Four teams (out of five) make the playoffs from 13-4A, Division II. Navarro (3-0 in district) is the number one seed; Wimberley (3-1) is two.
If the Jackets (1-2) lose to Navarro, November 6, and Lytle (1-2) beats Hondo (0-3), it’s simple, the Owls go winless in district and are out.
If Hondo beats the Pirates and Llano loses to the Panthers, it’s a three-way tie for third, fourth, and fifth, and the difference in points in the three games among those three squads decides the third and fourth playoff teams.
If Hondo defeats Lytle, Llano is in no matter the score, because it has a plus 10 in points: a 15-13 loss to the Pirates and a 32-20 win over the Owls. Any Hondo win puts Lytle behind the Jackets.
Oh, if Hondo downs the Pirates by seven—it’s a tie for fourth and fifth between those two (both minus five) and probably decided by their losses to Wimberley and Navarro—but that’s not our concern.

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