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How Does Your Garden Grow?
Adding a Pond
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 • Posted April 27, 2010 10:00 PM

Adding a pond to your landscape is an investment in money and time, but it is a very enjoyable addition.

Choosing the right location for the pond is most important. Shade is okay, but most aquatic plants need at least four hours of sun to bloom. A good thing about shade is it keeps the algae from growing so rapidly. Placing the pond under or near deciduous trees is a problem. The leaves fall into the pond and sink to the bottom, where they decompose and rob the water of oxygen.

Choosing the size of the pond depends on whether the area is rock or diggable soil. After the pond is dug, measure the deepest part, times length and width, plus six to eight inches of overlap over the edge of the pond. There are two types of ponds. You can purchase a hard-formed liner, which sets into the hole. To make it sit level, use sand on the bottom. The alternative is the heavy 45 mil plastic liner. Place this in the pond; it will fall into the curves and fill the uneven parts. Make sure there is enough overlap on the sides. Use native rocks around the edges. Add water and let it set. The water will help settle the liner.

Place the pond in an area that can be seen from several directions. It should look like a natural part of the surroundings.

Plant to the edge of the pond using a repeat of plants you are now using in your landscape. There are many interesting bog plants. They can stand in water or in a marshy area. Any plant that does well in full sun and must have well-drained soil wouldn’t work (like Salvia Greggi). Use plants of different heights for more interest.

If you want moving water, you will need a pump that fits the number of gallons your pond holds, and is large enough to get the results you want, such as fountains, waterfall, or bubbles. There are many from which to choose. Keep a skimmer nearby to remove the leaves and trash that fall in. There are chemicals that can be purchased to help keep the water clean.

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