Alan Rickman, British veteran actor of screen and stage and director has passed away at the age of 69. Rickman starred in movies like “Die Hard”, “Harry Potter” Galaxy Quest, in which he actually spoofed himself and many more. The stage was his true passion and his list of accomplishments are too numerous to mention. Alan Rickman lost his battle with cancer.
Senior Spotlight
Today’s Spotlight shines on Escar Kimmel, who has been a friend of mine since I came to Mason. Escar told me, “I was brought up a farm boy in New Mexico. At age 18 I joined the Air Force. The military gave me a place to stay, food, clothes and they actually paid me... $78.00 a month!” Esker said, “In 1951 I volunteered for duty in Korea. I wanted to get that war over with. I already had a brother stationed in Korea and so the military wouldn’t send me until he was cycled out of there. The Air Force sent me to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska instead to wait my turn.”
Escar never got the chance to go to Korea but he made the Air Force his career for more than 23 years and was stationed just about everywhere else. When I saw the list of his missions and assignments it reminded me of the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been Every Where.” He said, “They included: Lackland AFB, San Antonio; F. E.Warren AFB (SAC Base), Cheyenne, Wyoming; Tech School, Washing DC; Elmendorf AFB, Alaska; the Philippines; Formosa (where one of my daughters was born); Roswell New Mexico; Pease AFB, New Hampshire; Vandenberg AFB, California and Nah Trang, South Viet Nam. I was then assigned to the Pentagon in Washington D.C. My last station was Randolph AFB in Texas.” While in the Air Force, Escar married his wife Kathy. He said, “I retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant in 1974.”
Escar and Kathy were looking for a place to settle down after the military life and according to him, “We just drove around the Central Texas Hill Country looking. We were fond of the Hill Country and checked out a number of towns here. Kathy liked Mason so we came here. We bought a large house that needed some work.” I have toured Esker’s home a number of times and “large” is an understatement. I actually it’s so large that got lost in it and lost count of all the rooms.
Escar said, “I wanted to be a teacher so I commuted from Mason to San Antonio College to attend their Home Building Course. The college had just bought a large ballroom next to the school which was modified and became the Adult & Continuing Education Building. I got the task of remodeling. We put in 19 class rooms, 5 offices and a homebuilding workshop that was 43 feet wide by 73 feet long equipped with all the tools necessary for woodwork training. One of my responsibilities was to train all those in the classes on safety to avoid injury due to the heavy and potentially dangerous equipment we were using. In each class I would identify and train several students to become safety monitors to insure no one got hurt. There I worked under Jim Dye, Bob Dalglas and Eugene Foster, who was my boss.” During this time, Escar took off two years to take care of his uncle Oliver who had some pretty bad injuries and needed Escar’s help getting back on his feet.
Escar has two sons and two daughters. Son Johnny worked for the Border Patrol and wound up retiring from the U. S. Department of Interior. When he retired from that he went to work for AreoCare, flying helicopters. He has flown for a number of government agencies including police and fire departments and continues to fly Medevac helicopters in the Lubbock area. Son Ronald was interested in becoming a youth counselor with the church and now does that in his own church in Canby, Oregon. Daughter, Susan Self is married to Ray who is a retired U. S. Air Force Tech Sergeant and now is a trucker in Weatherford. Daughter Patricia lives in New Mexico.
Escar loves fishing, growing things and fixing things. Escar has lived in Mason 42 years and is still very active. I know because he tried to get me to join him to fix something on the roof of that very tall 2-tory house. I had to convince him that it wasn’t a matter of if I would fall off... it was a matter of when.
Escar said, “I have met some very good people during my days in Mason and have enjoyed my stay here.” Escar told me, “I am honored and consider it a privilege to have served in the U.S. Air Force and feel fortunate to have served with and be trained by the BEST in the military. Over the years Escar and I have discussed many aspects of what each of us has done in our respective careers and found that many are similar. It was an honor to interview Escar Kimmel.
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