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Blanco County Public Records
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 • Posted April 8, 2008 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Charles Willgren from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Criminal Cases

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Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Criminal Cases

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Blanco Volunteer Fire Department Log

These reports were filed between Mar 3 and Mar 28.

Mar 3

• Investigate Smoke at Ranch Road 2325 .

Mar 4

• Lift Assist at Hackberry Street .

• Grass Fire at Red Corral Ranch Road .

Mar 6

• Motor Vehicle Accident at Ranch Road 165 .

• Motor Vehicle Accident at FM 473 West .

Mar 7

• Burn Ban Violation at US Highway 281 North .

Mar 8

• Motor Vehicle Accident/Landing Zone for Emergency Medical Evacuation at 6th Street @ Elm Street .

Mar 9

• Motor Vehicle Accident at US Highway 281 @ Hillside Drive .

Mar 10

• Burn Ban Violation at Lonesome Loop .

• Structure Fire at 8th Street @ Pecan Street .

Mar 11

• Burn Ban Violation at Antelope Cove @ Brushy Ridge.

• Grass Fire at Cross Triangle.

• Burn Ban Violation at Narrows Road .

• Grass Fire at Cripple Creek Lane .

Mar 12

• Grass Fire at Mutual Aid Johnson City .

• Grass Fire at FM 1623 .

• Search & Rescue at McCall Creek .

Mar 13

• Landing Zone for Emergency Medical Evacuation at Blanco High School .

Mar 14

• Grass Fire at Trainer Lane .

• Grass Fire at Stone Ledge Pass .

• Burn Ban Violation at 6th Street @ Elm Street .

Mar 15

• Grass Fire at Stone Ledge Pass .

• Grass Fire at Stone Ledge Pass .

• Grass Fire at Mutual Aid Johnson City .

Mar 16

• Motor Vehicle Accident at County Road 102 .

• Landing Zone for Emergency Medical Evacuation at Ranch Road 1888 .

• Landing Zone for Emergency Medical Evacuation at Blanco High School .

Mar 18

• Search & Rescue at US Highway 281 South @ Ranch Road 32 .

Mar 20

• Motor Vehicle Accident/Landing Zone for Emergency Medical Evacuation at US Highway 281 South @ Loop 163.

• Alarm at Live Oak Medical Center.

• Grass Fire at Rangeland .

Mar 21

• Motor Vehicle Accident at FM 32 @ RR 32 .

Mar 24

• Grass Fire at Mutual Aid Johnson City .

Mar 28

• Burn Ban Violation at Whitmire Estates .

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Mar 27 and Apr 2.

Mar 27

• Minor Traffic Accident. 1:07 PM. The caller backed into a small car at the C.J’s parking lot.

• Alarm. 5:05 PM. False alarm.

• Suspicious Activity. 8:51 PM. People on Elm St. were reportedly filling in a drainage area and possibly didn’t have a permit. An officer spoke with the people.

• Alarm. 9:09 PM.

Mar 28

• Possible Intoxicated Driver. 7:13 AM. US 281, from Comal County. The vehicle turned off on another road before the officer could spot it.

• Found Property. 8:18 AM. A back pack was left in front of the EMS station.

Mar 29

• Agency Assist (EMS). 3:57 AM. Officers assisted EMS with a medical emergency on RR 1623. An officer located the driveway for the residence (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Minor Traffic Accident (Rollover). 4:55 PM. A caller stated that a vehicle rolled over on Blanco Ave. A wrecker was requested.

• Intoxicated Driver. 5:48 PM. An officer was unable to locate the reported driver.

• Threats / Harassment. 8:55 PM. A subject gave officers information about threats.

• Reckless Driver. 10:01 PM. Street racing was reported on Elm St.

• 911 Misdial. 11:58 PM. Officers responded to Riverside Bar & Grill after a reported 911 misdial. The officers were informed that a verbal disturbance had occurred but both parties had left (with Blanco Co. SO).

Mar 30

• Vehicle vs. Person / Agency Assist. 2:58 PM. An elderly female was reportedly hit by a truck while she was crossing the street in front of Blanco National Bank.

Mar 31

• Assault. 2:19 AM. A caller at C.J’s said his throat had been cut. The responding officers reported that the call may have been related to an assault in another county (with Johnson City PD).

• Reckless Driver. 1:20 PM. A large load escort truck was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed on US 281 and running cars off the road.

• Disturbance. 10:03 PM. An assault was reported. An officer gave a subject a ride.

• Disturbance. 10:21 PM. A subject was yelling at the caller.

Apr 1

• Threats / Civil Matter. 4:11 PM. A caller reported threats made and then later requested a restraining order. An officer reported that it was a civil matter.

• Civil Matter. 5:12 PM. The caller requested to speak to an officer.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 5:57 PM. Riverside Bar & Grill.

• Reckless Driver. 11:06 PM. Pickup on US 281, heading into Blanco.

Apr 2

• Disturbance / 911. 12:07 AM. A caller reported several subjects at the Riverside Bar reportedly threatening to fight anyone. Further calls reported that subjects had left and then come back. The responding officer issued a criminal trespass warning. Blanco County Sheriff’s Office and Johnson City PD assisted.

• Case Follow-up. 4:09 PM. Pecan St.

• Information / Threats. 8:09 PM. Information was reported about threats to an individual.

• Theft. 9:02 PM. Money was reported stolen from the caller’s residence.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Mar 27 and Apr 2.

Mar 27

• Citizen Assist. 1:48 AM. A deputy reported that a subject’s front bumper was dragging on the ground. The driver had hit a deer earlier. The deputy was able to pull the bumper clear and issued a blue form to the driver.

• Prisoner Transport. 11:18 AM. Two inmates transferred from Comal County.

• Arrest Warrant. 11:50 AM. Two subjects were arrested at Blanco ISD.

• Loose Livestock. 6:41 PM. Two longhorns were reported out near US 281.

Mar 28

• Arrest on View. 8:00 AM. A subject came to the jail to turn himself in on a warrant.

• Reckless Driver. 9:17 AM. US 290 East. An officer followed the vehicle.

• Unknown. 9:42 AM. An officer was requested to issue someone a citation for littering.

• Reckless Driver. 10:22 AM. A pickup on US 281 was reportedly driving very aggressively.

• Inmate Transfer. 1:49 PM. One inmate transferred to Travis County.

• Motorist Assist. 2:12 PM. A trailer carrying half a doublewide blew out a rear tire and was driving only on its rim.

• 911 Hangup. 11:26 PM. Officers met with the caller and everything was OK.

Mar 29

• Noise Complaint. 3:08 AM. A caller reported loud music being played down by the river and requested an officer investigate.

• Loose Livestock. 7:30 AM. One Hereford cow was running around on RR 32. A deputy located the cow, which then went back into the pasture.

• Loose Livestock. 9:40 AM. Cattle out near US 281.

• Information / Smoke Investigation. 12:50 PM. Brush piles were reportedly being burned during the burn ban.

• Smoke Investigation. 12:54 PM. A caller stated that there was a lot of smoke east of the residence. The smoke was in Comal County, where the burn ban had been lifted.

• Noise Complaint. 1:10 PM. The loud music reported by a caller was made by a band practicing for the Memorial Day weekend party.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 3:19 PM. A vehicle reported stopped and a subject fired a weapon. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

• Welfare Check / Citizen Assist. 3:41 PM. A caller reported another vehicle that had hit a deer and stranded the motorist on US 290 West. A wrecker was already called and on the way.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 7:55 PM. A big rock reportedly fell off a dump truck traveling on RR 32 and hit the oil pan on the caller’s car. An officer issued a blue form.

• Welfare Check. 9:09 PM. EMS requested an officer for a welfare check.

Mar 30

• Possible Intoxicated Driver. 1:30 AM. A vehicle on US 281, leaving Blanco, was reportedly all over the road and driving slowly.

• Information. 7:40 AM. Restraining order violation reported.

• Domestic Disturbance (Verbal only). 10:17 AM.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 10:52 AM. The caller’s car reportedly went off the road at Middle Creek on RR 165. The caller requested an officer and EMS. A wrecker was required (with Blanco PD).

• Noise Complaint. 2:00 PM. Subjects reportedly had music playing loudly. An officer spoke with the subjects, who turned the music down.

• Alarm. 3:36 PM. (with Johnson City PD)

• Inmate Escort. 5:03 PM. Inmate transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 6:19 PM. A newer model vehicle was reported abandoned on the side of CR 102, down by a creek. The vehicle was up on rocks and had been stripped.

• Verbal Disturbance. 7:25 PM. Custody dispute.

• Assault. 10:17 PM. Officers responded to the Blanco EMS station for an assault that reported occurred in another county (with Blanco PD).

• Civil Standby. 11:11 PM. Custody dispute.

Mar 31

• Suspicious Circumstances. 7:44 AM. A caller stated that an individual was being stalked. The 911 operator referred the caller to a Sheriff’s deputy.

• Traffic Accident. 8:38 AM. A one-vehicle rollover was reported in the southbound lane of US 281, north of Johnson City.

• Prisoner Transfer. 9:28 AM. One inmate transferred out of the county.

• Loose Livestock. 10:38 AM. A black Angus calf was reported at the RR 1320 and RR 1323 intersection.

• Follow-up. 2:03 PM. An officer followed up on a littering complaint.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 7:02 PM. A caller stated that a monster truck was off the road near CR 307 and on some rocks; the airbags had been deployed and a bicycle was beside the vehicle. No one was inside. The responding officer reported that the vehicle had a blown-out tire. The property owner wanted the vehicle removed.

• Suspicious Circumstances / Civil. 7:25 PM. An officer responded to a dispute over property lines off RR 165. The officer reported it was a civil matter and the dispute was over for the night.

• Suspicious Person. 10:59 PM. An officer gave a subject who was walking along the side of US 281 a ride to Burnet County.

• Traffic Hazard. 11:50 PM. A barrel was on US 290 West (with Johnson City PD).

Apr 1

• Burn Ban Violation. 9:01 AM. Cielo Springs subdivision. The subject reportedly called Comal County, which had suspended its burn ban.

• Agency Assist. 9:02 AM. PEC requested an officer with overhead lights to assist with traffic while they put up banners over US 290.

• Civil Standby. 10:40 AM.

• Theft / Forgery. 11:03 AM. Super S.

• Civil Standby. 2:36 PM. CPS agent requested an officer to assist.

• Motorist Assist. 5:13 PM. An individual on the side of US 281 may have needed help.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 7:28 PM. A vehicle had been left on RR 1623 for three days.

Apr 2

• Animal Complaint. 7:48 AM. A light yellow lab was reported on US 290 East.

• Loose Livestock. 12:58 PM. A black Angus was reportedly loose on 473 East. An officer put the calf back in.

• Exotic Animal Complaint. 4:34 PM. A large oryx was reported loose. The animal was put back into the fence.

• Animal Welfare. 4:58 PM. Several dogs were reportedly without food or water. An officer left a card for the owners.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Mar 27 and Apr 2.

Mar 30

• Traffic Accident. 3:15 AM. A two-vehicle traffic accident was reported on 962 E at Old Marble Falls Rd. The caller reported a bunch of people standing around and didn’t know about any injuries. Wreckers were requested (with Johnson City PD).

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