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How to Avoid Failing a Home Inspection
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 • Posted May 19, 2009 10:00 PM

Are you looking at getting a home inspection done, but you are worried that you could fail it? There are some key precautionary measures that you can take to ensure that you will pass a home inspection every time. Many things can be done to ensure that your inspections run smoothly. Here is looking at how to help avoid failing an inspection.

When talking to home inspectors they say that there are some key things why home inspections fail. If you look at these key things and then make sure they are fixed in your home, then you should not fail an inspection.

Plumbing: Check for any leaking around all of the pipes and the faucets. Especially check the connectors that go to your washing machine and your dish washer. Leaks are a common reason why homes fail inspections. If your home was built in the 70's or 80's then there are certain pipes that won't clear safety inspections. Make sure all pipes are up to date and will pass inspections.

Electrical Work: Make sure that all your outlets are tightened and that they work. They always check for loose and failed outlets. Make sure your breaker boxes are properly wired. Improper wiring and wrong sized boxes are a common thing that is seen in older homes. Make sure that your wiring and boxes fit properly because this is one of the leading ways that fires start in homes.

Heating systems: Make sure that your heating systems have annual maintenance done on them by a professional. This insures that burners have been looked at and replaced and that any leaks have been found and fixed. Replace the filters every few months to keep heat properly flowing through the house. If these systems are not properly cared for then carbon monoxide leaks can also occur. This is very dangerous and inspectors always look for this.

The roof: If the insulation is limited up in the attic area, then it causes a higher energy bill each month. Make sure that this is inspected and that you have proper insulation up in the attic of your home. Shingles need to be secured and make sure that all of them were properly installed. This can lead to major leaks when it rains and it will damage the structure of the home. To repair something like this will cost even more money that you weren't planning on. By taking the proper precautions you will ensure that you won't have to pay for such an expense.

Drainage: If there is pooling against the foundation then this will cause cracks and damage and ruin your foundation. Many gutters don't properly drain and it in turn causes the water to seep into your foundation. This brings another huge problem, which is mold. Mold is a huge problem that is very common in homes today. Inspectors will want to make sure that your home is draining water properly and that there isn't a risk of mold that will occur. Clean and replace gutters if needed to make sure that this doesn't happen in your home.

In following these simple steps in how to avoid failing an inspection, you can rest assure that your home will pass. Take the precautions and make sure your house is up to date and in great condition when it comes time for the inspection. Doing these simple things will speed things along when it comes due for an inspection.

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