jeep and sprayed something.

Apr. 5

• Reckless Driver. 12:09 AM. Gray SUV driving at high rate of speed on Hwy 281 eastbound west of Johnson City.

• Civil Matter. 12:16 AM. Standby requested for child exchange.

Apr. 6

• Juvenile Complaint. 12:20 AM. Caller reports juveniles on skateboards near gas pumps at Speedy Stop making a lot of noise. Juveniles left.

Apr. 7

• Information. 12:18 AM. Complaintant reports that some PEC workers are not leaving him alone.

• Supicious Vehicle. 12:21 AM. Super S. Caller reports a white Ford 250 extended cab has been in parking lot three times. First time subject was leaning against an employee’s vehicle. Spoke with subjects.

Apr. 8

• Suspicious Circumstances . 12:02 AM. Caller reports window broken in kitchen area of nursing center. No break-in; door left open, wind slammed.

• Hit and Run. 12:17 AM. Caller reports hit and run and Dr. Ramsey’s office. Blue form issued.

Apr. 9

• Alarm. 12:06 AM. JCISD, accidentally tripped alarm.

• Welfare Check. 12:09 AM. LBJ Middle School; students not in school. Request that officer check residence.

• Information. 12:13 AM. Buddy, Hwy 290 W, out with building inspector.

• Suspicious Circumstances/TABC violation. 12:17 AM. Buddy’s Bar shut down per TABC

• Agency Assist. 12:19 AM. TABC requests assistance at Buddy’s Tavern.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:20 AM. Bar S Drive and Live Oak. Caller states that a pickup truck and trailer are blocking the road.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Apr. 3 and Apr. 9.

Apr. 3

• Animal Complaint. 12:11 AM. Ridgeview Dr. Complaintant states two dogs across the street are running loose again. States they have killed her cat. Owner will keep dogs secure.

• Welfare Concern. 12:11 AM. Caller states neighbor was not feeling well on Thursday, but seemed better today.

• Gas Drive Off. 12:11 AM. Berkleys. White 2-ton truck pulling trailer. Vehicle stopped, advised Burnet County.

• Loose Livestock. 12:14 AM. Cow reported on Hwy 1888. Unable to locate.

• Close Patrol. 12:14 AM. Caller reports empty house on CR 411; suspects kids are having a party. No vehicles should be there

• Child Custody. 12:17 AM. Caller states ex-wife is keeping children from him

• 911 Transfer. 12:18 AM. Caller is being evicted; seeking advice.

• Lost Property. 12:21 AM. Subject request officer contact him regarding a trailer.

Apr. 4

• Game Complaint. 12:02 AM. Deer in road; not dead. Animal moved out of roadway.

• Loose Livestock. 12:08 AM. Two cows reported on side of RR2766. Cows penned.

• Information. 12:09 AM. Vehicle sold, registration not changed to new driver; old owner collecting fines and citations. Advised to call DPS.

• Citizen Assist. 12:13 AM. Hye, request assistance with flat tire.

• Reckless Driver/Possible accident. 12:14 AM. Newer silver vehicle with flashers on and trunk partially open swerving into oncoming traffic. Trunk secured.

• Loose Livestock. 12:19 AM. Blonde good-looking cows reported on Pedernales Hills Rd. Information for now.

• Courtesy Transport. 12:22 AM. Request courtesy transport to Henly Loop

• Close Patrol. 12:23 AM. Twin Sister’s Dance Hall. Request close patrol because of several break-ins until gate is installed.

Apr. 5

• Agency Assist. 12:10 AM. Accidental injury, four year old stabbed self in leg.

• Stolen Property. 12:13 AM. 100 gallons of diesel stolen from 18-wheeler at Dean’s Tire.

• 911 Open Line. 12:13 AM. Accidental

• Verbal Disturbance. 12:17 AM. Iron Horse Saloon. Intoxicated subject will not leave. Subject had left before officer arrived.

Apr. 6

• Courtesy ride. 12:00 AM. Flat Creek, Intoxicated male needs a ride home.

• Warrant Service. 12:10 AM. Arrest.

• Civil Standby. 12:17 AM.

• Close Patrol. 12:18 AM. Complaintant stated she saw three juveniles trespassing on property on Trainer Wuest Rd.

• Attempt to locate. 12:20 AM. Comal County reported stolen trailer. Maroon truck has trailer and was last seen going into Blanco County on Hwy 32. Unable to locate. Blanco PD assisted.

• Animal Complaint. 12:23 AM. Scenic View Dr. Complaintant states neighbor’s dogs have been barking for quite a while. Unable to talk to owners.

Apr. 7

• Civil Standby. 12:09 AM. Standby requested for pickup of container. Trespass warning issued.

• Livestock Complaint. 12:12 AM. Black Angus reported in road on 3232. Unable to locate.

• Reckless Driver. 12:15 AM. Red truck with flat bed trailer on Hwy 281, northbound. Unable to catch.

• Animal Complaint. 12:15 AM. Headstart. Bat needs to be put down.

• Supicious Activity. 12:16 AM. Bluff Trail. Unfounded.

• Follow Up/Animal Complaint. 12:17 AM. Scenic View Dr. Follow up, owners will comply.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:18 AM. Complaintant states a supicious vehicle parked between trees and by fence with equipment on back. Unable to locate

• Reckless Driver. 12:18 AM. White truck taking up two lanes. Vehicle stopped and given warning.

• Reckless Driver. 12:19 AM. Tan Dodge Ram diesel truck reportedly running drivers off road.

Apr. 8

• Welfare Check/911 Hang Up. 12:06 AM. Line trouble

• Information. 12:08 AM. Qualification exercise at firing range.

• Theft/Burglary of Building. 12:09 AM. Tools reported stolen out of construction trailer.

• Reckless Driver. 12:12 AM. Red 90’s model 4x4 jacked up pick up nearly caused a head on collision. Unable to locate.

• Animal Complaint. 12:18 AM. Report of dog being abused on McCall Creek Rd. Dog does have food, water, and shelter.

Apr. 9

• Inmate Transfer. 12:04 AM. Blanco County Jail to Del Valle TDC.

• Disturbance. 12:17 AM. Complaintant states that brother is on property to collect his vehicles, subject is not supposed to be there. No one at property when officer arrives.

• Civil. 12:17 AM. Civil visitation. Complaintant/FV assault. No charges at this time.

• Civil Standby. 12:18 AM. Complaintant requests a civil standby.

• Agency Assist. 12:18 AM. Subject escorted to Spring Branch. Blanco PD assisted.

• Welfare Check. 12:19 AM. Subject sent a threatening letter to the VA Hospital. Subject is okay.

• Information. 12:19 AM. Complaintant gives information on subject who is threatening her.

• Civil Dispute. 12:23 AM. Caller requests officer to pick up brother.

• Traffic Hazard. 12:23 AM. Household goods reported 150 yds off of Hwy 32. Officer reports nothing in road.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Apr. 3 and Apr. 9.

Apr. 4

• Disturbance/Agency Assist. 12:19 AM. Arrest on view. One taken into custody. Blanco County deputies, Johnson City PD assisted.

Apr. 9

• Accident. 12:15 AM. Hwy 281 N in Round Mountain by Berkley’s. Blanco County deputies assisted.

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