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Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 • Posted October 12, 2010

Dear Editor,

I would like to begin by thanking Charles Willgren for writing last week’s article about the zip-tie incident that occurred last month. Charles wanted to present all information clearly and succinctly, and he did for the most part. However, I must take issue with one comment contained in the article that was presumably quoted from me. The article reads, “mistakes were made. They put themselves in that position by being there.” That was correct, but it was only part of my statement. I also said there were Adults in this situation that had made mistakes, and our concern as parents of these boys was that the boys not be given the message that they (students) are to be held to a higher standard of behavior than Adults.

Tricia Hartmann

Blanco, TX

Dear Editor,

I think the children learned nothing from this. They should’ve been shown an example of fairness. There was no justice.

The teacher who called the police was completely out of line and should’ve used the chain of command. That’s the whole importance of it. They should’ve called the principal and he would’ve taken care of it. The principal would’ve gone to the superintendent and/or school board. The police wouldn’t have been involved.

This heavy a fine for that mediocre prank was absurd. These people do not have that kind of money around here. They lost their case because they over-fined them for a prank. They also did not teach them fairness.

Diane Hostetler

Blanco, TX

Dear Editor,

In last week’s issue, the article on the zip tie incident featured my shirt on front page. All of the feedback I got as a result was both positive and supportive. I would like to make it clear though to everyone, supportive or not, exactly what my shirt means. PROUD MOM OF A ZIP TIE GUY is not my condoning that my son got himself into trouble with the school and the law, but condoning that if zip-tieing lockers is the WORST prank he and his friends can contrive, then I am proud. They did not break and enter through a locked door or window, there was no vandalism, no theft, no inconvenience to any teacher or student since school was not in session, no loss or cost to the school district and no one was harmed. Take into consideration the missing panther head and rutted field 2 weeks ago, a flooded school several years ago, a car driven into the middle school years back and bomb threats more than once over the years, I would have to say... I am proud of my son and his friends for having such a harmless and comical sense of humor. It’s such a shame that it got blown so out of proportion by “someone.” I have been told that some people are asking why those of us parents of these boys don’t just DROP IT. My comment to those people is this: Would you just DROP IT if it was your child and you felt he or she had been punished unfairly as you have watched others over the years get off scot free for much, much worse? I bet not. So please think about that before you ask or criticize us for defending our kids.

Dena Handberry Kipp

Blanco, TX

Dear Editor,

I suppose in any political campaign there will be some false rumors spread. I’ve heard of two so far, and before they go any further the public should know the truth.

One rumor goes along the lines that I sued two older citizens and when asked why by our Sheriff, Bill Elsbury, the rumor alleges that I told the Sheriff, “Because I could.” That, my friends, is simply not true. I discussed the matter with Sheriff Elsbury a few days ago, and he confirms this rumor is false. Feel free to ask him.

To be sure, though, I did find it necessary about four years ago to sue our adjoining landowners to clarify the scope of our easement rights after they padlocked a gate that blocked the entrance to our easement. That lawsuit was settled with the gate being removed and our neighbors fencing off the easement land from the rest of their property so as not to interfere with our easement rights.

Another rumor was that two of Sheriff Elsbury’s deputies coerced a new store operator into removing several of our campaign yard signs. I talked directly with the store operator who reported what happened: Two deputies, in separate cars, passed by his store, then circled back, stopped in front of his store and asked him if he had given permission to someone to put the signs up. He told them no, and the deputies left. The store operator then removed the signs. While the store operator thought it odd that the two deputies acted in that manner, he said the deputies were courteous, and he confirmed that he was not intimidated and just did not want to get involved in local politics.

Having discussed this incident with both the store operator and Sheriff Elsbury, while I also am a little curious why the deputies did what they did, I am satisfied nothing improper was intended by anyone. And I also am confident that all of our county employees will do their utmost to avoid even the appearance of impropriety during the remainder of this campaign cycle.

Let’s just sort out the facts, debate the issues, and vote for the candidates we feel best share our values and beliefs and will do the best job. That’s what democracy is all about.

Tex Riley

Johnson City, TX

Dear Editor,

I was through your community a few weeks ago and stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. I had forgotten I had taken my rings off and laid them in my lap to put some lotion on my hands. Evidently when I got out of the car they fell to the ground undetected by me. I did not realize until I got home to Sonora that they were missing. I e-mailed this newspaper to place an ad with the exact description of the rings. Both rings were unusual in their settings and had much sentimental as well as cash value. After several e-mails back and forth with Jennifer I decided to place the ad and offer a reward.

Much to my surprise and pleasure she e-mailed me at the end of day that she believed she had my rings. A lady names Maria had found them and came in to place a found ad. I got her name and number from Jennifer and called Maria. I don’t know her last name but we had a wonderful conversation on the phone. I thanked her profusely and offered her a reward. She said no to the reward, and said my calling to thank her was enough.

Well that was not enough for me. I am writing to let everyone know there are still honest and wonderful people in this world. With everything else that is wrong in our world there are still a lot of people out there that are just as honest as the day is long. Maria is one of those. Be thankful that you have someone like Maria in your town. She represented Blanco very well that day by turning in my rings. I never thought I would see them again.

Once again I want to thank Maria and may God bless you. The next time I am through Blanco I want to meet you and personally hug your neck and thank you again.

Elaine Donaldson

Sonora, Texas

Dear Editor,

We know that it is so popular to run down the President, to run down the President’s wife. Basically, these are feelings. To feed your feelings, one latches onto exaggerations, mistruths and disfigurations; and want to believe them. Political structure to build and rebuild economy and social features, should not be put on the football field to pit your team, RAH!, against my team,RAH!, and all the spirit and feelings. We need measured, deliberate thought and discussion. BLOCK won’t get your kids educated or figure out why 1 out of 5 children are obese. Look at pictures of the 1940s. Adults were trim; flat tummies and curved waistlines. Normal everyday people. Today we see genetic modification for fresh pond salmon, is pressed before us by Industry. This follows growth hormones in dairy cows and high fructose corn syrup on anything industry can add it to: juice, applesauce, cereal, desserts, snacks, graham crackers, etc. Inject cows. They will produce twice as much milk. Breed salmon, they will grow large, fast. More food, more money, sicker people.


Look at our Gulf. Bottomline economics can really bring disasters. Many factors can come together to guide our society to health and well being. Blocking progress to untangle webs that have us bound, will throw us back to destroying our resources: water, children, food; Rapidly. It used to be that American Business would hold the long-term value high. That changed in the Eighties. There came a raid for short-term gains at the cost of long-term resources. When GAIN overcame common sense recently, with a fever to strip wealth thru huge debt, the support structure was stripped. Only the support of everyday people with HOME, HEALTH and JOBS kept a secure foundation for those seeking great gains. When you play the game insanely, and strip the people of HOME, JOB and HEALTH; you wreck the economy of the world.

The President works hard every day to untangle the web, give supports to the people and straighten some legal faults: insurance claims, credit protections, evironment protections. Hold your IRE, open your eyes and see him as he does. The large sums put forward at crisis are coming back to the Treasury: GM, Wall Street and soon Banks for small business. A very large portion of Stimulus $$ was absorbed by the States due to serious deficits just to keep things running. Citizens need protections and would not be in dire straits if greed and power didn’t dominate.

Paige Whittaker

Johnson City, TX

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