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Blanco County Public Records
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 • Posted May 20, 2008 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Charles Willgren from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between May 5 and May 14.

May 8

• Citizen Assist. 8:12 AM. An individual was worried and requested to speak with an officer.

• Loose Livestock. 9:45 AM. Goats on Loop 163.

• Verbal Disturbance. 12:14 PM. A subject was harassing others.

• Disturbance. 12:47 PM. A fight occurred in the high school cafeteria. Officers helped resolve the fight.

• Child Locked in Vehicle. 2:54 PM. A child was locked in a vehicle on the square. The child was soon rescued.

May 9

• Theft. 1:30 PM. A report was filed about a theft at Subway.

May 10

• Alarm. 4:49 AM. False alarm at Blanco Ice House.

• Reckless Driver. 12:48 PM. An SUV on RR 165 was running other vehicles off the roadway and driving at a high rate of speed. An officer observed the vehicle and did see any recklessness.

• Stolen Vehicle. 5:04 PM. Officers were asked to locate a vehicle with a possibly intoxicated driver. The incident was a civil matter.

• Alarm. 5:36 PM.

• Stranded Motorist. 5:55 PM. US 281.

• Disturbance. 8:37 PM. Officers responded to a disturbance on Greenlawn. One subject was arrested (with Blanco Co. SO).

May 11

• Information. 4:50 PM. A caller had a problem with a former employee.

• Disturbance. 5:24 PM. A caller called with information, and 911 later received a call about a disturbance. The caller was arrested and taken to Gillespie County.

May 12

• Alarm. 5:41 PM. Strickland Drugs.

May 13

• Suspicious Circumstances. 5:25 PM. Information was taken regarding suspicious checks at Super S.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 6:35 PM. A vehicle was parked partially in the roadway at Fulcher and Main streets.

• Welfare Check. 8:21 PM. A caller hadn’t heard from a friend in two days. An officer was unable to locate the individual’s vehicle.

May 14

• Alarm. 6:05 AM. Squeaky Clean Car Wash.

• Civil. 8:44 AM.

• Reckless Driver. 5:30 PM. US 281, at Blanco State Park.

• Civil Matter. 7:52 PM. A caller requests to speak with an officer.

• Civil Matter. 8:39 PM. An officer was requested (with Blanco Co. SO).

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between May 5 and May 14.

May 8

• Suspicious Vehicle. 2:53 AM. A vehicle reported at El Rancho was possibly parked because of mechanical problems.

• Theft. 1:50 PM. Fraudulent check reported.

• Medical Emergency. 2:24 PM. Officers and medical personnel responded to a call about an individual who was inside a vehicle and unresponsive.

May 9

• Juvenile Complaint. 7:23 PM. An officer was requested to speak with a juvenile.

May 10

• Suspicious Person. 11:55 AM. A suspicious person was seen standing on a street corner. An officer was unable to locate the subject.

May 11

• Terroristic Threats. 1:57 PM. Two subjects were reportedly making terroristic threats.

• Animal Complaint. 3:57 PM. A snake was reported. An officer described the snake as non-venomous and a “good guy.”

• Reckless Driver. 7:11 PM. US 281.

• Animal Complaint. 7:51 PM. A dog was running on US 281 and almost causing accidents.

• Disturbance. 10:02 PM. A verbal disturbance was reported involving an intoxicated subject. An officer gave the subject a ride away from the scene.

May 12

• Traffic Hazard. 10:28 AM. A house being hauled on US 281 was taking up several lanes. An officer controlled the traffic around the oversized load.

• Funeral Escort. 10:54 AM.

• Traffic Accident. 3:08 PM. A minor two-vehicle accident occurred on Ave. N.

• Lost Property. 3:30 PM.

• Animal Complaint. 5:34 PM. A caller saw a fox that looked sick and skinny. An officer took care of the animal.

• Civil Matter. 8:27 PM. Complaint over property taken from a residence.

May 13

• Juvenile Complaint. 9:04 AM. A minor-in-possession citation was issued.

• Animal Complaint. 12:08 PM. A fox was in the El Rancho parking lot.

• Noise Complaint. 9:24 PM. Loud music was reported but an officer could not locate it.

May 14

• 911 Call (Noise and Static). 7:03 AM. Weather-related.

• Civil Dispute. 4:49 PM. Dispute over custody.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between May 5 and May 14.

May 5

• Suspicious Vehicle. 10:36 PM. A suspicious vehicle was reported on Cox Rd. at the low water crossing. Officers responded, put one subject in custody, and gave a subject a courtesy ride to Johnson City.

May 8

• Reckless Driver. 2:04 AM. A van was seen driving on the wrong side of the road on US 290 West.

• Loose Livestock. 5:50 AM. A cow was grazing along the shoulder of US 290 East and US 281. Later, several cows with calves were reported.

• Loose Livestock. 1:20 PM. Three cows—brown, black, and white—were out on RR 1323. Two cows were located and put back into the pen.

• Criminal Trespass Warning. 4:17 PM. A warning was issued.

• Loose Livestock. 10:25 PM. A call about livestock was transferred to Gillespie County.

May 9

• Prisoner Transfer. 5:35 AM. One inmate was taken to Del Valle.

• Alarm. 8:32 AM. Residential.

• Funeral Escort. 11:35 AM. Officers provided a funeral escort.

• Reckless Driver. 7:27 PM. US 290 West, heading east.

• Juvenile Complaint. 9:41 PM. An officer responded to a call about a juvenile who wanted to run away. The situation was settled at the scene.

• Possible Intoxicated Driver. 11:20 PM. US 281, north into Johnson City. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

May 10

• Noise Complaint. 12:10 AM. Loud music reported. The subjects agreed to turn it down.

• Traffic Accident / Possible Intoxicated Driver. 12:27 AM. One subject was arrested and taken to the Sheriff’s Department substation for an intoxication test following a traffic accident on US 281 at 163. A wrecker was requested. Blanco PD and Texas DPS assisted.

• Noise Complaint. 4:38 AM. A nearby dog was barking through the night.

• Suspicious Person. 9:05 AM. A young subject was sitting on the side of US 281, north of Blanco. An officer was unable to locate the person.

• Traffic Accident. 11:28 AM. A vehicle was reported in a ditch, facing oncoming traffic, on US 281, south of Brushy Top. A wrecker was requested.

• Motorist Assist. 11:50 AM. A motorist had a blowout on US 290 West.

• Animal Complaint. 12:20 PM. A deer was hit on US 290 West and was still in the roadway. The caller was worried that it would become a traffic hazard. An officer was unable to locate the deer.

• Possible Traffic Accident. 9:50 PM. A caller reported a possible accident on the first curve of Rolling Hills Rd. An officer responded and reported that the subject was going to leave the vehicle at the scene overnight.

May 11

• Loose Livestock. 12:40 AM. A caller was concerned about safety due to a brown horse on the side of RR 2766.

• 911 Transfer. 1:11 AM. A 911 operator transferred a call about a possible burglary to Burnet County.

• Loose Livestock. 1:56 AM. A brown horse, previously reported, was on the side of RR 2766. Officers put the horse back into the pasture and secured the hole (with Johnson City PD).

• Information. 6:49 AM. A caller reported seeing what looked like a funnel cloud. Gillespie County sent out an officer to attempt to locate the cloud, but the National Weather Service didn’t have anything on the radar.

• Burn Ban Violation. 11:54 AM. An officer issued a warning.

• Illegal Dumping. 2:15 PM. A subject was reportedly dumping trash on the caller’s property. The subject agreed to clean it up.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 6:10 PM. A vehicle dropped off kids on Cox Road, at the low water crossing, and left.

• Possible Suicidal Subject. 8:12 PM. A caller reported a subject who was possibly a suicide risk.

• Traffic Hazard. 10:59 PM. An 18-wheeler with its flashers on stopped in the fast lane on US 281 and US 290 East.

May 12

• Loose Livestock. 7:46 AM. Loose cows were on the shoulder of US 290 East and US 281.

• Lost Property. 7:53 AM. A caller found lost property in the residence and doesn’t know who it belongs to.

• Abandoned Vehicle. 8:55 AM. A van was reported on the side of RR 32.

• Medical Emergency. 9:52 AM. A subject fell off a horse. StarFlight was requested.

• Guardrail Damage. 11:32 AM. A guardrail on US 290 West was reportedly damaged. No vehicles were seen in the area.

• Suspicious Person. 2:00 PM. A person in an unmarked utility truck was reported on the caller’s property. The subject was a subcontractor with PEC.

• Inmate Transferred to Doctor. 2:46 PM.

• Inmate Transferred to Doctor. 3:09 PM.

May 13

• Loose Livestock. 6:43 AM. Horses were loose on RR 2766.

• 911 Hang-up. 7:51 AM. Weather-related call.

• Abandoned 911 Call. 9:16 PM. An officer was sent to check on the welfare of an individual after a 911 call.

• Suspicious / Welfare Check. 11:43 PM. A caller heard a subject yelling for help; the responding officer stated that the call was unfounded.

May 14

• 911 Transfer. 6:01 AM. A large boulder was in the middle of Highway 71 West. Burnet County was notified.

• 911 Transfer. 7:31 AM. A caller saw lightning strike a tree and start a grass fire. The call was transferred to the Lakeway PD for the Bee Cave Fire Department to take the call.

• Theft. 9:40 AM. Gas reported stolen.

• Mental Welfare Check. 2:25 PM. A call about a subject who threatened to shoot police officers was transferred to Hays County.

• Reckless Driver. 2:47 PM. US 281 at Round Mountain.

• Theft. 3:31 PM. Property taken from work site.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between May 5 and May 14.

May 14

• Traffic Accident / Agency Assist. 4:05 PM. A car rear-ended a school bus on RR 165. No injuries were reported (with Blanco Co. SO).

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