A Real Gem
Dear Citizens,
I would like to express my appreciation for those whose efforts make our municipal government function. As a small town it takes dedicated management to have the city services we do on such a tight budget.
As a contractor I once worked with a community that disbanded all employees in favor of citizen volunteers in order to save tax money. Obviously it was a disaster, but the experiment served to point out what is often take for granted, namely functional services. I recently moved from a small town, not too far from Mason, where the water, sewer, and streets were allowed to fall into disrepair; where the lack of planning and zoning made for unsafe neighborhoods, blight, and pollution; where the lack of foresight is evident throughout town. This town has a tax base much larger per capita than Mason’s, but this is a place where everyone is in constant battle over everything. Personal attacks are standard. Rumors rule. Divisions permanently disable the community.
Mason is truly the “Gem of the Texas Hill Country.” Is there room for improvement? There always is. But what separates Mason from other small, struggling, rural towns is the ability to plan together in an informed, respectful manner even on the toughest issues.
Kim Paxson

POB 1399
Mason, Texas 76856

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