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Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 • Posted May 20, 2008

Dear Editor,

I had some friends visiting from Austin yesterday and decided to take them to Wayne Smith Dam to let our children play. I was absolutely appalled when we got there at the amount of trash and glass bottles that littered the entire area. Why in God's name would people be that inconsiderate? I realize that it is not in the city limits, but I would like to figure out a way that the City of Blanco could put a dumpster out there so that most decent people would be inclined to use it. Our river is so beautiful and such an enjoyment for people from all over but how embarrassed I was for my friends to have to look at that. I’m disgusted.

Lesley Griffin


Dear Editor,

My name is Robert Daughdril. I reside on Hidden Valley Rd. Although I don't know if I will win idiot of the year award, I know I am a finalist.

Yesterday, in my infinite wisdom I decided to do a controlled burn on my property. When my water tank ran dry, my rake handle broke and the wind picked up, I realized I was in big trouble. I called 911 & was soon blessed with the volunteer fire department from Johnson City. James Dildine was first responder. Pretty soon more trucks from J.C and trucks from Stonewall, Blanco & Round Mountain were on the scene. The north county EMS was there also along with a Blanco Sheriff deputy. They spent the remainder of the morning, all afternoon and early evening battling a foolish mistake. Although a cabin and two small out buildings were destroyed, the fire was mostly contained on my land and none of the neighbors suffered. My home was spared as well as other outbuildings. I learned a number of things from the experience. The first being to not bite off more than you can chew. You just have to experience the might of a fire first hand to realize just how dangerous it can be. The most important thing I learned was how lucky we are to have such dedicated men and women who volunteer their services for the general population, even fools like me. To all of you who helped yesterday, thanks from a wiser old man.

Robert Daughdril


Dear Editor,

What makes a community healthy, alive, vibrant and neighborly is the people that live there! The first time I spoke to Cliff Gardener, I was brought to tears by the idea that Blanco had evolved to the point of hiring people like him. His community perspective and willingness to help make it better among just a few of his contributions to Blanco! Just a good man...thank you Cliff for a great job with the schools! It is with deep deep regret that Cliff and his family are moving on. The reason given "Politics...the good ole-boy network." (That is not to say it is just men...and I really don't know what that means except it often seems to be the reason for misuse of power.) "Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources available to them", I know. And I pray for those who have the power that they use it with God aligned consciousness as opposed of the Egoic personalties that can emerge in politics and money...control. We are all one....we can not change our inner connectedness. It just is.

Cliff and his family will be deeply missed. Thank you Cliff, for all you did by being here; your proactive ways, positive attitude, kindness and intelligence is a Huge loss for Blanco! Thank you for helping Blanco be a better place to live...and making a sweet print with the bike racks soon to be placed around town!

Carrie Fellows


Editor’s Note: The following were submitted the week of May 14, 2008, but were inadvertently left out of the paper.

As a Blanco ISD Alumnus (I attended grades K- 12), I know first hand the value of our Administrators, Educators, and dedicated Volunteers.

These people are responsible and deserve credit for making Blanco a wonderful, supportive place to attend classes as well as to be involved in extra-curricular activities through out the community.

Many of these dedicated civil servants go above and beyond the call of duty on an everyday basis. Blanco ISD’s mission statement and objectives for students are designed and carried out every day to ensure the success of every student. If you aren’t familiar with them you should check them out on the schools website

I take such pride in telling people where I went to school. This is in large part due to the system that supported my classmates and I. Lately I feel there has been a negative focus on what the school district and board “should” do and not enough focus on their current initiatives and successes for the students of Blanco ISD.

Focusing on the positive and taking pride in your Administrators, Educators and Volunteers sets a vital example of values, morals, and life skills for the children in your community. These life lessons will be essential to their success in a world where negativity will get you nowhere. I encourage anyone who wishes to make a change or make their voice heard to look into how they can facilitate the changes they wish to see instead of relying on others to do it for them.

Children learn from example. Let’s set a good one. Thank you to the BISD Administrators, Educators, and Volunteers: past, present and future.

Kelsey McClure


Dear Editor:

I was intrigued by the Blanco ISD Superintendent's article in the Newspaper a week or so back.

I read with great interest as he defended himself and the District about the mold issues, hazardous material, spray paint fumes, and other issues of concern about our children health.

The thing that I found most interesting was he was addressing and defending himself for issues that his predecessor, Lynn Boyd, and the school board have been aware of long before Mr. Gardner’s employment with the District.

The former Superintendent Lynn Boyd and the majority of the current school board members were informed of the dangerous health issues years ago. They exposed my wife and your children to hazardous fumes, caustic liquids, pesticides, spray paint fumes, and other harmful conditions. Yet when they were informed, not only did they do nothing to alleviate the issue, but they actually increased the dangerous conditions by have maintenance personnel start machines inside an enclosed area forcing the fumes into the classroom. EMS had to be called numerous times for medical emergencies due to dangerous breathing conditions.

Mr. Gardner is doing a great job under less then ideal conditions. He is being micromanaged by some board members, which is specifically against the Education Code, who are trying to get him to do their will and “play” along. Let’s support this man in his duties so that he can perform them without undo influence or harassment by some members of the Board.

PS Please note that I waited till after the election so no one will accuse me of trying to influence them.

Mike Simon


Dear Editor,

Our community partcipated in Saturday's school board election in record numbers. That is good for our school and for our town. I am asking that everyone show continued interest in our school board and their actions as it affects our children and our community. I am also asking for community support for the Superintendent, Mr. Cliff Gardner.

He is a good man with only our children's welfare in his heart. Mr. Gardner was hired by the very same board members who are on the board today. Yet, as an observer of the school board and the school administrators for many years; it is very obvious that some board members do not support Mr. Gardner whatsoever.

Go to a board meeting to learn more about our school district. Please support Mr. Gardner as he works for an exemplary rated school system. I love Blanco, it's strong people, and I love our schools. Thanks for listening.


Carolyn Gourley Milam

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