I like it when someone I know has already read a book that I’m thinking of reading—that way he or she can tell me if it’s good before I invest any time in it. We now have a way that you can rate books and write a brief review of the books, movies, and books on CD that you’ve checked out or downloaded. Then when somebody else goes to the public catalog and looks at the item details, your local reviews will be there! Cool, huh? So next time you come in, ask me to show you how!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Revenant
The Forest
Silk: Season 2Norm of the North
A Place to Call Home: Season 3
Above Suspicion: Season 3
New Tricks: Season 5
Bat 21
Grace & Frankie: Season 1
And Then There Were None
The Good Wife: Season 6
CSI: Seasons 12 & 13
Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline (CD F SCO)
Echoes Along the Pecos River by Barbara E. McAleese (T 976.4 McA)
I Am Hutterite by Mary-Ann Kirkby (921 KIR)
Rice Paddy Grunt by John M. G. Brown (959.704 BRO)
Fiction: All quotes are from publishers’ summaries
Blood Oranges by Susan Wittig Albert (F ALB Bay.24)
“Kelly Kaufman is a hospice nurse who has discovered instances of suspicious practices. Even more disturbing, she suspects that a patient was murdered. Then Kelly is forced off the road, an accident that leaves her in a medically induced coma. It’s up to China to determine who wanted her out of the picture.”
The Murder of Mary Russell by Laurie R. King (F KIN Rus.15)
“Mary Russell is used to dark secrets - her own and those of her famous partner and husband, Sherlock Holmes. Trust is a thing slowly given but over the course of a she has opened her heart to the couple’s longtime housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson. Russell’s faith and affection are suddenly shattered. In a devastating instant, everything changes.”
Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury (F KIN Ang.2)
“Despite an array of health issues, Mary Catherine carries on an abundance of charity work. She decides to travel to Uganda to meet the two children she sponsors and to find out if her donations are actually helping. She arrives in Africa only to find a makeshift orphanage with 17 children and no one to care for them.”
No Safe Secret by Fern Michaels (F MIC)
“After the terrible events of her high school prom night—and the act of vengeance that followed—Molly fled north and reinvented herself. From her silver Mercedes to her designer kitchen, Molly’s life is now gleaming and beautiful - at least on the surface. But the veneer of Molly’s polished existence is finally cracking.”
Ambush Valley by Dusty Richards (WF RIC Byr.6)
“The chief U.S. marshal asks Chet Byrnes to lead a secret task force to stop the raids coming from across the border and round up the border bandits—dead or alive. But the bandits fight back—putting a five-hundred-dollar bounty on Chet’s head. Now he’s got bushwhackers to deal with.”
The Inheritance by Michael Phillips (F PHI Sec.1)
“The death of the clan patriarch has thrown the tiny Shetland Islands community of Whale’s Reef into turmoil when it is discovered that MacGregor left no will. The courts have frozen the estate’s assets while the competing claims are investigated, leaving many of the residents in financial limbo. The future of the island—and its traditional way of life—hangs in the balance.”
Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (F KEL)
“Inspired by the life of a real World War II heroine, this powerful debut novel reveals an incredible story of love, redemption, and terrible secrets that were hidden for decades.”
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