On a beautiful Thursday evening in Blanco, The junior varsity Panther football team hosted the Nixon-Smiley Mustangs, defeating them 40-6 and improving their record to 7-0 and 2-0 in district play.
Blanco won the coin toss and deferred to start the game, kicking off on the leg of Chris Osteguin. The Mustangs were met with a very tough Panther defense, led by Jake Mangold, Brandon Phipps, Chance Horton, and Peyton Van Dyke, as they went three plays followed by a punt. The Panthers started in good field position, but sputtered on their opening drive after four downs. The Mustangs again met the Panthers dominating defense, this time introducing themselves as Eddie Calzoncit, Toby Triesch, Tristan Lopez, and Jon Lovinggood. The Mustangs were forced to punt as Tristan Fortner awaited the ball and danced his way for a 22-yard return. The Panthers then went to the running game with Calzoncit at the command handing it off to Triesch, Cade Felps, Fortner, and finally Jake Mangold as he punched it into the end zone from three yards out for the games first points and the start of the second quarter. The PAT was no good, Blanco led 6-0. After a great kick by Osteguin, Mario Sanchez and Tyler LaRue sprinted down and met the mustang's receiver as he caught the ball. Marc Franco, Lopez, and Lovinggood made the bulk of the stops to force another punt by the Mustangs as Calzoncit awaited on the mustang 35 yard line and didn't stop running until he scored once again for the Panthers. Calzoncit followed it up with a pass to a wide-open LaRue for the two-point conversion. Blanco led 14-0. The Mustangs again waited for the ball as they were met by LaRue and Sanchez for a quick take down. The Panther defense, led by Griffin Wearden, and Lopez, placed serious pressure on the Mustangs as Fortner intercepted a pass on the Mustang 20 yard line. It only took one play as Calzoncit found Triesch open across the middle and with some great second effort, Triesch squeezed across and into the end zone. The PAT was no good, Blanco 20-0. Calzoncit and Felps teamed up on the tackle after Osteguin's kick off. Next up, as the defense substituted in were Paco Vargas, Kyle Martinez ,Will Adams, and Brock Nichols who were able to hold the Mustangs from scoring when Horton caused a fumble that was recovered by Wearden. The Panthers capitalized on the turnover, using four downs to find LaRue open for a 48 yard touchdown pass reception from Calzoncit. Fortner punched in the conversion, Blanco 28-0. On the following kick off, Luke Atchley locked onto the return and made a great stop with only seconds remaining in the second quarter. After two plays by the Mustangs, the score remained the same at half, Blanco 28-0. The second half kick off had Panthers wanting more, after LaRue returned the ball 9 yards. With the Panthers 2nd and 8 yards to go, Calzoncit handed the ball off to Toby Triesch who found some great blocking from the offensive line of Chail Knoll, Wade Robinson, Horton, Lovinggood and Wearden for a run of 37 yards. After a couple runs by Felps and Fortner, Triesch was able to run the ball in from 6 yards out for the score. The first field goal of the year was attempted, but fell short, Blanco 34-0. Tristan Lopez made the tackle after the Panthers kicked off, and followed it up with tackles on the next two plays, but on the third down for the Mustangs, a receiver got opened and was able to run in for a score and PAT no good, Blanco 34-6. After a nice Osteguin 16 yard return for the Panthers, each team traded fumbles and the Panthers decided to go to work. With Van Dyke taking the QB roll, he first handed off to Fortner for 2 yards followed by three consecutive gives to Franco, the first two for 9 yards each and then followed by a 44 yard marathon for another Panther score. The PAT was no good, Blanco 40-6. The next Mustang possession proved too much as Sebastian Flores knocked the ball from a would be receiver leaving the punt as the last play for the Mustang offense and placing the Panthers in full control of the entire fourth quarter. Van Dyke knelt on the ball as the Panthers enjoyed another victory as a team and a continuation of their undefeated season.
The Panther JV Football team will travel to Karnes City on Thursday October 22, at 5:30pm to take on the Badgers in another District game.