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How Does Your Garden Grow?
April: A Strange Month
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 • Posted April 22, 2008 10:00 PM

April has been a strange month, weather wise. I had waited later than usual to plant tomatoes. I planted in the morning, and we had a freeze that night. The plants were slightly damaged. I’ve kept them covered whenever the weather has threatened since. They are doing fine, along with the peppers and squash.

I hope I’ve moved house plants in and out of doors for the last time.

Now is the time to on the look out for:

Canker worms - Small green worms hanging by a thin web from trees. They can strip the leaves from the tree. Spray with B. T., this is special for caterpillars. The tree will leaf out again.

Thrips - Cause roses to fail to open and the petals will be brown around the edge. Leaves will have trails across them. Use a systemic insecticide. It is taken up through the roots and is eaten by the insects.

Aphids - Small insects gather on the edge and backside of new growth. They suck the juice from the plants and the leaves shrivel. Use a strong blast of water to knock them down or use organic or inorganic insecticide.

Leafrollers - The leaves are folders over and the insect is inside. Check redbuds, cannas, Vinca ground covers, pyracanthas, and cotoneaster. They can be prevented with systemic insecticide before infestation.

Snails, slugs, and pill bugs - Treat with bait or dust. They usually do their damage at night. You can also place a dish in the garden with water, beer or sugar water, the bugs will crawl into the dish and drown.

Powdery Mildew - It is on many of the crape myrtles now. They must be planted in full sun, with air circulation. The fungus is a white powerdy dust that causes the leaves to shrivel. Trim out the damaged leaves. Make a spray using whole ground corn meal (not enriched) mixed with water. Let it set overnight and spray on leaves, once a week or control with a labeled fungicide.

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