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How Does Your Garden Grow?
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 • Posted July 14, 2009 10:00 PM

How is your summer? Are you watering, adding mulch, spraying spider mites, white flies, aphids, grasshoppers, fire ants and now chinch bugs in your St. Augustine lawn?

Chinch bugs cause brown, dry spots in your lawn. The apots are usually near walks, driveways and the hottest parts of the lawn. Control with a contact insecticide. Read the label before using.

Use Spinosad for caterpillars, leafminers and bagworms, plus many other insects. Bacillus thurengiensus (B.t.) can be used for Fall web worms, any caterpillars, leaf rollers on cannans and vinca. Vinca is a great groundcover but the leaf roller can destroy an area in a short time. The plants look dead. Be alert and spray at the first sign of infestation. The vinca may be cut with the mower or weedeater; rake up the cut leaves and place them in the trash, not compost pile. Feed the area with an organic plant food and water. It will renew itself in a few weeks.

The webworms are becoming more visible in the pecan trees, ash, mulberry, persimmon and other trees. Pecan trees that have developing nuts should be fertilized with 21-0-0, 33-0-0 or 46-0-0 in late summer. Give them extra water during this dry time so the kernels will be full.

Fireants are attacking me each time I’m working outside. There are many different ways to rid an area, but I’ve heard a new one. Take a gallon jug or can, punch holes in the bottom, fill it with orange oil and set it on the ground or nesting area. The slow drip will soak into the mound and fill the caverns of the hill and it will kill the ants, not just move them to another spot in the yard.

If you finish your chores, it’s time to begin preparing for the Fall garden. Fall tomatoes should be planted by the end of July. Watch the heat!

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