(KGS) will learn about an unusual group of German immigrants to Texas at their November meeting. "Who Are The Wends?" is the program topic on Tuesday, November 10, at 2 p.m. and visitors are welcome free of charge.
The session will be at the Granite Shoals Fire Hall on RM Rd. 1431, which is a change from the regular meeting place at the Kingsland Branch Library.
The Wends are a Slavic people concentrated in Eastern Germany, but with a separate language and identity.
A number of them, conservative Lutherans, came to Texas in the 1850s and settled in what is now Lee County, especially in the town of Serbin. They made the journey in search of religious liberty and the right to speak their Wendish language.
The November speaker will be Weldon Mersiovsky, who is a retired financial advisor and the current vice-president of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society and the founder of the Wendish Research Exchange. He lives in Walburg. The Heritage Society seeks to preserve and, when
possible, revive remnants of the Wendish culture. It maintains a museum
located in Serbin. Mersiovsky's presentation will consist of a short
history of the Wends of Texas and their origins, and his own entry into genealogy.
The KGS normally meets the second Tuesday of the month at the library, where it also helps maintain a collection of genealogical materials to aid family history researchers.
The November meeting will also include election of officers for 2016. For more information contact Raye Lokey at (830) 613-1577 or Shirley Shaw, (830)385-7070.

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