There's something about a crisp autumn day that conjures up memories of scuffling through fallen leaves, biting into the first perfect apple of the season, and, of course, football! We gratefully shelve the sleeveless shirts and start wearing a light sweater in the morning. If you're a member of Mason's Scarlet Punchers, at the end of every month is the promise of our next gathering in the not-too-distant future. November, if we survive Halloween (toilet paper, anyone?) brings Thanksgiving, and Mason's Scarlet Punchers have much to be thankful for, primarily that we're still being seen, and not viewed! None of us are getting any younger, as our bones recently told us during the mini-cold front, so we like to celebrate our continued festive spirit and gratitude every month while we still can by getting together for fun, food, and fellowship!

Last month was our annual Halloween visit to Joan's awesome ranch house, and I'm still digesting all the deliciousness I ingested, and absorbing the fun I had driving out there in my Model T with my new partner in crime, Marge Boyd! Great job riding shotgun, Marge! November brings us to the home of Sherrie Clarkson, on Monday, November 9th, at 11:30 AM. FYI - this is the home Sherrie grew up in, and if you're really nice to her she may show you the window she sneaked out of at night as a teenager! Pot luck is the menu "du jour," and, as usual, red hats and purple outfits are suggested, but not required, as the Scarlet Punchers only have one rule - enjoy yourself! No dues, no dress code, and only the minimal basic rules of Christian civility (until we eat dessert, then all bets are off!!) Please join us, and bring a friend! For directions or more information please call Mary Carlman at 347-2290, Lynn Hedges at 347-7407, or Lenore Newsom at 347-2766. We hope to see you there!

Mason's Scarlet Punchers Give Their "Mean Face" for Halloween

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